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  1. Razzle Dazzle turned out great. I would be interested to hear how you like the style of the directions in the Lintott books. I find it hard not to know how many of each block I need. I also find making innumerable ‘units’ tedious, though it does make the blocks go together quickly after the units are made.

  2. Friday Date Night! I am happy to be your date on any night. We can wear sweatpants and snuggle under quilts and talk about books and quilts and we don’t look more like Julia Roberts in our sweatpants even though we are under awesome quilts.

    Razzle Dazzle looks great, btw.

  3. I was happy you posted a podcast as it got me to put down my book – it was time – and quilt a bit. I feel so much better. I am intrigued about this book from the Victoria and Albert Museum. I need to look it up on Amazon as my best work friend gave me a gift card today.

    I also was laughing when you talked about the kids not being “happy” at the same time. Oh, how I remember those days. I used to tell them to organize their behavior a bit but I don’t think it worked. I think I will give my kids, Welcome To Your Child’s Brain, when their kids get to be the right age.

    As I am not a fan of New Year’s Eve either, I will wish you a quiet evening at home. I spent many years worrying about my kids up on Colorado Blvd. on New Year’s Eve as they stayed there all night waiting for the Rose Parade. Oh – what a strange holiday this night is.

  4. Yummy! I love the colours. Hey, in listening to your latest episode, I wanted to mention that if you have an I-phone or Ipod touch, there is an app I use for figuring how much fabric I need for backing, or borders, or binding. I think it was even free.. It’s great. It’s called, “QuiltFab.” I also have “QuiltRef” which has some inch conversion info and common bed sizes listed. I also like “BlockFab” it is like a mini EQ app. It’s got a small library of blocks you can play with, and change up the colours and alternate blocks. OK,.. back to the podcast. (I had to comment NOW because I do the same thing you talked about.)

  5. ack! I forgot to mention, I am so excited that you’re planning a scrappy project. I LOVE scrappy and really look forward to seeing what you come up with. I love sharing the quilting journey with others. It really adds something to the whole experience.

  6. Found your podcast just before Christmas (via Rhonda ‘Quilter in the Gap’ & Susan ‘The History Quilter’). Have been thinking of using batiks in a quilt and really like your Razzle Dazzle & Pinwheel quilts.

    Like hearing about about your hand quilting in some of the earlier episodes. I hand piece & hand quilt all my quilts (yes I do have a machine but not the space to use it 🙁 but I do enjoy the hand work!).

  7. Razzle Dazzle turned out gorgeous! Have to say, though, I’m in love with the pinwheel quilt. I don’t use batiks very often at all, but that pinwheel quilt has me inspired… 🙂

  8. Finally got to this episode. It is after Christmas and New Years and logged in to see your quilt. Great Job! We need the Man to put lighting so we can see your new quilting. I machine quilt and sometimes it turns out better than others. I need to try using a stencil and see how it works.
    I love using The Sewline pencils too and recommend them to everyone.
    You are very methodical on the way you approach your quilting. I guess that is how you get your writing done and your quilting.
    My math skills are great and I end up with just a little extra fabric every time because I add extra in case of a mistake.

  9. Looks fabulous. Love the colours!

    For calculating border yardage, Robert kaufman fabrics has an app Quilt Calc for the iPod that works well. Mary Ann

  10. Hi Frances,
    I am a big fan your podcast. Keep up the great work! In talking on how you quilted, you said “larger stippling”, wouldn’t that just be meandering on your FMQ? Nothing at all wrong with meandering/stippling. Your quilts are beautiful and I am sure the recipients loved them. Regarding the Aurifil thread – were you quilting with the 50wt thread? If you were, then you might give the 40wt a try. In my FMQ, I use both Aurifil 40wt and King Tut or some other Superior thread at the 40wt. If the color is right, then one of those brands works best with my machine. I have a finished quilt top now that I have been staring at for weeks and have yet to decide how to quilt it. I am getting close though. Also thought I would get into the 2012 FMQ challenge and maybe hone some skills and ideas there too. Scrappy quilt – how about a pineapple quilt using Gyleen Fitzgerald’s ruler. If you are a Quilt Show member, check out episode 909. A pineapple quilt is definitely on my 2012 list and I cannot wait!

  11. Frances, i love this quilt very much!! have a very good new year, with lots of fun, luck and health – and keep on podcasting, you are so much fun to listen to 🙂
    All my best wishes to you from Germany
    from Claudia

  12. Love the colors in your quilt. I also just finished listening to your podcast and your difficulty with the Aurilfil thread breaking. You might need to adjust your tension. I have used it for free motion quilting (50 wt) and not had any problems.

    What do you like about the sewline pens/pencils? I tend to quilt without a pattern but I am working on a quilt right now that I am using Golden Threads paper and I find it annoying. My fabric was too busy and I had a hard time finding a good way to mark it.

    Sew Excited Quilts.

  13. Hello!!! Just caught up on your holiday podcasts while piecing & loved them! Can’t remember which episode that you talked about liking machine quilting & how you didn’t want to offend longarmers who quilt for $$. For me as a professional longarmer (LA), I’m personally excited that you like machine quilting! I believe there will be plenty of business out there for all of us, so I’m just happy that there’s one more person out there who will now chat about machine quilting! (Been running it through my head if I should do a podcast specifically on machine quilting or not……)

    Some tips for thread that keeps breaking: Upper tension might be too tight, needle too thin for thread, or lint might be stuck someplace preventing a smooth “flow”.

  14. Busy, busy, productive lady in December no less! Glad you had a good holiday; just love RazzleDazzle and Bento. I was reduced to a portable hand project for the month, as the days were too long with sooo much to be done. Happy the NE had such mild weather in contrast to last December.
    I’m listening to 68 and 69, in catch up mode while I cook and clean. Just sat down to skim the comments and learn even more…

    Some random thoughts:
    You mentioned doing a red/white quilts. Have you “seen” the “Infinite Variety” show, the Rose collection that Museum of American Folk Art mounted last March in NYC? It has spawned a host of red/white projects and challenges in local groups. (And, yes, I do wash my red fabric in advance, but only if the quilt is just red and white.)
    You mentioned inspiration from the Victoria and Albert quilt show. Actually almost anything they do would interest anyone who likes textiles in any guise.
    Their Stephen Jones Hats show transfered to Bard College in NYC. Shapes, designs, materials, workmanship to die for! I know other V&A shows have visited the U.S. Worth a trip whereever…
    Lastly, you received a fabric calculator for your quiilting. One of my thoughtful crafty friends did the same for me. Have not had a chance to use it yet. Looking forward to hearing your experiences and comments.

    Happy New Year! Can’t wait to see/hear/admire your work in 2012!

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