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  1. I like the mixed up one better. Perhaps that’s because the balance of colors in the matched one is such that my eye only goes to that middle square with pink on the outside and white on the inside… either layout needs a white border or something “soothing” to contain the vibrancy.

  2. I like the mixed up one–more interesting. I agree with Pam–when I did my Bento Box, I found I needed a very plain border to both calm it down and set it off. Once I put that border on, bingo. Love the color mix!

  3. Wow! So far it is 2 to 2. Well at this point in the comments I vote for mixed-up. I do, think, however, that either will be wonderful. Here is a link to the Bento Box quilt class at Road. There is a picture of a class sample.

    I don’t know if that helps you or not. I think Sandy’s point about the borders is excellent. Maybe if you pinned up a border strip or two that would help you decide. I haven’t even listened to your podcast but will definitely do so tomorrow.

  4. My vote is for the mixed-up layout.The blocks in the simple layout seem to grab my eye and hold it. With the mixed-up layout, my eyes keep moving around the quilt to see all the fabrics/patterns. I made a bento box quilt once as a mystery quilt and enjoyed it very much but I used only 3 or 4 fabrics.
    Really look forward to your podcasts, Frances. Thanks for your dedication.


  5. Dear Frances.
    Gabi and I like the second (lower) one better. It seems to us to be better balanced.

    Love, Mom and Gabi

  6. These comments aren’t going to help you much – we seen to be equally divided. I like the mixed up version – it seems more balanced in terms of value.

  7. I like the lower one much better…seems better balanced. On the top the red/white sections just jump out at me. I might still consider shifting the red/white one to a slightly lower contrast, perhaps an off white tone, even pale beige, for just a tad less contrast.
    Yes, it needs a border to calm it down and I would not pick that out until I have made my final arrangement and assembled the blocks.

  8. Regarding fabric selection, and fabric with white print elements: I just read a discussion of this in the book ‘Quilts Made Modern’ by Ringle & Kerr. For one of the quilts in this book, they discuss fabric selection, – pros and cons of white print elements, and why they chose to leave them out. You are seeing exactly what they talked about – the white seems to pop out and distract from the overall blend for that particular quilt. I recently returned it to the library, so I don’t have a page reference for you, but you might try to find it – they talk a bit about fabric choice for each of the projects in the book.

  9. I love the simpler arrangement. The white screams at me in either arrangement, though. Lowere contrast will work better. I’ve had this pattern for years, and you’ve inspired me to finally use it.

  10. I tried emailing at you new email but it did not go through… probably spelt something incorrectly. or my memory was not working since I have been in the car every time I heard it announce so I might have got it wrong. You might consider posting it on your blogs.

    Love the quilt on the bottom …. the eyes follow the light patches down a diagonal so it seems more balanced. Your eyes are not getting stopped at one spot but keeps moving across the quilt.



  11. Hi Frances,
    I really like the “mixed-up” version. It’s fun and somehow seems more interesting/dynamic than the first version. That’s my two-cents for what it’s worth!

  12. I think I like the mixed up, but I’m surprised that I do like the top one as well. I listened to the podcast in the car and assumed that the simple one just wouldn’t work. Looks like it’s up to you!

  13. I like the mixed up one. The red, white, and black box in the simple version really overpowers the rest of the quilt. The mixed up one disperses the brighter fabrics and lets your eyes look at the whole quilt instead of just focusing on the one box.

  14. Love the mixed up Bento box quilt– nice balance of lights and darks. Try using a dark border to make them pop. (if bento boxes pop does sushi end up on the ceiling?)

  15. in the 1st lay-out, the middle red-border block sticks out too much–it almost reads as a solid red border which then breaks up the continuity of the quilt as a whole. i think if you modified that one block, then either lay-out works really well. pretty fabrics! i hope you’re very proud of it 🙂

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