Episode 64: Boxed In

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First, here’s a picture of the lovely Bento Box quilt my mom made for Jack several years ago:

Next, here is the array of fabrics I’ll be using for my Bento Box quilt, in pairs, including the new fabrics I bought this week:

Here are the six Bento Box blocks (say that three times fast) I’ve put together so far, unmixed up:

And here’s an example of the blocks all mixed up–this is not the final mix; I just wanted to give an example of how mixed up Bento Box blocks look in general.

Victoria from Peacebrook Quilts and Glogood both sent me this link for a tutorial on how to piece quilt backs. Thanks so much, Victoria and Glogood!

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  1. I like the unite blocks…. Mix and match is too jumbled and my eye has trouble traveling across the blocks as they stop where it is mixed up. I love contrast in my blocks. I am an old fashion MODERN QUILTER… love the patterns but find I have to have my contrast.

    Just downloaded … will return when I have listened.

  2. YELLOWs are light to medium; when you get into the darker color it is more golden into brownish colors. ( I have Jenny Beyer’s color cards.) Yellows tend to grab your eyes.

    Thread … have you ever thought of variegated threads. I like the Blendables …. I think blendables look good and unites the colors of your blocks. I tend to like the yellow gold tan threads.

    Show a picture of your template and fabrics.

    I am cooking the Thanksgiving turkey for the first time in 20 years… then we are hauling it over 50 miles to my SIL home for dinner…. this should be interesting. I wonder if I can remember how to do it.



  3. Dear Frances,
    Dare I leave a comment? I think a mother’s role should be limited in a lot of areas! Nonetheless, I prefer the second version. Perhaps because it’s more like Jack’s. For all its mix, it seems to me to be more balanced. My only suggestion is to put a dark fabric in the lower right hand corner.
    I know Melvene will love it!
    Love, Mom aka Jane

  4. I like it both ways, but I think I like the mixed up one best.

    A funny story – last night I went to sleep with my ipod playing your podcast and my headphones actually stayed on all night, and I woke up hearing your podcast still, but the funny part, if that in itself isn’t funny enough, is that you were actually in my dream last night!! In my dream I was walking down the street with my hubby and you were walking beside me saying “Quilt Diary, day 2….” hahaha

  5. Frances, could you tell us the name of the color tool you “inherited” from Jaye? It sounds quite useful. Thanks! Oh, and your bento box is coming together nicely!

  6. You give me too much credit! I only saw them as mediums because I struggle with the same problem!!! I now use one of those plastic toys the kids get in their fast food meal bag, the one that helps you find the hidden clues. It has a red plastic film you look through. This always shows me what is medium and if ‘this fabric’ will contrast with ‘that fabric’. Glad to have been of service ma’am. 😀

    Happy Turkey Day!!!

  7. Hi Frances,
    I’ve never seen a bento box quilt before. I really am intrigued by this pattern. I like it not mixed up, and also like it in your mixed up version! (I do agree with your mom that you need a darker color in the lower right; although I see that you said this was just an example.)
    I continue to love your podcasts, thanks for taking the time to share your life with us!

  8. Hello Miss Frances,
    Your bento box quilt is quite lovely. I like the mixed-up version, too. My husband walked by as I was looking at the pictures and, no surprise to me, he liked the more ordered version. His brain is more linear and logical and probably, like Nonnie, his eyes travel better across the quilt with the first version. They are both so pretty.

    I saw this quilt was being offered at Road this year as a class. Yours looks as lovely as the one in the Road catalog. And may I say, Heather, in your comments section, made my laugh. That was very funny.

  9. Greetings, I would wait until you have all your blocks done to make these life decisions. But I tend toward a pattern of a match of sorts….I am a harmony kind of gal but contrast is very important. If you feel so inclined scoot over to flickr and put shelly grappe into the people search. I am art quilter who sells in galleries….so stuff is a bit on the wild side. But I also do traditional and modern type of quilts. It is all good! I enjoy your pod cast. shelly beth

  10. Perhaps you have already answered this, but what is a Bento Box? Is it a box that once held Bento”s ? What are Bento’s?

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