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  1. I absolutely love, love, love the pinwheel quilt! It’s beautiful and I’m not a big pinwheel lover! I’m kind of inspired to make one myself after seeing yours. And, the fabric you are showing for the next quilt, my absolute favorite colors! Can’t wait to see the masterpiece you will create!

  2. Dear Frances,
    I am so thrilled with your pinwheel quilt! It looks amazing. yes, I see the lovely fabric, but I also see the AWESOME piecing. You rock!!!

    In terms of the fabrics, please do the following. Put the fabric into color families – all reds together, all greens together, etc. Take the color cards that I loaned you and find the arrangement that most closely matches the colors you have. Look and see what is added. You may need to add something across from one or both colors on the color wheel or you may need to add a few yellows and oranges, which are in between your colors on the color wheel.

    Excellent work!

  3. Hi There! Miss me? I know I haven’t commented in a long time, but I have been keeping up with your podcasts and blog. I love the pinwheel quilt. It turned out so great! I love your collection of fat quarters. I made a simple quilt using a color combination similar to what you have. hmmmm…. maybe that’s why I like them so much. The quilt I made is made up of columns of 6×8″ finished blocks with 2×8″ white blocks in between. On column is made and the next column is made the same but the 2×8″ blocks are set in the middle of the 6×8″ blocks of the first column? Make sense? I didn’t think so. I need to send you a picture. Then you’ll get the idea. Have fun picking a design. Can’t wait to see what you make!

  4. Frances, your pinwheel quilt is so lovely! The points are perfect, great job on your piecing! I love the border fabric, I think it really shows off your pinwheel colors. What a great job! I like your new fabrics. Jayes comment is very interesting, I’d love to see/hear about the color cards and your process.
    As always, thank you so much for your delightful podcasts!

  5. When stuck I add darker or lighter in the one or more of your colors. I like to select a color and go deepest I can … deeper orange / rust or the green ( my monitor seems olive) A lot will depend upon the pattern you are using.

    I also like adding tone on tones whether in the dark or the a lighter fabric.
    Having fun with vicarious quilting.


  6. The pinwheel quilt is beautiful. You did a fantastic job. I agree with Nonnie. I think a dark brown or green would add interest.

  7. Only time for an off-the-hip comment…though all are very pretty fabrics, they all read “medium” to me. Depending on the pattern you go with, will make a difference on if you want a dark or light to contrast and make the fabrics pop more.
    Love the pinwheel quilt. Will you be binding it in that lavender narrow border or in the darker blue wide border?

  8. Well Miss Frances, I do love that pinwheel quilt. I think it reads the Outer Banks, sea grasses, and warm water. Lovely.

    I wonder if you put a few little patches of bright yellow just here and there in your new quilt palette if that would make your eyes happy. I think you have a wonderful mix of fabrics right now and just a smidge of pop color may be a good addition.

    Ok -here’s to being home today. It’s good.

  9. I agree with the others that you need another very light and another very dark. The fabrics are great but you’ll end up with a muddy quilt without some contrast to really bring out the beauty of those fabrics.

    Pinwheels are awesome. Thanks so much for the podcast, I enjoy my “Thursday Girl.” Tami in Denver

  10. Frances, Your pinwheel quilt is lovely.
    For the additional color for the new project, consider either eggshell or pale almond – something very light but a neautral. That way the colors you have will be the focus. Otherwise go much darker, a deep dark forest green or a dark burnt brown orange (but quite dark). If you can, pick up some paint chip samples (free) and lay them out next to the fabrics to see which option speaks to you.
    Victoria – Peacebrook Quilting Podcast

  11. Great border choice! It makes the center pinwheels almost glow. Wonderful!

    As for the fabrics, I’ll toss in yet another opinion just to completely confuse you–although my computer monitor may not be showing me the fabrics you’ve already got in their true colors, I’d be tempted to look at dark grays. Not so dark that they’re almost black, but more a dark gray with a tint of green to it.

  12. Hi Frances, me again. I haven’t even listened to this podcast yet. I wanted to say how much I love your pinwheel quilt! It’s really beautiful. Your editor will love it. On the fabrics, I think you need more darks. I’m not great at color but they look mostly medium to me. Just a thought. Now, back to my regularly scheduled listening…

  13. Love the pinwheel quilt! Can’t wait to see how it looks when quilted!

    For your bento box quilt- first of all- love the basis of your color palette- if I were making this quilt, I would just add some more cream based fabrics so that the sage green/salmon would “pop”. That being said, I’m sure whatever you choose will be beautiful!

  14. Katie of Katie’s Quilting Corner just had a book review of Quilt as Desired. It sounds like a great book for quilting ideas. I want to try and look at it. Also, you might look at Helen who has a column in Quilter’s Newsletter. She has a column about quilting design and she has books, too.

  15. Is this my 15th comment? I have so much to tell you and then forget. The other thing is an author: Try Kate Morton. I have really loved her books A House at Riverton and the Distant Hours. They are beautiful, if a little haunting and sad. Very beautifully written. Also, if you haven’t read Belong to Me by Marisa de los Santos, drop whatever you are doing and go get that book. Fabulous! Finally, if you have not read In the Wet or A Town Like Alice by Nevil Shute, you must. GREAT, great books. I read them about once a year and have for the past many years. I never tire of them.

    Happy reading!

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