Episode 62: Pinwheels in the Bag (So to Speak)

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Pinwheels! This is an odd picture (per usual) because the top of it looks sort of faded. I hope I’ll have a better picture later. Now, looking at this picture, I wonder if I ought to rearrange some of the lines of color. Is that light green line of pinwheels too light? Let me know your thoughts–it’s not too late to revise!

Send me your quilting ideas, please!

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  1. If they are already sewn together then leave it as is! If they are not, you might try arranging them in a less linear manner – almost in an oblique. Try starting in a corner with a color and then the next oblique row could be one of the same color and one of a different color, etc. as you work your way down. It would be a little scattered with a color from the next colorway mixed in here and there. Man – I am not good at explaining things. But I like it and if you have already sewn them it is all good.

  2. Frances, I am so flattered by all of your kind remarks about my blog. 🙂 I hope to see any pillows that you end up making. I have commented here on your blog a handful of times, but it has been very sporadic! Regarding your pinwheels, I almost wonder if the light green would do better as the very top row as it seems to be lightest colour of the bunch.

  3. If you want the color to stand out …. leave it where it is … the lightest colors are the focal point in this quilt. If you want to tone down the light row then put it at the top or bottom of the quilt.

    There is no reason you can not live with the top on the design wall for a while then put them together. Why rush?


  4. I was also thinking you should try the light green blocks at the top of the quilt. But if you have already sewn it together, I wouldn’t change a thing.

  5. Well Miss Frances, I stayed home today to get ready for a family wedding and found time to quilt, too, and listen to your podcast. I think you should leave Beach Towel as it is. You have sewn it, and it made your eyes happy. I really like it too. Don’t unsew. Life is too short. I actually went to my local quilt shop yesterday after school just to get a spool of thread. As I left $100 poorer I remembered why I don’t go very often!

  6. Great top! I would probably move the green (looks blue on my screen) to the top…

    I’m avoiding my local quilt shop — too many projects to finish first!

  7. I vote for putting the green wheels on top, or leaving them where they are, just to be definitive! I think they’d look better on top, but they aren’t offensive where they are.

  8. Frances. I would move the light blue row. But I am a recovering Type A.
    I would also quilt with swirls that intentionally avoid the pinwheel intersection.
    Do let us know what you think of Sally Collins Precision Piecing. I think she is the queen in precision piecing. And she is probably not a recovering Type A. (I do not mean this as an insult because I really marvel at her work).
    PeaceBrook Quilting Podcast

  9. Dear Frances,
    I listened to your podcast today and your kind words made my day. Thank you, and also to your listener who heard me on Mark Lipinski’s podcast (again!). I have no plans for a podcast at this time, but I do plan on getting airtime on other people’s podcasts when I can. 😉 Yes, I am working on the next segment for Sandy’s podcast. I am just a little slow, because like everyone else October seemed to be filled to the brim with everything that wasn’t quiltmaking. Soon.

    I am also thrilled that you took a critical look at your blocks and decided to redo a few of them. This is what true design is about. Good work. I am so proud! You have done the heavy lifting, but I feel like I gave you a nudge in the right direction.

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