Episode 42: Make a list!

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So many projects, so little time!

So check out the Razzle Dazzle blocks below. If you click on the image, you’ll get a clearer, better look. Do you think they need sashing? Is the color too much altogether? Please let me know what you think!

Here’s the cardtrick block:

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  1. Hi Frances,

    So, I just realized what I was missing. I only had your podbean blog on my blog reader. Just found this when I clicked on your post there today, asking us for our opinion on sashing. I’ll have to add this one to my reader also!!
    About the sashing…..hard to tell. It looks great as is but I’m leaning towards thinking sashing might be a good idea. How about laying out some sashing strip ideas for us & post another pic or two, so we can compare. Beautiful quilt!

    Chester, NY

  2. I see three ways of doing it…no sashing would work, dark sashing like the darkest fabric would be dramatic, or reddish sashing like the reds in the top would finish the edge.
    If it were ME, I would put super thin, dark sashing around it, but that is just my personal opinion. 🙂

  3. Love the Razzle Dazzle Quilt as is. I vote for no sashing and think the light pink/salmon 4-squares that form between the blocks allow enough rest for the eye. I’m sure it will look beautiful no matter what!

  4. I must be the rebel because I say def no sashing…here is my supporting theory. If you sash it, the blocks are going to have to lean more on themselves whereas without sashing they are able to play with each other and lean on each other. While those colors are quite hot they play well together. I do like the idea of a black border (if only a thin one) to give a place for the eye to stop. Of course I am not sure if my typed words make any sense at all (they may simply confirm my craziness) but these are my thoughts…which you asked for btw. LOL

    I love the card trick block and I think your background fabric works very well.

  5. Hi Frances. I like the blocks as they are but would also like to see a photo of the blocks with sashing to get a better idea. It’s hard for me to visualize otherwise! Love the colors – they really make a statement!

  6. I like the razzle dazzle blocks as they are. Dark blue setting triangles? Maybe some lighter purple/lavender in the border as well? Congratulations on getting them done.

    The card trick block looks great! The one yellow check triangle distracts a bit, but that is the sort of element that gives a quilt a bit of sparkle.

  7. I am not sure but I think the two blocks form a secondary pattern that would be changed if you use sashing. It is hard to tell because it should be on a design wall and the picture shot straight on. I agree with the experts who stress the need (using) for a design wall. You can evaluate the design better up right. It is hard when you have to see it in a horizontal. If you cannot post pictures of your quilt on a design wall, consider posting a picture from the book…. that would make it easier to evaluate the pattern.
    I am downloading the podcast and plan to listen as soon as BONES is over with…. priorities.


  8. Love the idea of a navy pattern setting squares going into a border that picks up other colors in the quilt. Your quilt does look lovely I am looking forward to pictures of the final product.

    I made a card trick quilt a couple of years ago but we used Eleanor Burns method / pattern. I loved it but no triangles were used. I sent a picture via email. YOU might notice some staining my daughter washed the quilt in HOT water and the border bled a gain…. I loved that quilt… I am planning to make another one in the future.

    I agree with you on the NOT GIVING AWAY UGLY…. I am having a discussion with some of our charity quilters about NOT making UGLY QUILTS just because they are using donated fabrics. I think if you work at it you can make SILK OUT OF A SOW’s EAR. … it is a challenge but it is something worth pursuing.

    I will comment again after I finish your podcast.


  9. I love the quilt blocks as is. Love the colors! I don’t think sashing is needed, but if you feel it is then go for it. I bet it’ll look great either way. I’m a wishy washy person, can you tell? I’ve been wanting to make a card trick quilt and just haven’t gotten to it yet. BTW, I love the Hidden Stars quilt too!

  10. Hello, love the razzle just the way it is. Laying out a thin dark sashing to see how it looks it a good idea. I think you’ll find its better without. I look forward to seeing it finished. It’s like virtual quilting…. you do all the work and I get to enjoy seeing the final product! Tami

  11. Hi Frances,

    I think it would be a wonderful quilt without sashing. For the border I would choose black or very dark blue. In my fantasy it would look like the rest of a fire in the night: you can see the blaze flicker and also some rest of chared wood.
    The pattern is really perfect for the batics. And I never thougt of sewing with batics but this red quilt is fantastic. I love it!

  12. Frances, I vote no for the sashing, because the blocks create a secondary pattern, sort of a trellis effect, that could be enhanced with quilting. That’s what makes the stars “hidden” I think. Love the color choices.

  13. NO sashing! I love this quilt. I love the colors, I love everything about it. I love how bright it is and I think sashing would take away from that. It’s GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  14. No need to sash, in my opinion. Sashing would interrupt the trellis pattern going on, as Teresa stated above.

    For beach reading, I can’t resist suggesting Geraldine Brooks’s new novel, Caleb’s Crossing. She writes so beautifully of the Atlantic Coast and Massachusetts during the 1600s! I’m not at all a historical fiction reader, but every book she writes hooks me in and transports me to a new world, with characters and language that holds me to the end. (Can you tell I love this book?) I’m not done with it yet, but I literally cannot wait to read it every evening.

    Thanks for the podcast!

  15. I can picture the Razzle Dazzle quilt without sashing. I love the colors and how the lines of color lead the eye. What it the black square in the second row? It somewhat stops the eye on that square. Are you going to use triangles of red or one of your other colors at the end of each row? I think the end triangles would frame up the quilt. I can also picture a very narrow border or binding of black around the quilt after the end triangles are added.

  16. FOLLOWUP: I listened to the whole PodCast today. I wanted to clarify that I do not think you need sashing at all. For some reason, in my brain I was thinking BINDING not sashing! So ignore my first post about that! lol I DO think though, that a thin binding in a dark solid that matched the darker fabric would be striking!

    JAM: I love making strawberry freezer jam!

    READING BOOKS: I can’t believe I missed this topic! I totally agree with Marie Bostwick’s books. Also Terri Thayer’s fiction.

    I am in my mid 50’s and my favorite author is Nancy Thayer and her “Hot Flash Club” series. It is fantastic beach reading material and if you have never seen the books, you will know why when you see the covers!

    Searching for books by Terri Thayer led me to Nancy Thayer and the two combined remind me of Marie’s books. I have talked to Marie on the phone and via email and she is a super nice person. For that matter, both Terri and Nancy have exchanged emails with me in the past. They are gracious ladies as well. 🙂

    CARD TRICK BLOCK: I had to look and look to find your cut off point. I think I found it, but really had to look! Regarding color choices, they all work, but if I had to critique any part of any of it, I would say the orange floral print is too medium. If it were darker or brighter or lots lighter, it would work better. The background color works as long as you don’t get too frustrated using directional fabric. I think it adds a lot of interest to the block. BUT this is all just MY personal opinion.

    I wanted to say I was having a blah day and loaded your podcast into my little iPod Shuffle and went for a walk. It is humid, hot, and sticky outside! I didn’t realize until I had been listening for a while that it was birds on YOUR side of the world that I was hearing! We have similar birds here too. (Little Rock, AR) As I listened the time flew by and before I knew it I was home again! My hair is all curled and frizzed from the humidity. I am going to post this and hop into the shower before supper.

    You brightened my day! Thanks! 🙂

  17. i really like your razzle dazzle colors! i don’t think you need a sashing–it would detract from the interplay of colors. though having said that, i’m working on a similar star pattern with kaffe fassett fabrics and i’m thinking of sashing it ‘cos i think it looks like too much of a mish-mash. (so take what i have to say with a grain of salt–obviously don’t know what i’m talking about 🙂

  18. WOW!!! You have really put this quilt together quickly! Great work! I agree with Rhonda, PegS and the others who say no sashing. I like the secondary design that forms when the blocks are next to each other. you can always use the border as a frame.

  19. I vote for no sashing on razzle dazzle, they are beautiful and you would lose the secondary pattern. It will be a fabulous quilt no matter what you decide.

  20. I know that this is not the podcast that deals with the issue I am about to expound on, but I didn’t know if you backtrack to see other comments. I don’t know if I saw someone do this or if I made it up…I get confused sometimes because I see so MUCH!! Since I detest marking the quilt top with quilting lines I use white contact paper to cut out my quilting “stencils”. If it is like your ginko leaf, then I would cut out the leaf & place the contact paper where I wanted to quilt & quilt around it. I love doing it this way & am even doing a Baptist Fan quilting pattern this way, although it DID take me a while to figure out how to do that!!
    You make me laugh out loud at some of your comments. I always smile when I think of your podcast. Thank you so much for creating such entertaining listening!! I have something that I would love to send you in the mail if you could or would provide me with an address….:)

  21. Hi Frances,
    My rule about cut off points and other mistakes is to only rip it out if it bothers you so much it will ruin the enjoyment of the quilt. If it won’t ruin your enjoyment then move on and do better next time. 😉

  22. Hi Frances,

    I think your razzle dazzle is perfect just like it is. Can’t wait to see it quilted. Just found your podcast and have really enjoyed it.

  23. Hi Frances, I love the razzle dazzle as it is, it really zings. Even the layout you have it on your table is terrific. Put some plain around that and the blocks will sing. Well that is my opinion anyway. Happy to be entered into either for the giveaway. Thank you. Love your podcasts, and you make me giggle, your so fun. And yes we are cold here in most parts of Australia now, this morning I get up and it is early – 6.40am and it is 0 degrees celcius. Very cold. So enjoy your warmer days for us. Take care a Vanessa (Aust)

  24. Frances, I love Razzle Dazzle as it is!!! But who is to say that I wouldn’t love it just as much or maybe more with the sashing. I know, that was no help.
    Anyway, I really like the colors in it.

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