Episode 249: Not Fade Away (Sort Of)

The Unraveling (front)










The Unraveling (back)





Holy Ghost Window (front)







Books Mentioned:

Lynda Barry, Syllabus

Gia Tolentino, Funhouse Mirror


17 Replies to “Episode 249: Not Fade Away (Sort Of)”

  1. Listening to you while hubby watches football…. Have to stop occasionally because he get excited and has to talk to some one … I have to stop the podcast and listen to him yammer about some play. Pre-Covid he would watch with friends but things has changed and he just watches here with me in the house.

    Glad to hear the podcast …. it has been so long …. Love hearing from you …per my usual I will come back and comment again.


    1. silly me …. I forgot how to download the pod cast into my media player …. had to figure it out all over again since I am once again on a new computer

      1. Oh my gosh is that you Nonnie. I have not heard from all of you in a long time. My husband does the same thing…he thinks i care about football. He used to watch the games with all of his friends in the man cave. Now i have to stop and listen too.

        1. Yes Lauretta … I am still kicking … I hang at Frances’s FB group Quiltfiction Club causing all kinds of mischief …. If you are on FB you should join up … love reuniting with old friends.


  2. Pickling cukes are my fave too. They are never bitter like the big ones here. I love hearing about your garden. I plan to do some potted herbs this spring.
    Your mention of sharing the blueberries with the birds reminded me of my favourite children’s book. The Gypsy’s Tale by Ethel Pockhocki. It’s cherries in the book. 📚
    I grew up in the south with The Holy Ghost and I think I stopped saying it much when I was younger and realised how odd others found it. I always liked it.

    1. I grew up saying “Holy Ghost”‘ instead of “Holy Spirit,” too.

      It was fun re-listening to the May quilt diary and remembering my garden–right now my garden is covered in snow! I did a bunch of potted herbs last year and want to do even more this year.

    2. LOVE hearing about gardens in other states … did not garden last year due to cataract surgery … but hope to get back into this year … at least for tomatoes …nothing better then home grown tomatoes.

  3. Thank you for keeping me company at work. Sometime during lunch sometimes as I data entry or sort data.

    Love you idea for the prayers in the quilt

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