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  1. I think we are all watching some bad TV. I am not interested in soap operas or shows that have a soap opera type element. However, I t think that shows that don’t have that element sometimes lack in character development? Am I reading too much into TV. We are really scraping the bottom of our TV barrel. Watch Scott & Bailey (free on Amazon Prime). It has good strong female characters, but is also sort of a train wreck where you want to scream at the characters to walk away from that bad decision. Unforgotten is another one that was fascinating, had no element of soap and good, caring characters.

    What about old shows? We are recording the Johnny Cash show, which we don’t always watch, but sometimes it is hilarious. I am also about to start watching Bewitched, if I can find it again.

    Check out Karen Kay Buckley’s scissors.those babies are sharp but they are not applique scissors.

    Good for you for participating in the MQG challenge. Very nice design.

    Perhaps you might want to consider Sarah Fielke’s Big Stitch class? I think she may have a Zoom version. I took it to provide me with a hand quilting alternative. My handqulting – at least the back – always looks weird.

    I am sure there are many different accents in North Carolina. People, I think, don’t appreciate the range of dialects. I lived in Austria and the place I lived had different accents from town to town. People could tell where others were brought up by their accent. The general dialect wasn’t understandable to people in other parts of the country. Fortunately, Austrians learn ‘High German” in school and in some ways it is a foreign language,though related to the dialects. all Austrians can communicate with each other via High German, though not always via their dialects. Thing smay have changed since I lived there. Also, TV has change dthings.

    Love the term “Travis the Quilt Dog”.

    I always wonder how people with 5 children or 6 children or even 4 children afford college? Perhaps it isn’t a value for many people.

    I have been terrible about listening to podcasts recently. I blame the death of my iPod. I have never gotten back into a good routine, though I did listen to your Milton Falls book/series, so clearly I am not completely lame. I don’t know what is going on. Today I just decided to click on the link and listen. I forgot how much I enjoyed the sound of your voice in my workroom and getting a little slice of your life. Thanks for continuing to podcast.

  2. Thanks for podcasting again! We are slipping into fall here in Oregon.

    Your quilt is very nice. I have a top that I want to try that spiral quilting on. In these times of pandemia, I have not been sewing much, except for masks. I am drawn to the knitting, and meeting with my knit group in google hangouts has been a bright light in these times.

    You mentioned the Cast On Podcast – I just wanted to let you know that I have seen on social media that Brenda Dayne is planning to relaunch, supposedly in October!

  3. Hey Frances!
    If there’s anything cozy at all, it’s your podcast. I downloaded the cozy book and read it on a camping trip to Utah last weekend. 🥰 I did not know I was so into cozy. No that’s a lie, I did know that!
    So glad that Travis the quilt dog is feeling better. I’m a snake fan but not so much when they lurk in the neighborhood waiting to bite some poor pup’s nose.
    Speaking of Americana music, you should check out the Unrighteous Brothers new last week on YouTube. I’m now obsessed with Orville Peck and his fringe mask. I miss going to live performances, especially Bristol Rhythm and Roots Festival where we always discovered the most wonderful up-and-coming musicians. Hopefully next year…. Anyway thanks for a new podcast and your dedication to the Quilt Fiction FB group. You are appreciated.

  4. Hi Francis! First, poor Travis! Ouch! When I was growing up in Mississippi I had a dachshund who loved to bite at the bees that would hover over the clover growing all over my grandmother’s yard. Inevitably, he would get bitten, and his lips would swell up to half the size of his head. He never learned his lesson, and I always felt so sorry for him.

    Second, I also dream of living in Maine! We are in Colorado, but my husband is from Maine. Every time I start talking about buying a farm in Maine and getting sheep he tells me that my Mississippi butt would hate the cold. He reminds me that I miss southern springs with all the flowers and tells me that spring in Maine is mud season. I don’t think I would like mud season, but I dream of knitting next to a fire and looking out at snow-covered fields.

    Anyhoo, I like your star quilt. Can’t wait to see it finished.


  5. Of course I’m listening!!! Yes, I totally agree with you about varying “southern” accents! If you ever need an authentic deep-in-the-holler Appalachian accent, I’m your girl! 💪🏼 XOXO

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