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2 thoughts on “Episode 244: The “I Can’t Say ‘Masks’ But I Can Make Them!” Episode

  • Nonnie

    Made several masks … saving all the patterns I find for different masks. I got filter fabric from >>> https://filti.com/ <<< I was impressed with the fabrics.

    I was off FB for a month because I crashed my personal page …. and that locked me out of all my groups …. but I am back with a new page now .

    I have been seeing a lot of field pictures in Florida and California with unpicked vegetables as they can not get hired hands to pick the vegetables…. I am thinking shortages are coming are way…. I am upset because in MI greenhouses / garden centers are consider non – essential. That is the way most of us garden … so more food shortages…. There are safe ways to get the gardens … set up like they have in grocery stores or food lines…. It would be better then everyone dependent on food pantries. Oh well, enough ranting I do not want to depress myself. Do need to see if my food prediction is coming thru.

    Been following Aunt Jane … love the chapters. And I enjoy the dialect …. but I know what you mean about hating poorly done dialects. I absolute hate a poorly done Italian accent …. there is a cook on PBS who does speak Italian but her accent and pronunciation is horrible.

    Got to run will probably comment more later


  • Jacqui Beigie

    The National Guard will be delivering Velvetta Cheese! i too have been making masks. I was so upset when a friend said her daughter, a nurse, bought one from a neighbor. I pulled out my fabric and made her a dozen. Then a batch for the county fire/rescue, followed by more for the special needs residence across the street from me. Yes many of these may end up in never never land, but some will be used and appreciated. P.S. My pleats are a little wonky.

    Podcast on–waiting for Friday’s Aunt Jane.