Episode 243: QuiltCon–Late to the Party!


Travis the Quilt Dog!

To read the best overview I know of re: QuiltCon, go to my girl HollyAnne’s blogpost--it’s a great round-up!

Here’s HollyAnne’s QuiltCon video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=RCN-f7l-_qg&feature=emb_logo

And more HollyAnne! https://www.facebook.com/stringandstory/videos/560365484823674/

The winning quilt–what do you think? (Speaking of HollyAnne–these are her photos, which she gave me permission to use–thanks, HollyAnne!)


I so loved this applique quilt, “Clementine,” by Debra Jalbert:

“Keith’s Doodle” by Cindy Cox is another applique favorite:

And of course, everyone loves “Bob” by Patti Coppock:

See you again soon!


5 Replies to “Episode 243: QuiltCon–Late to the Party!”

  1. Enjoying listening to you while I surf Home Depot and Lowe’s on line for kitchen items… ie sinks, lighting etc. Good think about on line shopping as defining what I really like and dislike. Then I will go to the store I will look at what the product actually looks like and talk to the “experts” before making a decision. To me putting together this kitchen is going to be like making a quilt. Taking small parts and putting them together.

    My main lesson I learned from this process is I should have done this years ago. So I could have enjoyed the fruits of my labor.


  2. Went thru #quiltcon2020 on Instagram … not sure of what pictures I like better …. The quilt pictures or the people pictures of friends getting together. I am thinking that national shows are more about techniques, and workmanship … showing off the skills. More so about the quilting then the quilt tops…. The regional / local shows are more about functional quilts… yes they can be spectacular and lovely but they are usually more about how the quilt top looks then the quilting…. Many of the quilts at local / regional quilt shows are edge to edge … less custom work being done. Or quilt by the creator not hired out.

    Love hearing about your quilt guild meetings and your book clubs.

  3. Great podcast, as usual. Did your son end up going to New York? Are they both home with you? I don’t care for the winning quilt. I liked Clementine. Thanks for all you do, both your podcast and the Facebook group, to keep us connected to the outside world!

  4. I enjoyed hearing your take on QuiltCon, even if you weren’t there in person. You were in true Frances form (my fave form) on this podcast, and had me cracking up the entire time! XO

  5. Enjoyed your take on quiltcon-the winning quilt is striking as are the others you posted. How does one start something so intricately beautiful!! Love your podcast-it’s like hearing from a old friend. Loving your Aunt Jane readings!! Hope you are all safe & healthy.

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