Episode 242: I’m Back & It Didn’t Take So Long This Time!

A snippet from my mystery quilt (no, not Frolic!).

Things I talk about this time:

Sarah Fielke https://www.sarahfielke.com/

Sarah’s YouTube video on handquilting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DXN5Ger_jo

Quilted https://uppercasemagazine.com/collections/books/products/quilted


Me and my bestie, Nancy:

3 Replies to “Episode 242: I’m Back & It Didn’t Take So Long This Time!”

  1. Listening … while trying not to micro manage the painters who are painting my kitchen.
    Football… Detroit Lions has not been good since the 1950s … and they were not that good then.
    I think that is important to teach kids basic life skills. My mom did it with me, I with my DD, and DD is teaching my grandson to do things around the house…. AND HE RESISTS WITH EVERY BONE IN HIS BODY!
    Never learned to rock a needle … hand stitching of any kind is hard on my hands… I have a nerve deficits….. I think Alex Anderson is left hand and she stitches coming and going… She said she learned from a Mennonite / Amish lady. Did you ever think of stab stitching your quilt … takes a long time.
    Standing up straight … I am trying out one of those back braces that makes you throw your shoulders back. I also sleep on my stomach … get the best sleep that way.

    QUILTED …. looks interesting but I put myself on a quilt book diet…. no new books unless I get rid of the old books… no more room. Plus I thought it was pricey …. I find the interviews are too redundant. If you are unfamiliar with those people it would be interesting… if you follow them closely it is usually old hat stuff.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    What did you think of the OSCARS? Have not been to an adult movie in ages … none of the movies looked like something I want to see.

  2. Love your podcasts. Glad you are feeling better. Just a suggestion about hand quilting, there was a discussion on the Celebrate Hand Quilting Facebook group awhile back. There is a style in hand quilting where you don’t put the needle in perpendicular but flat. That’s the way I have always done it, it might be a southern thing. But to me it’s easier to “Rock” it. I am a lot like you, I get all excited about starting a project and don’t always finish. My Frolic is stalled at clue 5, but I am determined to push on, You can do it too!

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