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  1. THANK YOU FOR THE POST …. I know what you mean by being under the weather …. Every morning I wake up with a runny nose due to my cpap machine ….I do maintenance and I have cleaned it daily but I still get the runny nose draining… totally miserable existence. I think I need to replace the machine…. oh well.
    Another bain to my existence is trying to find someone that does home repairs…. been on the phone non stop for a couple of weeks lining up handymen to do various jobs. I can not find one guy that does it all for a reasonable price. Bigger companies won’t even talk to me … Home Depot has been a nightmare too because they do not have installers ( in my area) anymore.

    Hope you feel better…. NONNIE…. now to go and listen.

  2. I was able to listen to the episode … and have several comments in no particular order … as always I never comment in my head .. I have to tell you about it …

    1/ https://www.rickytims.com/online-store/notions/ricky-tims-stable-stuff-poly-50-sheets-8-5×11
    also …. on in THE QUILT SHOW store… https://store.thequiltshow.com/Stable-Stuff-Poly-p/rtstable.htm

    RICKY TIMS STABLE STUFF is a my all time favorite stabilizer. I use it for applique, paper piecing (because I do not have to tear it out) and machine embroidery plus any time I need any stabilizer because I do not have to tear it out. LOVE THE STUFF and I keep finding more application for it.

    2/ I read, “Why We Quilt: Contemporary Makers Speak Out about the Power of Art, Activism, Community, and Creativity” by Thomas Knauer and was disappointed. Part of it was my own fault, because I have been reading tons of materials by and about modern quilters. I followed many of their blogs for years. The majority of the books profiles, comments, articles were redundant, just a collection of articles / information that have been written before in magazines, books and even blogs. Some of it was written by Mr Knauer for his articles, some were written by those he interviewed. It seemed to me they just recycled the ABOUT PAGES from the blogs. I expected new information and thoughts at least rephrase the old information.

    For someone who never read Mr Knauer and modern quilters this may be new information and may be worth while, but for someone like me who has been a modern quilter stalker … it was tired and redundant book.

    3/ I have been following FROLIC but have saved all the pdf. I will make a block to fit in my BOM QUILT that has blocks made from previous quilting classes. I have used the same box of fabrics in multiple blocks … and since the block is 12.5 ( unfinished) it will be perfect addition to the quilt…. this UFO will be assembled this year. One block will be enough for me.

    4/ Love your little applique flowers … very pretty colors …. Do not know anything about GINNY ROBINSON … I am going to look her up….. Thanks for the heads up …. now to find her blog … found links to her book but not a blog.

    Feel better and heal … May post again ….. NONNIE


  3. I was so happy to see the notification that you had posted a podcast, I was beginning to be concerned about you , and I missed you too. One of my favorite things about your podcasts is that you do not yell or screech when you laugh (hurting my ears)😄. I also enjoy very much your comments on the history of quilting. It has made me curious and I am paying more attention to other things I hear or see relating to quilters or quilts from a historical perspective. The back of Kate’s quilt is beautiful, it could easily be the front. Have you posted a photo of the front? I will scroll back looking for it. If you decide she would not like it you can send it to me😄

  4. So glad you’re back! I missed you! I hope you feel better soon! Can’t wait to see you in ATL in 2021, if not before! XO

  5. I’m glad you’re back! I missed you! I hope you feel better soon! Can’t wait to see you in ATL in 2021, if not before! XO

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