Episode 240: October Love!

Here’s the back I’m working on. No guarantees that the finished product will look anything like this–in fact, I’m not sure if I like this or not!

Here’s the front:


Info on Josef and Annie Albers (Josef’s work on the left, Annie on the right)

What I’m reading:

Chances Are by Richard Russo

A Pilgrimage to Eternity by Timothy Egan


What I’m listening to:

Milk Street (food podcast)

Simple. Handmade. Everyday. (crafting/cozy home podcast)

The Argument (politics podcast)

Old Time Fiddle Tunes playlist on Spotify (perfect for this time of year!)


See you next time!



7 Replies to “Episode 240: October Love!”

  1. I understand your problem with FRIENDSHIP ALBUM … I always thought that it could be divided into two novels … the first ending after the CHICAGO fair announcement, might need to be fleshed out more … The second book the rest of the story / Florence’s engagement to wedding… but that is just my idea and I am not a writer.

    As for MODERN QUILT movement we all have our own knowledge / opinion of how it came about and, what is modern quilting and what it is not. I always thought the MODERN quilting is more in line with IKEA …The younger generation buys their furniture and home supplies from other hipper stores. Their decorating sense aligns with that … I got into MODERN quilting when I started making quilts for my daughter’s generation.
    I will say that I enjoyed MODERN QUILT GUILD at the beginning and then they evolved into a new type of quilt police dictating what was and what was not modern… No longer am a member. … I just make the quilts / patterns I like… in the colors I like.

  2. Your comments about self employment pricked my conscious cause I have been delaying squaring up a quilt and sewing on the binding so I can then hand sew….. I am running out of time … I need to get BUSY !!!
    Thank you for keeping me company.


  3. I buy from 5bucksayard.com all the time. Name brand, first quality quilting fabric, just not this season’s. Most of the fabric is $5.99/yard, 108″ backs for $10.Good service, reasonable shipping charges. Have been enjoying your podcasts and novels, but usually while flying, so I can only comment in my head 🙂

    1. I enjoyed listening to your pod cast and realized this one came out in Oct have you stopped doing podcasts? Just a curious listener.

  4. Hi Frances,
    I was driving while listening to this episode (I haven’t finished it just yet) and wanted to comment on the part where you were looking for reliable online shops.
    Intrepid threads (Julie) is one of the shops where I ordered from a lot in the past. Hawthorne Supply Company (previously Hawthorne threads) is also a great place to order from. They have different fabrics of their own fabric lines (quilting cotton, knits, linen cotton canvas, sateen, rayon, organic just to mention a few) and they are local to me:) (upstate NY)
    The third place I love to order from is Hancocks of Paducah, they have a huge selection of fabrics. Their website is https://www.hancocks-paducah.com They have tons of beautiful batiks 🙂
    Hope it helps, and as always, it’s great to hear your voice!

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