Episode 240: October Love! 5

Here’s the back I’m working on. No guarantees that the finished product will look anything like this–in fact, I’m not sure if I like this or not!

Here’s the front:


Info on Josef and Annie Albers (Josef’s work on the left, Annie on the right)

What I’m reading:

Chances Are by Richard Russo

A Pilgrimage to Eternity by Timothy Egan


What I’m listening to:

Milk Street (food podcast)

Simple. Handmade. Everyday. (crafting/cozy home podcast)

The Argument (politics podcast)

Old Time Fiddle Tunes playlist on Spotify (perfect for this time of year!)


See you next time!



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5 thoughts on “Episode 240: October Love!

  • Nonnie

    I understand your problem with FRIENDSHIP ALBUM … I always thought that it could be divided into two novels … the first ending after the CHICAGO fair announcement, might need to be fleshed out more … The second book the rest of the story / Florence’s engagement to wedding… but that is just my idea and I am not a writer.

    As for MODERN QUILT movement we all have our own knowledge / opinion of how it came about and, what is modern quilting and what it is not. I always thought the MODERN quilting is more in line with IKEA …The younger generation buys their furniture and home supplies from other hipper stores. Their decorating sense aligns with that … I got into MODERN quilting when I started making quilts for my daughter’s generation.
    I will say that I enjoyed MODERN QUILT GUILD at the beginning and then they evolved into a new type of quilt police dictating what was and what was not modern… No longer am a member. … I just make the quilts / patterns I like… in the colors I like.

  • Nonnie

    Your comments about self employment pricked my conscious cause I have been delaying squaring up a quilt and sewing on the binding so I can then hand sew….. I am running out of time … I need to get BUSY !!!
    Thank you for keeping me company.


  • Nancy

    I buy from 5bucksayard.com all the time. Name brand, first quality quilting fabric, just not this season’s. Most of the fabric is $5.99/yard, 108″ backs for $10.Good service, reasonable shipping charges. Have been enjoying your podcasts and novels, but usually while flying, so I can only comment in my head šŸ™‚