3 Replies to “Episode 238: I’m a Wednesday Girl!”

  1. I think the reason the new quilts are looking more modern is that the fabric companies are producing fabrics for MODERN QUILTERS … as that is the fabric that is selling mostly…. you no longer see the muted browns and creams in as large amounts … I think even the repro fabrics are lighter, brighter color pallets.

    The designers are much younger … the older designers have retired or also switched to the more contemporary modern bright fabrics… a lot of complementary color ways are in productions…. JUST MY OPINION…

    1. But, I will bet we see a return to browns and creams. We already see some in modern quilts. Everything comes around again.

      Batiks were, for awhile, “blech” to modern quilters. They now see the beauty in them and are starting to use them.

  2. I stopped “The Goldfinch” at page 305. Where was an editor? I, also, could not read “The Help”. Once they started constructing
    a separate bathroom for the maid I had to put the book down. I know it was indicative of the time but I didn’t need to
    go there to know how awful racism was and, unfortunately, still is.

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