Episode 234: QuiltCon!

Quilts I discuss in this episode:

Best in Show Quilt: “Smile” by By Leanne Chahley Lethbridge MQG
Also pieced by Stephanie Ruyle, Felicity Ronaghan, Kari Vojtechovsky, Melissa Ritchie, Diane Stanley, Marci Debetaz, Debbie Jeske, Karen Foster, Hillary Goodwin
Love the quilting on this one!
This quilt by Brittany is one of 14 quilts in the show made by members of my guild!
This Sam Hunter quilt is just one of many message quilts that were in the show.
I love this handstitched quilt by Heidi Parkes.
Circles and curves were everywhere!
One of my very favorite quilts in the show!

For pictures of the show winners, go here: https://www.quiltcon.com/2019-winners

6 Replies to “Episode 234: QuiltCon!”

  1. The quilts in the show were so fantastic! Lots of color!! My first QuiltCon, so no comparisons. One of my favorite things were all the charity quilts made by guilds. They were all so stunning and so unique ❤️

  2. Absolutely LOVED, LOVED, LOVED seeing you!!! Sad I didn’t get a pic with you! Hoping to see you in the ATL in 2021, if not before!! XOXO Andra

  3. Listening now … will be in and out posting comments as I have tried to leave comments then it got wiped out …
    When you think of it there are a lot of group quilts being made. In our guild we make a series of blocks then put them into donation quilts. We monthly post a block pattern for members to make then we put them into a quilt, usually scrappy in nature. A sewing bee assembles them and we then get them quilted by a guild member. We just do not think of them as group quilts. I also know that our guild raffle quilts are usually group quilts…. a bunch of quilters get together piece the blocks then.

    ARTIST STATEMENT …. I rarely read them. I like to let the quilt do the talking and some artist statements are too ethereal and destroy my enjoyment of the quilt…. so I skip them.

    Frances … new task for you … do a podcast like your kids writing podcast on how to write a good artist statement.

    You can always tell where I am in my listening cause I always have something to say. Thanks for the podcast post as now I have something to listen to before tomorrow’s episode of QUILT FICTIONS.


  4. I think the MODERN QUILT DIVAS / TEACHERS have up their game in teaching …. I noted this over the last couple of years there are a lot of ” fads” for teaching …. it use to be very basic techniques but now upgrading to more advance lessons in their classes as their students upgrade ( and sometimes surpass ) their skills. I think this is the same that happened in traditional quilting years ago. Each teacher upped the skills of their students.


  5. QuiltCon was so much fun and inspiring. It didn’t disappoint me at all! I had time to linger over the quilts and enjoy them. It was a pleasure to meet you and hang out with some of my favorite quilty friends!

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