Episode 232: The Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, How Was Your Thanksgiving (in other words it’s been awhile) Episode


I finished a quilt top in December–a fun pinwheel that was simple, straightforward, and won’t take years and years to quilt. That’s my kind of quilt.

Good news! “Sit-In” is going to QuiltCon in February!

Books: My friend Barbara recommended a book I thoroughly enjoyed: Meet You at the Museum by Anne Youngson. It’s charming, funny, sometimes sad, and well worth reading. Favorite Christmas novel: The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai. Best book I’ve read in ages!

If you’re looking for a good time, join the Quiltfiction Club over on Facebook. It’s Quiltfiction’s closed group, and we’re having fun telling stories, sharing quilts and recipes, and making friends.

Happy New Year, everyone!

8 Replies to “Episode 232: The Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, How Was Your Thanksgiving (in other words it’s been awhile) Episode”

  1. I plan on being there, Lord willing! Your comment that it’s like having a daughter you didn’t have to deal with when she was 14 cracked me up!! 🤣 XO

  2. I was so happy to hear another podcast from you Frances! I haven’t sewn since Christmas d/t a sinus/ respiratory infection and/or really bad cold. I save my podcasts for my sewing/quilting so I wasn’t able to listen to this until last night. It was a real treat to have this podcast and an episode of Friendship Album 1933 episode back to back! Congratulations on your QuiltCon entry! How exciting it must be! I am very excited to see “Sit- In” in person and it isn’t even my quilt! 🙂 I had several things from the podcast I wanted to comment on but I have slept since I listened so who knows what they were. I do remember you had me laughing as usual. I also remember you talking about piecing your batting and am curious as to how to do that. Did you watch a tutorial somewhere? I have several pieces I need to do that with for charity quilts. Anyway, I just wanted to say I am very excited you are back and as usual I absolutely loved the podcast!

  3. Hi Frances, since you always ask (*beg*) us to leave you a comment, here I go: love your podcast! Can’t wait to meet you at QuiltCon soon!! Give Travis a snuggle for me ❤️

  4. Frances, please don’t beat yourself up for a delayed podcast. I download the podcasts and listen in my car during my commute. I know some listeners are able to enjoy them right after they drop, but many of us catch them a little later. I have been listening for several years and commenting in my head. Hearing your soothing voice is a wonderful relax on my way home. I will keep listening!!!

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