Episode 230: Everybody Quilt!

My block for the Triangle MQG’s charity quilt:




Wall basting with Christa Watson! https://christaquilts.com/2017/12/07/wall-basting-tutorial-using-spray-adhesive/

If you haven’t heard enough from me here, head over to the Just Wanna Quilt website and download my interview with the fantastic Elizabeth Townsend Gard, 4-star General in the Quilt Army. https://www.justwannaquilt.com/podcast

Are you listening to the Quiltfiction podcast? It’s big fun: www.quiltfiction.com

Vicki’s always doing something interesting over at My Creative Corner 3. Her latest project is an online zine,

called Our Creative Soul.


Books I’m Reading and/or Have Read Recently

Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy: The Story of Little Women and Why It Matters by Amy Boyd Rioux

The Lido by Libby Page

Fewer, Better Things by Glenn Adamson


If you’re looking for a good monthly quilt newsletter, I recommend Quilt Journalist Tells All by Meg Cox. Sign up via her website: http://megcox.com/

See you next time! xo


8 Replies to “Episode 230: Everybody Quilt!”

  1. Please, please, please release Stars Upon Stars as an audiobook, too. I have so enjoyed listening to Friendship Album and your voice is so pleasing to listen to while I quilt. I’ve Read Birds in the Air which I loved and about half of Margaret goes Modern, but I simply don’t have time to read physical books. I promise to buy the whole set when you release them on audio :-). In fact I can’t even quilt if I don’t have anything to listen to, so you are a part of my process now!! (No pressure…. right??)

  2. Love your podcast so much and your interview for Just Wanna Quilt was awesome! Thanks for all you do every day. Your shout out is deeply appreciated….more than you know! I am so excited for the next chapter in Quiltfiction’s podcast and I am thrilled to be part of listening to this story unfold in real time!

  3. So enjoy listening to your adventures with sons… brings back wonderful memories! I echo the love of listening to your book as I Quilt and I enjoy Just Wanna Quilt as I run the Feltloom and make Paca Pressing Mats here on the farm.
    “Margaret Goes Modern” was a fun read and it is now next to guest room bed for visitors to enjoy!

  4. I am enjoying The Quilt Fiction podcast so much. You have such a great voice! You narrate as well as you write Frances! I have been looking forward to Stars Upon Stars and, like Christa, I would love to be able to purchase it on audio book (especially if YOU read it! You rocked the interview with Elizabeth at Just Wanna Quilt. Keep up all the great work you do Frances! Can’t wait to meet you in person at QuiltCon in February!


    Cyndi in Tennessee

  5. Hi Frances. I’m not finished with epidode 130 but i had to pause to leave you a comment… when my second child was 15 i was where you are now… and then i found out i was 16 weeks pregnant. Try to get your head around that and be so grateful you are not similarly blessed.

  6. Thanks for your podcast, Frances! I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into it. Just wanted to let you know that. xoxo Melanie @thousandneedles

  7. Over the last two days, I’ve been catching up on podcasts after my trip. And that means I’ve listened to you 3 times – on the Just Wanna Quilt, on Friendship album and now this podcast. That is probably about 2 1/2 hours of Frances. Strangely enough, I’d still like to talk to you in person – tea sometime soon!

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