Episode 229: Ready for Fall!

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The quilt I’m playing around with:


Crown of Thorns on the Floor!

My pillowcase from the Latifah Saafir class:


Travis Before and After




Just Wanna Quilt podcast:


Lots of great interviews here! The one I mention is Mary Fons and Tula Pink, but Pam of Hip to Be a Square and The Stitch Show is also a featured guest!


Books I’ve read (or re-read) recently:

The Clock Dance by Anne Tyler

What Alice Forgot by Luanne Moriarity


Are you listening to “Friendship Album, 1933” on the Quiltfiction podcast? Give it a try!

See you next time!




5 Replies to “Episode 229: Ready for Fall!”

  1. Like both quilt tops ..but think the CROWN OF THRONES is my favorite …

    I make all my HsqTri by the two fabric together sew the diagonal then divide in half … I make my HsqTri BIG then whack them off smaller… As I get older I find I have to make less fussy, precise blocks and quilts.

    I no longer garden but my neighbor took over my garden plot so I have tomatoes and squash …. .. no zucchini if you can believe that … we had to many weeds.

    My mother never made quilts … she made drapes and I grew up helping her with hand sewing the sides and hems …. My sister and I earned pin money in our early teens. Of course we made clothes for ourselves but they never fit correctly…. I could fit my sister’s clothes but she was terrible at fitting me.
    Loved all the information you gave in this episode … going on line to look up the techniques you mentioned…. I too need to assemble my quilt blocks …. I have 4 quilts that are only blocks … they need to go together.

    KEEP SAFE during the hurricane .



  2. I haven’t listened to episode 229 yet, but I will. I just watched Frances on the Quilt TV Show! It was great to see you “in person”. Your voice is so unique and I love listening to your podcasts. You looked amazing and I hope you have much success as another book comes out.

  3. I am going to quilt con! I miss everyone over the summer and maybe we can reconnect at the show. I am energized by the fall too. Routines are back and the summer free for all is done. I have been thinking about quilting in the 80s. You need to check out the Michigan documentation site, when you see an 80s quilt it screams at you lols. The fabrics for relating to the times were pretty scarce but people found ways and found solids. Enjoy your podcast very much

  4. Hi,
    Love the crown of thorns. I’ve been listening to a podcast for a while that you might like. It’s Caithness Craft Collective, Louise is a doll with a lovely Scottish accent. She’s a knitter and does a small amount of sewing. I’m not a knitter, but love listening to her show.
    Keep up the good work here and on the book!

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