Episode 228: And We’re Back!

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In spite of a weird summer, I’m happy to say I’ve finished a couple of quilting projects. Above: “Melon Patch” is done!

My latest quilt is a 1930’s inspired numbed called “Double Windmill.” For a free pattern, go here.

Are you listening to the Quiltfiction podcast? We’re up to Episode 9 of Friendship Album, 1933.

I didn’t intend to take a break from podcasting, but Travis got sick this summer and much of July was dedicated to his care and feeding. He had a herniated disc which seems well on its way to healing, though he’s not back to 100% yet. We’re looking forward to getting him groomed as soon as the vet gives the thumbs up. Right now he’s pretty fuzzy:

See you soon!

8 Replies to “Episode 228: And We’re Back!”

  1. more computer problems for me this month … but

    There are TROLLS that go on iTunes and give bad reviews to podcast … no way they listen to the podcast … they just give reviews… I see the same TROLL’s name on a lot of the podcasts on iTunes …. and they have posted bad reviews where ever they go….


  2. For QUILT ALLIANCE …… these are some of the bloggers, Facebook, and quilter’s whose newsletters I subscribe too …

    I like listening to the little known quilters as well as the QUILT DIVAS …. these are just a few

    Angela Walters …

    Jenny Doan

    https://christaquilts.com/ … CHRISTA WATSON

    https://www.facebook.com/Deb-Hyde-Fiber-Art-161649140642920/ … DEB HYDE, fiber artist

    https://lisacalle.wordpress.com/ ….. Lisa Calle

    http://www.greenfairyquiltsblog.com/ …… jUDI MADISON
    http://theinboxjaunt.com/ ,,,, Lori Kennedy

  3. Hi Frances, I comment a lot in my head but only a few times on your blog. Still loving your quilting / life podcast and so happy to hear that Travis is getting better! Also, I’m really enjoying Friendship Album 1933. Can’t wait to see how the contest turns out, along with all the things going on in the lives of the quilting circle ladies.

  4. I was listening to this i the car yesterday and when you were talking about Travis I just kept nodding my head. Our beagle had the same issue, in fact we had them perform surgery (very costly) to try and fix the disks. Unfortunately it didn’t work and for the last 9 months of his life my husband carried him outside to do his business, etc. He had to get constant baths, you know the drill 🙂 So happy to hear that Travis is able to walk again!!

  5. Such a relaxing and indulgent feeling when I take time to listen to your podcast! Your soothing voice always bring calm to my world and I can get lost in what you have been involved with for the past week. Thanks!

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about Travis. Sick pets are harder than kids as you can’t explain what is going on with them. Just keep loving your dog and he’ll trust in you to help him heal. Talk with the doctor, but ice can really be helpful if your pet will tolerate it.On the cheddar and black quilt, did you applique the curves or are they pieced?

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