Episode 227: The Ocracoke Edition

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The view from our porch on Ocracoke Island. As I write this, the ghost tour is taking place across the street. I’m doing my best to eavesdrop on the story the guide is telling about the empty lot where a house once stood … Wait a minute: I think she’s telling a story about our house! Should have paid to go on the tour. Maybe next year …

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Books Mentioned (or read, but not mentioned)

Two Steps Forward by Graeme Simsion

Calypso by David Sedaris

Coming to My Senses by Alice Waters

Everything Happens for a Reason by Kate Bowler

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13 Replies to “Episode 227: The Ocracoke Edition”

  1. Hi Frances, I have a listened to the first two episodes of the quilt fiction podcast and I am awaiting episode 3. I will be interested to see your windmill quilt. I am starting a simple pinwheel quilt for a baby gift. Thanks for podcasting!

  2. Dear Frances, I was inspired to comment after listening to this episode yesterday. I have been commenting in my head for too long. I just found your podcast a couple months ago and immediately became addicted to your wonderful, calm, soothing voice and your outlook on life and quilting. You are a kind person with a generous spirit and I love being friends with you through your podcast. Still rather unfamiliar with your schedule, I was worried a few weeks ago when I didn’t see a new podcast posted for a while and was worried you would stop posting just after I had found you! But then there you were and I was happy to hear from you.

    I like your taste in books and totally agree with you about the new David Sedaris book. I also love him and enjoyed the book, despite some of the unusual stuff… And I hadn’t heard about the Alice Waters book so thanks for sharing that too.

    The world needs more people like you Frances! Smart, sensible, inclusive and so very kind. I will do what I can to support your books and the new podcast.

  3. Count me in for the $25 gift card to “fatquartershop.com”!
    I have just found your podcast – The Off-Kilter Quilt and The QuiltFiction Podcast! I’m a quilter and have recently purchased an RV with my husband last week. My husband showed me the area in the RV where my sewing machine, supplies and fabric will go and I was sold on it! I can’t wait – we had out full-time RVing as of early December.
    I love your podcasts – there isn’t much out there for quilting podcasts, so I love listening to them and you have lots to listen to as well so I can listen to you for a long time! I’m looking for inspiration, so having the new QuiltFiction Podcast is exciting.

  4. Love hearing about Ocracoke. Really would love to visit there this year on vacation. Thank you for your Podcast, really enjoy your sewing adventures.

  5. Hi Frances! Happy podcastaversary! I’ve been listening almost since the beginning (has it really been 8 years?) i have so much enjoyed listening to your boys grow up and about your thought process for your quilts. i really enjoy your rambling style…it’s like having you right here in my sewing room! i’m afraid i’ve been more of a mental commenter, but i know it’s nicer for you to actually see the comments…i’ll try to do better!
    now it’s off to binge-listen to quiltfiction!

  6. I had the weirdest thing happen! My coworker’s wife had just finished walking El Camino Wednesday morning. On my way from work to book club, I was listening to the end of your podcast (I’m so behind!) and heard your review of Two Steps Forward. Then at book club someone else mentioned El Camino. I decided that three mentions in one day must mean something, so that’s our book for this month.

    I’m loving Friendship Album 1933. It reminds me of those wonderful days in elementary school when the teacher would turn off the lights and read to us for the last 15 minutes of the school day.

    I will definitely be there when you come to Atlanta! How could I miss it?

  7. I listen to toothpaste on my phone when I’m walking and then forget to comment when l get home! Definitely commenting on my mind! Love the podcasts. I sent my middle school granddaughter your books. Sound perfect for her. Now I’m going to listen to the quilt fiction podcast. Also love your book reviews!

  8. Hey Frances, I can’t wait to listen to the Quilt Fiction podcast. This is so exciting. And I really enjoyed this podcast. Going with you on vacation was such fun and I love listening to the birds 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  9. You are so sweet, burying threads can be relaxing. I loved listening to your podcasts. Catching up over the last couple of months…I thoroughly enjoy Quilt Folk too so was happy to hear you discuss this. I am so excited about your new audio book and that it’s about the 1930s!!!

  10. Hi Frances!

    I have been binge listening to your podcast over the last few days!! I had listened once or twice before, but after reading Birds in the Air, I hopped on and subscribed!!

    Love your stories and especially love the new podcast Quilt Fiction. I’m all caught up with those as well. Can’t wait for new episode.

    I live in down east NC in a little town called Clinton. Been quilting since mid eighties and have a small “business” called Studio Cats Quilting, named after my quilting kitties Jackson and Lee!! I also have a day job!!

    Belong to two guilds…Hearts and Hands i. Sanford NC (where I moved from 3 yrs ago) and Cotton Club Quilters in Goldsboro.

    Enough about me…..listen to you soon!!!!

  11. Although I missed the prize drawing, I wanted to wish you a happy podcastaversary and say thank you for entertaining and educating me with your tales of quilts, family, books, food, vacation and other things that come to your mind. I usually listen to podcsts while doing tasks I don’t particularly enjoy (yesterday I was weeding a garden bed), and I enjoy your company on these chores. It was time to get the comment our of my head and onto the screen.

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