Episode 226: Podcastiversary!

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Above: Melon Patch–almost done!

So we’re celebrating eight years of podcasting, and that means a giveaway! Leave a comment for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to either Fat Quarter Shop or your fave local independent quilt shop! In the episode I say the deadline is June 9th, but because I’m getting this out so late, I’m going to change that deadline to June 18th.

My Broken Star blocks … with a word!

Books I mention on the ‘cast:

The Female Persuasion by Meg Wollitzer

You Think It, I’ll Say It by Curtis Sittenfeld

American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld

Educated by Tara Westover

See you next time!

52 Replies to “Episode 226: Podcastiversary!”

  1. You have been in my top few podcasters ever since
    you began. Keep it up! I look forward to every
    “Quilt Diary”!!

  2. Would love to win!
    Yay for you and your 8 years of sharing information with us all.
    Love the melon patch quilt, the quilting is so beautiful.
    Thank you,

  3. I do love the book mentions along with quilting updates. Thanks for podcasting and please keep doing it. My commute would be so boring if all I had was music or talk radio.

  4. Happy podcastiversary! I’ve been listening for three years. I found you after discovering Stitch TV. I’m looking forward to hearing your new book and the little glimpses into your every day life. Please continue!

  5. Hey Frances… thanks for the podcast I listened to it as soon as it dropped …. anyway you record the podcast is great ….
    Melon patch is looking great ….. Practicing my FMQing cause what ever skills I had is gone since I had not done any FMQing for over a year.

    YOU know that dye lots change from bolt to bolt even when you buy from the same company….. as soon as you love a color the company discontinues it ……..

    Getting a new computer so I just might take up podcasting again.

    Have a good time on vacation


  6. Hi Frances, I have been listening for about 4 years and love your podcast. They are never too long for me. Happy Podcastiversary! To many more years of podcasting.

  7. More podcasts please! Been listening since last August, love you lots!! ❤️ (Oh, and I was a middle school language arts teacher…)

  8. Hi Frances….
    I subscribed to your podcast after listening for the first time a month ago. Now I am going backwards and catching up on the “oldies.” The quiet seeing room is much more pleasant when I have a ‘friend’ nearby. Anxious to hear how your son’s first summer back goes! Such an exciting time of life for all of you. ❤️

  9. Happy Pocastiversary! I just found your podcast last month. Melon Patch looks awesome and I look forward to more podcasts in the future!

  10. Hi Frances, Yes, I am guilty. I have been listening to your podcast from the very beginning, but I very rarely comment.
    Sorry about that. And yes, I am guilty of posting a comment now, just so I can get in the giveaway. Shame on me!!
    But seriously, love your podcast, and hope to listen for many, many more years.

  11. Hello ! I have been listening to your podcasts for about four years, and never left a comment, only in my head ! So sorry, please don’t think that if you are not getting comments that people are not enjoying listening, I love your podcasts SO much, and wish they were much much longer, always sad when they end. I normally listen to them, while doing my house cleaning jobs, makes housework bearable, Thanks so much, appreciate all the hard work you put into recording them, Emma in the UK x

  12. Happy Podcastiversary! I just started listening to your podcast last month. I think Mwlon Patch is awesome and look forward to more podcast episodes!

  13. Love your Podcast! I just recently found it so catching up on back episodes as time allows. Love quilts, crafts and sewing of all kinds. Also enjoyed hearing about your mom in Louisville. I’m just outside of Louisville. God bless!!

  14. Happy 8th Podcastiversary Frances! Wow, podcast goals to be sure lol! I’ve been happily binging on your show, catching up on your quilting and life progress. Your voice is such a salve for my soul. Thank you for the shout out on episode 225, it tickled me to pieces! Have a fabulous day!

  15. Love your podcast! I have been listening for most of those 8 years. I am a terrible commenter but I have on occasion. I love your books and can’t wait for stars upon stars this summer. Thanks for a good podcast

  16. Hey Frances! Happy Birthday! I’m not commenting just to join the giveaway. I’m commenting to say how much I love listening to you and the longer the podcast the better! I understand if it’s too much for you but please NEVER think it’s too much for us! I love your podcast! Hope to meet you soon!


  17. Happy Anniversary!! I’ve been listening for three years (the same amount of time I’ve been quilting), and am blessed to have met you IRL!! XO

  18. Frances, I really enjoy your podcast. I’ve been listening for the past few years. My husband overheard an episode one day, and he mentioned that your quiet, conversational tone was pleasing to listen to. I enjoy your down-to-earth perspective. Thanks for sharing with us!

  19. Happy Pod-a-versary! I’ve been listening since about 2012-2013. At some point over the years, I went back and listened to the very beginning. I’m very bad at commenting but I’m going to make an effort for you. Thanks for all your hard work! Melanie

  20. Happy podcastiversary! Leave my name out of the drawing, I just wanted to congratulate you and tell you how much I enjoy your podcast! I’ll take any length you decide works for you.

  21. Happy podcastiversary Frances! I think I’ve listened to them all! Love your melon patch quilt! I’m all about the cheddar!

  22. Hi, Frances! I’m one of your constant listeners/extremely rare commenters. I never listen while I’m anywhere near a computer, so I just talk back to the podcast while I listen (sometimes in my head, but sometimes right out loud), and never remember to actually get back to a computer and pass anything on to you. And the truth is I never think I have anything much worth going to the trouble of passing on to you. Just things like “Yeah!” or “Me too!” or “I get that.” But as others have said, I can completely imagine it must be strange and disheartening to put your words and thoughts out there and then they just go in to the void and nothing comes back. So I will try to be better because I do definitely and intensely appreciate that you are out there doing this.

    I’ve been listening since about 2012 I think, and at some point went back and binged the earlier episodes as well. So when I started listening there were more of your style of diary/personal quilting journey podcasts out there and most of them have dropped by the wayside. I really miss them and definitely would miss you desperately if you stopped. (I know we have lots of very well done interview type quilting podcasts now, but I really don’t prefer those–I really want more of just us quilters talking about our daily quilting experiences. I’ve long thought about podcasting myself, but the learning curve on getting a podcast out there has been very intimidating. I tried starting one with my husband about philosophy (he’s a philosophy professor) and I have found the process really tough. But you never know, if that one works out then by then maybe I’ll have learned enough that doing a second one will be easy peasy.

    Anyhoo, thank you always for all you do to keep us feeling connected. You are appreciated!!!

  23. Frances, in response to your “show me the love” request on your recent podcast here it is – 8 years worth. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💖💝💙

    You also wanted to know how long I have been following the podcast – since day one – 8 years and loving it. I was still working when I started listening so could never comment ‘cause I was behind the wheel. Now I’m retired two years and still commenting in my head – actually carrying on a good little conversation while listening to you and Travis the quilt dog. And, of course, while you never complain about the weather, I’m always complaining – ‘cause, you know, Texas weather.

    So, I won’t promise I will get better at commenting, I’ll just promise to keep showing my podcast-love by listening. Thanks for the past 8 years and looking forward to many more.

  24. Hi Frances! I’ve been enjoying your podcast for maybe 5 years or so. I listened to Anybody Shining and really enjoyed it. I listen to podcasts and books while I’m longarm quilting. I really like that you can hear all the comments we make in our heads, because I make a lot of my comments like that! I get that you want some written comments, too. I’ve been quilting for 38 years. I record my own quilts, plus my client’s quilts on my blog: http://www.graceandpeacequilting.com I work at my LQS a couple days a week, to get out and meet and talk with other quilters. I look forward to your new podcast schedule, once every 2 weeks. Thanks!!!

  25. Hi! New listener just started listening about 2 weeks ago. I listen while I do my rabbit chores. Lol! Love listening to your podcasts. Working my way through the past ones. Happy Anniversary!

  26. Frances, I have listened for years and really appreciate how you have continued your podcast when several others have faded. I enjoy your informal chats, as a nice contrast to some of the more formal podcasters, which are also good, but not always what I am looking for. I picture Travis, “the quilt dog” cuddling with you while you talk to all of us. speaking of critters – am I the only listener who thought for months that you had parakeets or some kind of caged birds in the house? Took me forever to realize those birds were OUTSIDE and we heard them when you record from the porch/deck. Thanks for keeping the podcast going for us all!

  27. Happy podcast anniversary. I knew you’d been podcasting for awhile but didn’t realize it was 8 years! Very cool. Love melon patch!

  28. Frances, I love your podcast. This is the first time of told you that but I say it my dog all the time. Congratulations on your podaversary and May we have many, many more. Cheers!

  29. I look forward to your podcast. Don’t cut them too short i keep walking while I’m listening and need the exercise too! I machine Quilt my own projects so I enjoy listening to your experiences.

  30. Hi there! I’ve been listening from the beginning and love your podcast. I can so relate to your stories as I am a quilter, from NC, in my 50s and a mom of a 9th grader. However, I definitely am not a good writer. Loved your first quilt novel.

  31. Congratulations Frances! I can’t believe it’s been 8 years! I can’t wait to hear your quilt fiction podcast / audiobook.

  32. Hi Frances I hope this comment works. Often it doesn’t for me. I’ve listened from the beginning- referred by Sandy -quilting for the rest of us? Maybe. I love your well crafted rambles through your real life. I enjoy your inciteful feedback on the Modern Movement as it is (still) unfolding. Our sons have somewhat parallel lives. So I get that a house of men- it’s real for me too. Though college grad not moving home. And rising sophomore has a full time summer job! Keep the book and Netflix recommendations coming. Congrats on the big 8!!

  33. Hey Frances,
    I’ve been listening maybe since the beginning of your podcast. I remember you talking about making homemade pimento cheese to take with your family on vacation 🙂 I think it would be groovy to hear from you more often even it is a shorter podcast. I look forward to listening and I can’t wait to read your new book. Thanks! Tammy

  34. Happy podastiversary! I’ve been listening for EVER!! Hope we have many more years to go.

    I was so behind on my podcast listening, but finally caught up this weekend. So glad to have some time in my sewing space with you to keep me company.

    Yes, that first summer home from college is a doozy, but you are ahead of the game for realizing/remembering it. I have really tried to focus on enjoying them when they’re home instead of trying to regain something from the past. The messy room and the crazy hours will be gone in September, but whether your kids enjoy coming home or dread it lasts forever.

  35. Happy anniversary! There’s so much I could write after each podcast, but I never do! Want to read Educated. Last episode I related to your feelings about burying threads, which I’ve just learned how to do. Why was that invented?! Can’t wait to see you in July. Will you post details about your Marietta trunk show? I’d like to be there if it works out with my schedule.

  36. FRANCES … listened to your Quilt Fiction PODCAST via iTunes and loved it … ready for chapter two … I already plan to listen to each chapter then the entire story when you go on to the next story. Plan to post links to QUILTFICTION. … in all my groups …

    Make Playlists on YOU TUBE … that might be a good way to group your QA quilt stories… the playlist will then pop up on Y-T search …it might be the closest / easiest way to group your stories.

    AS for different reds in your quilt …. that will probably add depth to your quilt ….
    As for my quilting… just trying to relearn FMQ-ing …. have not done any in over a year so skill level GONE WITH THE WIND.

    add yes add me to your give away if I have not already commented.

  37. I found your podcast earlier this year and have enjoyed listening to the podcasts as I sew and quilt. Happy podcastiversary.

  38. Thank you! I just read the announcement about your podcast ‘Quilt Fiction’ (I’m always behind time with podcasts because I save them up for driving trips). This one I’m going to listen to right away!

  39. Happy Podcastiversary! Wish you could hear all of the comments in my head or I could remember them after I’m done listening. Please know that I love having you keep me company when I am sewing, doing dishes, folding laundry, etc

  40. Happy podcast-iversery (which Autocorrect helpfully suggests should be “podcast adversary”)! I am a new listener AND a new quilter. I retired in May 2017 (I’m ten years older than you are) and am having a great time learning to quilt. I think I found your podcast by simply searching “quilt,” and I have listened to all of them from last fall forward. I have also read Margaret Goes Modern and Birds in the Air and loved them both. I usually save your podcasts for entertainment when hand-sewing binding or knitting. I look forward to listening to more of Friendship Album, 1933. My mom was born in 1932, and I think she will enjoy it, too. We have a number of quilts that my grandmother and HER mother made, so there is some quilting history in our family!

  41. Lizzie here, on my first official day of retirement. Catching up on life outside work, and hoping I’m not too late to throw my name into the giveaway ring. I need a Trirecs ruler to do a bonnie hunter quilt and I bet I could order one from Fat Quarter shop. 🤩 I have listened for years, bought your books, enjoyed your quilting journeys, thanks so much! And thanks for casting even while on family vacation. I loved the background noises. I hope your quilt camp on the porch is going up!

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