Episode 224: O Spring, Where Art Thou?


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This picture is apropos of nothing in Episode 224; I just needed a picture. It’s the back of a quilt I made several years ago. I hope for next episode’s show notes, I will have all sorts of finished quilts to show you! Or at least one!


I’ve been asked to join the Board of the Quilt Alliance! To watch a few of my favorite Quilt Alliance “Go Tell It “quilt videos, go here, here and here:

To see Emily Bode’s clothes made from quilts, go here:

See you next time!

8 Replies to “Episode 224: O Spring, Where Art Thou?”

  1. QUILT DIVAs / SUPERSTARS …. since I am a total insomniac so I spent a lot of time surfing the web and reading about the superstars. I do not get too ga-ga over them … but I enjoy expertise and the wiliness to experiment. That is one reason I till belong to THE QUILT SHOW and several other on line quilting venues including MQG. I enjoy accruing knowledge regardless of where and who it comes from…. I follow DIVAS and regular quilts .. newbies and advance quilters…. no discrimination with me…. I JUST LOVE QUILTY TALK.

    AS for your color of threads for your FMQing on your melon quilt…. black in the black part of the blocks and cheddar in the cheddar parts …..
    Will be following the rest of the podcast tonight when I no longer have the kids to watch…. looking forward to them going home today… they have done nothing but argue.


  2. “Crazy eyes!” “Party on, Garth!” Oh.My.Goodness. – you crack me up!!!!! 🤣 You said my name correctly – it’s “And”, not “Ond”. And, thank you for the sweet compliments! Fantastic podcast, as always! XO😘

  3. Hey; that little old team from nowhere [UMBC] is where Eric is getting his degree. He would be the first to tell you that they are not a basketball school, BUT they are a tremendous academic school. No comment on the Duke one and dones!

  4. There is a product called batting tape. There is a Marti Michelle (sp?) brand and a no-name brand. Both are the same, as far as I can tell. It is a roll of iron on interfacing, about 1” wide and several feet long. It saves you having to stitch your batting together, and it works great! Once you quilt the quilt, you can’t tell it is there.

  5. Like you, I am so greatful for my two guilds – we show and applaud all efforts. One of our members makes more dolls than quilts and we LOVE her stuff. I once heard a member of The MQG say we shouldn’t allow traditional quilts to be shown – 😳. Good to be inclusive.

    1. “Shouldn’t allow traditional quilts to be shown.” Why, because they might be contagious? LOL. I was briefly part of a modern quilt guild and dropped out because it seemed like way too much focus was on the types of quilts people were making rather than just enjoying quilting. My guild has a little of everything!

  6. Hi Frances! Listening while we drive from southern CA to northern CA. We hear the birds in your podcast and thought we had a bird in our car! Feeling for you with your basting struggle. So sorry. Try folding the back and top into quarters and lay one on top of the other first, to be sure you have enough, plus some. 😉

  7. Was it this episode or the one before in which you talk about stashes? I listened to them both back-to-back—sorry! In any case, I do try to have a good stash but I equally try to have a “smart stash,” with a usable mix of fabrics, not just all the pretty prints. That means when I have an impulse to make a project, I can work from stash without having to run out to a fabric store or risk bad color matches by buying online. I think the size of your stash is heavily dependent on the type of quilter you are. I do agree—some folks’ stashes would be overwhelming to me. I have certain guidelines I follow for how big I allow my stash to get (no opaque bins, no spilling over into other rooms, etc.) so it doesn’t get out of control. But if I were retired and quilting all the time, I could see where my stash might get bigger so I’d have more ability to do projects as they occur to me.

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