Episode 221: Get Back on the Quilt Pony!

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I’m doing my best, honest I am!

BTW: In the opening I refer to this episode as 121. I am incorrect. It’s Episode 221.

Almost done quilting Sweep Exit. Here’s the backside view:

Melon Patch blocks!


My mom and I are doing this BOM with Edyta Sitar:


My new/old furniture:


Charity Block!


The Quilt Alliance gals came to visit my guild two weeks ago and put on a great show! Learn more about this great organization, go here: http://quiltalliance.org/

Follow my girl Charlotte on Instagram–her handle is madquiltlady. And here’s her blog: http://theslightlymadquiltlady.blogspot.com/

Until next time–remember, life’s short, quilt first!

8 Replies to “Episode 221: Get Back on the Quilt Pony!”

  1. Frances… I listened to your podcast … Have it on repeat in Media Player … Fell asleep at the beginning then woke up at the exact same place in a repeat playing …. so I think I have heard the entire episode… Melodious voice … regardless I will play it again later.
    I prewash everything…. I have a BIG PROBLEM with the sizing in unwash fabric in that when sewing on it I have had several reactions to the stuff so I try to limit exposure. Kona Jet Black took 8 soaks and spin out in order to get all the excess dye out and get clear water …. Other fabrics are not that bad … Usually 2 to 3 rinses are good enough for other dark colors… Batiks usually are good to go after 2 rinses.

    Grandson read your SAM THE MAN and the Chicken plan …. but his favorite series are Capt Underpants DOGMAN by Dav Pilkey … I think because it is in a cartoon format and not as many words… What can I say he has atrocious taste in books but at least he reads… for a while there I was worried.

    Well I am off to cut more fabric for my Disappearing Nine Patch. I will listen gain later and probably comment again.

    ps … LOVE the new furniture …. My whole house is Hand me downs and stolen from the attic furniture…. real wood … the only way to go….. IKEA furniture might look nice but does not hold up to abuse and use….

  2. Hi Frances,
    OK, I admit it. I’m one of those people who have listened to your podcast since the beginning
    but very rarely comment, except when you have a giveaway:)
    In my defense, I almost always listen while driving & never remember to comment when I get back home.
    Btw, if you have postcards for the new book, I’d be happy to placed them at shows up here in the NY area.

  3. Loved Margret … in Margret goes Modern… she was so ME ! ! ! Plan to pass on my copy to the guild to introduce YOU as an author. I would like to win an autograph copy for myself….. Looking forward to the new book … finish it soon.
    Order your black batting now so it is ready for when you need it …. get the next size up from what you plan.

    The left over / UFO sampler would make a great Modern Quilt … just float the blocks in lots of negative space and go with what you have.
    Quilt Con seems to pick according to their definition of MODERN and that definition seems to shift a lot. I also think they have abandoned their insistence on USABLE / FUNCTIONING QUILTS as a lot of the quilt sizes seems to have shrunk.

    Thanks for the link to Charlotte I do not know how I missed her on Instagram as I follow her every where else…. I am also going thru SAQA publications and enjoying it.

    Your CHARITY block just needs your framing strips to be larger if it is too small… If you get some of the same fabric you can re-frame it and then square it up. I read Bonnie Hunters blog post on measuring and that really helped me figure out why I tended to cut too small…..ending up with small blocks. The actual block looks good….. Check with your friend that designed the block. ……… When our guild does a block donation we over size the block with larger framing strips then cut all the blocks to the same size before assembling …. Saves a lot of headaches.
    Black fabrics are made by over-dying using all the colors from left over dye baths. I only buy one BRAND of solids. I use to buy KONA but have switched to MODA BELLA since a store near me has bolts of all of them. I will say manufactures do change their colors based on current trends.
    As VP for your guild ….do you also do program coordinator or is that done by a committee? I had a lot of headaches when I had to work on our programs. Contact me if you ever want to vent.
    I will be listening to you and Pam on the ride to pick up my grandson from basketball camp … it is a two hour drive so you two will keep me company.

  4. Frances – I enjoy your “homegrown” podcast, and agree that it would be nice if there were more podcasters out there! I have to say that you always make me smile when you can’t find the word you want to say – it is comical how our brains work, isn’t it! ? I like Travis’s new title “the quilt dog,” Funny how many quilters have “helpers.”

  5. Happy Sunday Frances!
    I’m coming up on the renewal deadline for my quilt guild. After listening to you, I’m going to renew, and make more of an effort to get to know other members. I only made a few meetings this first year, and really didn’t connect much. I take full responsibility for that lol!

  6. Congrats on the award for the Stan the man book! That is so cool. Love the new desk! Listening to your podcast today helped me through walking on the treadmill on this cold, rainy day.

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