Episode 217: Gettin’ Her Done

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After a summer of slow quilting, things are speeding up in Off-Kilter Quilt Land. Got this top finished:


And I finished the back, too:

Now it’s time to get quilting. Yikes!

I made a new design board, so now I’ve got two.

That pink line down the right side is a measuring tape.


The Narnian: The Life and Imagination of C.S. Lewis by Alan Jacobs

Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher

Dreaming in Color by Kaffe Fasset

I’ll be speaking at the National Archives next week–here’s a link, if you’re interested:


12 Replies to “Episode 217: Gettin’ Her Done”

  1. Love that quilt (top and back). And I am glad you are going to continue podcasting…I do comment in my head but will try to comment on line more often.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Frances … it is an honor to give a speech at the National Archives… I read SHOOTING THE MOON and I thought it was a good book covering a lot of the emotional issues that came from Viet Nam.

    The red, white, grey and black quilts evolved nicely…. I especially like the top one. What size are they? … how do you plan to use them.. wall hanging, sofa throw? Just wondering.

    Going to listen to the podcast later this evening … just downloaded. BE back later to comment some more… my head is too full to leave comments in there.


  3. This is the method I use for basting my quilt … on the dining room table … I have pin basted and used this hand basting method.

    >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyaLsMafElo&t=17s <<<<
    Post your friends that does the designing in your guild the web page link …. I think we would like to know …

    I do not know what JACKIE G idea of ACTIVE QUILTING would be but I think it is the kind of quilting you see on the internet … not the feathers or just plain edge to edge … but FMQing that relates to your MODERN QUILT TOP …. Example would be to mimic your blocks in the negative space ie triangles … quilt a motif such as paisley or swirls on the inside then do your straight line quilting on the outside. … Hope you get my meaning. … Angela Walters, Christa Watson and Christine Carmelli have all shown this style of quilting in their classes and demonstrations.

    NONNIE… again
    Yes I would like to win the book as it is on my Christmas list and I have a hiatius on buying books right now… and my library does not have it.

  4. I listen to each podcast multiple times. I love you’re fun personality, and since I live in cary, nc I relate to much of your local references. I am always commenting, in my head, as well as laughing in my head. Please keep podcasting. I listen to them the very moment they pop up on my podcast list. Thank you for doing them:)

  5. I learned about the Sharon Shamber method of basting a quilt from Nonnie’s podcast, when she Was podcasting! I’ve been using it since then–works great. I’ve seen some utube video’s that use pool noodles and pvc pipe, looks interesting because you could pin the fabric to the noodle,but I don’t know if you could push the fabric back as tight as with the boards.
    My eyes always light up when I see you have posted a new podcast!

  6. WOW! What a gorgeous quilt! Front and back!
    I don’t comment very often, but always comment in my head.
    Glad you like Quiltfolk Magazine because he is local to me in
    Oregon. I love the magazine and many of my quilty friends know
    Michael McCormick and say is delightful.
    Thank you many times over for doing this podcast, it always feels like a chat
    with a quilt friend.

  7. Hi Francis,
    Congrats on your speaking event at the National Archives. When you were trying to remember a pattern name-i believe the pattern is called orange peel 🙂

    I did not know the hardware stores would cut the boards down for you. How do you get the flannel to stick to your design board?

  8. Hi,
    Love the quilt. I am unable to decide which side I like better since both sides are very attractive.
    You give me a reason to want to go to Lowe’s. I usually groan to myself when my husband stops at Lowe’s since I know that he is often tool shopping and takes a while (like when I go fabric shopping). I now want to make a design foam wall. I would have my husband take the expedition out for this trip since I would want the full board sat along a wall. I tend to make large quilts so that is the reasoning.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

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