Episode 216: Stars Upon Thars

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Stars Upon Stars I–The top:


My friend Patty’s sampler: http://www.elmstreetquilts.com/2017/10/skill-builder-qal-lazy-angle-blocks-and.html

This is the Finish quilter I talk about in the second Quilt Diary. Her name  is Saija Kiiskinin, and I think her quilts are really lovely.


The Splendid Sampler

Fun post on modern v. traditional quilts: http://www.agfblog.com/2016/09/traditional-quilts-vs-modern-quilts.html


Books I recently finished:

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict


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11 Replies to “Episode 216: Stars Upon Thars”

  1. THANK YOU FOR THE PODCAST …. I really needed it tonight…

    EQ 7- -is good for buying fabrics …. some times a little generous but it works for me. I also like checking colors / value placement. It has saved me from many color mistakes. I have become very opinionated in my likes and dislikes so I do not want to spend the time on a quilt I am not going to like in the end…… I do however make much more traditional quilts then yours…. Love yours by the way.

    I have been following the POST MODERN DISCUSSIONS …. My take is that I work hard on quilts and so I had better dang will be paid the amount that compensates my time and energy since I have limited time and energy.

    I would love Christa’s book cause I am on a hiatus since I am going to stop buying books of ANY kind… The kitchen is being re modeled. and that is eating up my money.

  2. I immediately thought of the Sneetches when I saw “Stars upon Thars” ! Just stay away from that star-off machine. I do like the way that you arranged the stars so that they undulate back and forth on the quilt top. The fabrics and colors make me think of the beautiful deep space photos that we have of galaxies today.

    I agree that quilters who sell their quilts have a responsibility to educate the pubic regarding the value of their work. That being said, I found it difficult to arrive at a reasonable price when I began to sell my baby quits on Etsy last year. I was shocked to find baby quilts listed as low as $60.00 . How do they cover fabric and notions? I’ve only made two online sales but recently received a commission from someone locally. I’m proud to say that they were happy to pay a price that was higher than my Etsy price. So now I wonder if I should raise my Etsy price!

    We ARE worthy! We ARE worthy!

  3. I haven’t listened yet, but I’m going to comment before I forget. I got a new iPad, so I think I’ll be looking at blogs and commenting more!

  4. The stars quilt is looking great! Love the selection of fabrics, and the offset arrangement. Will you use the same background for binding?

    The Einstein book sounds like the miniseries ‘Genius’ we have been watching on DVR from the National Geographic channel, which has 9 or 10 episodes. It is a fairly well done dramatization of Einstein’s life, and it does include the complexity of his personal relationships as well as the harshness of the scientific community and the bleakness of the wars in Europe.

    I can’t imagine selling my quilts. I have made quilts to give to special people, but it takes me so long to finish each one that I become very attached. My price would be very high!

  5. Both of our kids have moved out on their own. It is an adjustment when that happens. All of a sudden my husband and I only had each other to talk to at the dinner table. We almost forgot how to do that! We love it when they are both home – the noise, chaos, and yes, the occasional bickering. My husband and I just smile at each other – “just like old times!”

    I can’t sew an accurate half square triangle either. I’ve taken courses on precision piecing, to no avail. I’ve used every method out there -nothing works for me. I make them big and square them up.

    I’m watching This Is Us. I love it. It was better last season, but it’s still very good. It doesn’t make me cry EVERY episode this season.

  6. Hi Frances, I’m one of those podcast listeners that, while I don’t mind listening to the occasional interview, I really do prefer the kind where you hear about the speaker’s life and quilting endeavors. Please keep up the good work!

    Suz in Southern Oregon

  7. Thanks for your home-grown podcast. I enjoy hearing your thoughts, and all about your progress and family. I usually catch up on podcasts while doing mundane chores and enjoy the company of your voice. Thanks for all you do.

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