5 Replies to “Episode 212: July is the Cruelest Month”

  1. I get the funk in the winter that you are describing due to the weather. I totally get it after spending a week in Va Beach with my kids … 110 degree heat index and humidity. I have to say my June, July, Aug always feel like they evaporate quickly each year. I am glad to hear your vacation was ok. I get ear infections often and they are really annoying. Can put a damper on life for sure.

    My sewing machine center took about a month to service my machines. Not many repair folks for a huge region of the state. I hate being without for that long. Oh, and my quilts all have those sections that can be stretched or ripply when quilted. There is a million variables as to why…. Hope you get out of your summer funk and that your fall with all the changes in your family goes well.

    Look forward to hearing about life and reading your newest books.

  2. I reckon your humpies are because of not using a walking foot. Plus I can’t remember if you said how you basted it, it looks like it could have been smoothed a little tighter. If you did a loose stipple or filler around all those chairs you might be able to flatten it down.

  3. I can’t wait to listen during my next quilting session!! The lumpy areas could be caused by not enough safety pins during basting. However, you can quilt out the fullness by quilting a free motion texture in between the chairs, using your fingers to smooth out the areas and ease in the fullness under the needle as you go. Just be careful of your fingers getting too close to the needle. 🙂

    Another way to do it is stitch in the ditch of the seams between the chair blocks before you quilt around the applique shapes. Imagine a kid (or adult!) outlining the shapes on a coloring page before filling it in with color. That will secure each block area and prevent some of the shifting which is happening.

    I love watching (and listening to) your progress!

  4. I love July but I recently read an interesting article about seasonal affective disorder in the summer. That never occurred to me, but after reading the article it makes a lot of sense! http://www.webmd.com/depression/summer-depression#1

    It used to take about a week for my machine to be serviced, but now I take it to an awesome place that does it in 3 days if you make an appointment ahead of time. I like to do what you did and leave it when we go on vacation; they’re so fast that I have to warn them that I won’t be back to pick it up right away! (Shout out to Red Hen Stitch Shop!) That would be a bit far for you to go for service, but I wonder if that idea will catch on.

    So glad you weren’t at the beach when the power went out. One of my coworkers was there, and it sounds like even you would have had a hard time not complaining about the weather!

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