Episode 211: It’s All Over but the Quilting

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Sit-In is under the needle! How many times will it be unquilted? Sigh … let’s not go there yet. Below: the view from the back:

Another quilt in the making–Stellar Jr. (will be given an actual name at some point in the near future):


A screen-shot of my “Items on Hold” list:

Can’t wait to get reading!

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12 Replies to “Episode 211: It’s All Over but the Quilting”

  1. I haven’t listened yet, but I’ve been following along with the making of sit in with interest – I love the whole concept of that quilt. Interesting to see the back today and I’ll look forward to hearing what you have to say about the making of it. Fabulous fabrics for it! So are you thinking of continuing on with this sort of quilt? A whole line up of clocks or pepper grinders?

    1. I love the back too! The quilt I’m working on has a peace dove on the front with a cream background. I’m inspired to make the back interesting. Kinda scared, though.

  2. I love listening to your podcast. I travel and I enjoy listening while flying. You give me such inspiration to go above and beyond. I don’t know how you have time to read, write and quilt but I find that quilters are also readers. I’m trying to balance that in my own life. I love what your backing looks like. I haven’t listened to this podcast yet but it’s in my plans.

  3. Hi Frances,
    I finally figured out how to comment on your podcasts lol. Just dropping in here to say love your podcasts I’m a relatively new listener and new quilter and you really bring out the creative bug in me. This may sound weird but I could listen to you talk for days. It’s like I’m sitting with you talking to you as a friend on the front porch I love it. Anywho keep up the great work on all your endeavors. Can’t wait for the next episode. Bye!

  4. I can so relate to your thoughts on getting your children engaged in household management. It’s a struggle. Making quilting a priority is hard for me in the summer time. My high schooler is in a programming camp next week at UNCC which is quite a drive. I contacted the library and they found me a space with tables and I’m going to set up my portable sewing machine and work on piecing my Mennonite Dove quilt. In my mind it will be uninterrupted quilting for 5 days. Fingers crossed. I absolutely love your podcasts and hope you have a great beach trip!!! p.s. I want to learn machine appliqué

  5. I have been listening to your podcast for about 6 months now and really enjoy it. I have never done any quilting but have always been interested in it. I also like quilting fiction and enjoyed Birds in the Air. One of these days I will find the courage to attempt a project of my own. Thanks for the great podcast!
    Emma B

  6. Love how both of these quilts are coming along. While I love Sit In, I can’t take credit for naming Stellar. It was one of the Twilters but I can’t remember who.

    Have a great beach trip! I hope all your books came in!

  7. LOL! I really did laugh out loud when you said, “I’m 53, I’m not having any more kids.” I’ll be 53 in less than two weeks and if I had to have another kid at this age, well, have me committed.

  8. So, I commented on the anniversary post (it was my first comment) I don’t really follow your blog, only your podcasts, but just had to say that I love the Sit In back!!! The colors are fabulous. Improv is not usually my thing, but this back rocks!

  9. I like the chair quilt back – it fits the theme. I first read Stellar Jay instead of Stellar Jr. when I glanced at your text, and then I thought that would be a good name for a similar quilt, but the red would have to be blue…..

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