Episode 207: Piles o’ Projects!

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Projects, projects, I’ve got projects! Besides the two quilts waiting around to get quilted, I’ve got a ton of chairs hanging out my design wall:

And I’m learning how to English Paper Piece!

Can’t wait to see how my Riley Blake Quilt Challenge turns out (don’t have a clue yet about what it might look like).

Books I’m Reading:

All Points Patchwork: English Paper Piecing Beyond the Hexagon by Diane Gilleland

The Summer Before the War by Helen Simonson

Two blogs I’m enjoying right now:

Elm Street Quilts


Hope you have a great week!

7 Replies to “Episode 207: Piles o’ Projects!”

  1. Love your chairs….especially with the separation groupings We too have recently discovered Escape to the Country….amazing scenery, insight into their culture and gardens! Yes, I ‘mind comment’ after every podcast…I’m a faithful listener and enjoy every single one! Sweet that Travis and birds (weather permitting 🙂 get to accompany you.

  2. I love your chair quilt and really like that it is not in
    complete rows. The spacing really adds interest to the quilt. Your feelings about free motion quilting are the same as mine. I actually started as a hand quilter and still do that sometimes. Every time I try to free motion quilt I find my shoulders tense up and my results are terrible. Quilting with a walking foot is so much more enjoyable to me. Thank you for the great podcasts.

  3. Welcome to the dark side of multiple projects at a time. (insert evil laugh here).

    Thanks for keeping me company during a marathon FMQ session yesterday! I’m glad you are enjoying the EPPing. It gives me hope that one day I will also enjoy it!

    Love love love the chair quilt and can’t wait to see it done.

    I would love to hear audio of the book, and won’t even hold it against you if you make a plot change midstream that would make the continuity people crazy.

  4. Thumbs up to the idea of recording your novel. I would be more than willing to pay like one would for a Kindle book. I don’t know how complicated that would be. However, I love this idea. The chair quilt is most interesting. Your original quilts reflect such a creative spirit, much like your color choices were in patterned quilts.

  5. Hi Frances,

    What about calling Travis’ walk and yo yo(since there is a yo yo trick called walk the dog) Travis is smart though and will figure it out. 🙂

  6. I think the chair quilt is going to be amazing, chairs are so symbolic.
    In Christchurch here in New Zealand, there was an outdoor exhibition of 185 empty white chairs to represent the people who lost their lives in the earthquake a few years ago. It was very poignant.

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