Episode 206: The QuiltCon Recap!

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This episode is early, but I needed to get my QuiltCon experience on tape while it was still fresh! I’ve got a few pix to show you from the show, but if you want to see the vast array of quilts (other than mine), I recommend doing a search on Instagram for #QuiltCon2017. Believe me, you’ll see a lot of quilts! Okay, so first here’s me and Bauhaus Birds in the Air.

And here’s me with Modern Birds in the Air.

Here’s me and my old friend (and longtime listener) Ellen from Scotland!

And me with Andra from East Tennessee, who I also know through this podcast!

I had a great experience at QuiltCon and can’t wait to go again!

Here are two great QuitCon round-ups:

  1. Quiltin’ Jenny’s: http://quiltinjenny.blogspot.com/2017/02/6-things-i-saw-at-quiltcon.html
  2. HollyAnne’s: http://www.stringandstory.com/blog/2017/2/27/quiltcon2017

Interested in making quilts for kids with cancer? Check this out: https://quiltsforcure.org

11 Replies to “Episode 206: The QuiltCon Recap!”

  1. Super-cool Cracker Barrel! Goop in your hair!!! Hahahaaaa!!! You make me laugh!! I loved your recap of QuiltCon, and I especially loved meeting you IRL (how the cool kids say, “In real life”). I am honored to have my picture with you here on your website!!

  2. I’m so glad I got to see both of your quilts in person. You did a fantastic job! I loved getting to sit down and chat with you. That’s always a highlight of these shows for me – getting to meet my online buddies in real life and chat like normal people 🙂

  3. LISTENED to the podcast between family stuff / phone calls … will relisten tonight. Loved the Thomas Knauer’s episode on WHILE SHE NAPS ( http://www.thomasknauersews.com/ ) .. .. (http://whileshenaps.com/category/the-podcast/episodes) # 89 ….YOU are right he is a stitch … it was a fun listen.

    LOVED all the pictures you posted of QUILT CON … sound like you had a blast.

    COULD you post the two newsletter links you mentioned? I found Abby’s but not the other one … I think I am spelling her name incorrectly.

  4. Hi Frances !
    I enjoyed your podcast very much ! I know you all had a great time at Quiltcon, but it was really entertaining to hear ‘all’ about it from you. Your quilts are amazing, and such an honour to have them accepted in such a great event. Loved your Birds in the Air book too !

  5. I had such a great weekend with you and can’t wait for Nashville! Confidentially, I’m not that neat – I was just trying to hide how messy I really am!

    P.S. I believe the word you were looking for is “lanyard.” 🙂

  6. Ahh, wish you could make it to Pasadena next year. But – I understand. It is a long plane ride away! Your recap was wonderful Frances. Thanks for taking the time to record your thoughts and experiences.

  7. I really enjoyed QuiltCon last year. I found it to be more of an experience – more than a show – than other quilt shows. I found it to be more about social connection than buying.
    I am having trouble with iTunes and will return!

    1. I am finally back. I am definitely #podcastdeliquent. So many good books to which to listen. I have a hard time tearing myself away from audiobooks. I have to get my ipod situation resolved so I can take podcasts with me again.

      Re: Colors – it sounds like a lot of ‘greyed colors’ rather than brights like I use – clear brights. It would be interesting to look at where people who had a quilt in the show live and try to understand whether the light where people live impacts their color choice. We do not have hazy light most of the time so the clear colors show up a lot in stores. I have spent quite a bit of time in Maryland and there is a haze (thin cloud cover) that covers the sky in the summer and I notices a lot more greyed colors (colonial quilt type colors???) available in the fabric stores. It would be a really interesting study.

      It is so great that you asked people about prints and colors who had been to other QuiltCons. It really gives a nice perspective.

      I haven’t heard a lot about actual meetings with various podcasters and Twilters from any of the Twilters/podcasters. When I was listening to you talk it make me realize that words are really inadequate to describe those types of meetings. These are people to whom you might feel close, but never met in person. How to describe those reconciliation of emotions is a challenge. Thanks for making the effort!

      I think you were right to redo the quilt. My personal rule is that I have to be comfortable with what I enter and if I don’t like something, I make myself redo it. Cutting corners always -ALWAYS – gets me in trouble and ends up taking longer.

      Have a great week!

  8. I really love bauhaus birds in the air. What a dramatic piece!
    Thank you for your honest reaction!

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