Episode 205

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Possible layout for the new quilt:


Took this picture on a recent walk. I think it would make a nice quilt!

I really enjoyed this Gwen Marston lecture:


Interesting article on why we like abstract art:


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  1. Read the SALON article and all I could think of was that my first apartment had walls painted like the pictures of art in the article. The tenant before me must have been a minimalist.

    Love the quilt you are in the process of making …. thinking of stealing the idea but in different colors and MUCH LARGER triangles …. do not see myself making 2 inch triangles …. love them but do not have the patience. … and as you know I do not make small quilts.
    Have fun at QUILT CON and party the week away ….


  2. I have been doing a ton of HST and trimming up like a mad woman. Its amazing how a different sewing machine has made me more accurate in the past few years. I wanted to say that I rarely eat at my dining room table because it is my sewing table. I sure laughed about your story of having company because I recently hosted my quilt group. PANIC set in…. I saw all the piles of stuff i had- clothes , mail , cobwebs from the light fixtures. Oh yeah it is call the box it up and put in a room that the door can be closed on . I just serve more alcohol and vacuum the floor. My tiny space was filled with quilting friends who didn’t care.

    I had the pleasure of seeing Gwen Marston’s quilts at the Dennos museum. She hand quilts all of her quilts. She is an artist and wish I would have taken a retreat from her when they were close by. I was too broke at the time. I confess, I was hired in my 20’s to hand quilt several queen sized quilts for my quilting mentor. I love hand quilting but my hands don’t any more. I can’t wait to share a mini quilt I did in this style that will be finished next month.

    I am glad you posted the cinder block picture because it is inspiring and I find pics are great idea generators.

    And I think that the people at Quilt con must steam the quilts a bit because everyones are stuffed in a box to get there! When you get hanging sleeves figured out let me know. I followed AQS tutorial but I am not sure I did it right. AND at Quilt Con there HAS TO BE FOOD there. I am a string backpack girl and learned to keep all my stuff in it including granola bars.

    Thanks Frances, have a wonderful trip and hope that you get lots of recordings to share for your next podcast! Sorry, this is a 20 page comment. 🙂

  3. I am back and actually listening! 😉

    I am so glad you have the skills to design quilts. You have come so far since you started quilting! You don’t *need* a pattern EVER!!!

    I had a great time at QuiltCon in 2016 and you look like (on IG) you are having a good time, too.

    Hope you used the Triangle Technique (http://www.artquiltmaker.com/blog/2016/09/quilt-class-hsts/) on your HSTs. The accompanying chart tells you how to cut them a bit larger so you can trim.

    Can you use a color card to try and match the red even if it is a different brand of fabric?

    Nancy Crow is the master, but she is also terrifying – to me, at least. I suppose it is better to look at her stuff in books rather than taking a class. One thing about art quiltmakers is they talk and think about their process. I haven’t heard a lot of that reflection from traditional quiltmakers. Not sure about he modern folks. Of course, this is a generalization, but I am very interested in hearing how people got to where they are in their quiltmaking. I think Nancy Crow does this.

    You probably know that I don’t dye either. I have dyed in the past and was moderately successful. It is too messy for me. Perhaps if I had a space dedicated to dyeing, I might do it, but probably not. Too messy. I am happy to support those artists who sell their hand dyes.

    You might try some Mary Ellen’s Best Press to help keep your blocks flat. It is not a panacea, but it helps.

    Yay on your accuracy!

    I loved the Hidden Figures movie. I haven’t read the book.

    I have just finished Jane Eyre. Shockingly, since I don’t always enjoy the classics, I did enjoy this book. I admit I read a summary just after I started reading it, so I kind of knew what was happening. Still, I enjoyed the writing and thought it to be sort of …. modern (??not sure that is the right word) or, perhaps timeless. I listened to it on audio and I am sure that helped. I read it in preparation for reading Jane Steele, which I am now reading on Daisy’s recommendation. I find it to be very dark and I am not sure if I am enjoying it. I keep taking breaks to listen to podcasts. I am going to read something light and fluffy when I am finished with it.

    Take care,

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