Episode 203: Welcome New Year, Come What May

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Please note that in spite of what I say in the intro, this is not Episode 2003. It is, however, the year 2017.

One more correction: the book I refer to is Hillbilly Elegy not Hillbilly Nation. Check it out here.

The baby quilt, finished at last!

Some fun and useful links:

One way to block a quilt–a tutorial by quiltingjetgirl:

Blocking a Quilt {Photo Tutorial}

In the last episode I talked about Uppercase Magazine and the wooden quilts of Laura Cheney. To see her work, go here:


Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr discuss entering shows:


Making 30-Day Resolutions:

Mini Resolutions – 30 Day Commitments for Year-Long Success

Books I referred to in this episode:

Swing Time by Zadie Smith

News of the World by Paulette Jiles

Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal by Jeanette Winterson


What I’m Reading

Walk by Jacquie Gering

My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante


7 Replies to “Episode 203: Welcome New Year, Come What May”

  1. This comment is related to your last podcast where you mentioned that you did not train your sons to be good gift givers. I have two sons that I also didn’t train to be good gift givers, but as adults, they have begun to surprise me.

    One night in early December, my husband and I went to the movies. We invited our 26 year old son, but he said he didn’t want to come. When we got home that night, we were greeted by Christmas lights on the bushes and our tree set up, lit, decorated and all the boxes put away! Not a traditional Christmas gift, but better than a gift to me.

    We spent Christmas Eve at our friend’s house. Our 20 year old left the party a couple of hours before we did. When we got home about 10:00 p.m., there was a box of donuts on the kitchen table with a tag that said ‘From Santa’. Our son had gone by the bakery to pick up donuts for Christmas breakfast (his idea), actually spending his own money. Since he was one of the last customers on Christmas Eve, they threw in extra donuts and eclairs too.

    I don’t know when or how my kids turned from self-centered boys into thoughtful young men, but I love the transformation!

  2. What a lovely podcast episode Frances. I love hearing about East Coast life. When we visited your coast over New Year’s I loved how quickly one got out of DC and into trees on our way to Mt. Vernon. It takes a bit longer to accomplish that in So Ca. I thought a snow flurry was ashes and looked around for a fire – I have been in “snowing” in the Sierras, but never something quite so fleeting as ice crystals touching your face and melting almost before you could see them. I really love your coast and strangely, we are having weather here this year. It has been many years since we have had to think about umbrellas for more than a few minutes.

    I wish I could see your Quilt Con quilts in person. I think you said you were going? I like how you described modern quilting as permission to play. This movement has always seemed very serious to me with so, so many rules even though it wasn’t supposed to be that way. We humans do like our organization. I will try and think of it more like your description.

  3. Thanks for a great episode and for your comments about my podcast! I agree “modern” is referring to mid century and that gets lost in many definitions of the movement. I think that you hit the nail on the head when saying that the issue may be that people thought it meant, “no rules” when there really must be for any organization. I have to say that I have experienced the Quilt Police in all their meanness and so has my mother in years past. I would never wish that on anyone because it was so hurtful and who needs that in a hobby??? Glad to hear you made it through a rare snow! I wish you the best in Quilt Con because your quilts are really fab!

  4. In this podcast, you mentioned watching a British TV series that you enjoy. It reminded me of another series you might like called “Call the Midwife” that was shown on PBS. I see that several seasons are on Netflix now. Enjoy listening to you as I sew on my quilts.

  5. LISTENED to your podcast while at retreat … some of the ladies were enthralled with the podcast and I did mini lessons on how to download podcasts.

    I have been trying to sign up for the newsletter for your QUILT STORIES and can not find the link … can you repost here on your blog posts…

    THANKS …
    love the baby quilt … nicely displayed … good luck with BIRDS IN THE AIR for QUILT CON


  6. I don’t think anyone is a natural when it comes to paper piecing – well, maybe Pam! It’s backwards to the way you think it should be.

    I had to smile listening to all the extra work you are putting into your Quiltcon quilts. I pictured them opening up the package and saying, “Wait a minute! These aren’t the quilts in the picture. They were off kilter, which much less quilting.”

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