Episode 201:

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The Modern Flying Geese are basted and ready to be quilted! Finally!


I’ve been posting quilt stories lately …



A sadly out of focus picture of my applique house:


Another house:


This is a chair sketch from Beverly Buchanan, the artist I’m currently obsessed with:


Beverly Buchanan video

And here’s my version, in cloth:


Want to build your own house? Go here (thanks, Nicole!):


How to photograph textile art


I love me some good quilt talk! This is the UK’s version of the Quilt Alliance: http://www.talkingquilts.org.uk/

See you next time!

12 Replies to “Episode 201:”

  1. DOWNLOADED and listening as I type. Quiet family day planned for Thanksgiving. Quilt top looks pretty nice soft colors. Enjoying the snippet quilt stories you are posting … looking forward to more stories. Like reading the links you have been posting…. THANKS for encouraging the quilt artist community.

  2. Hi Frances!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Love the Flying Geese baby quilt. I agree basting is an obstacle for lots of us. It is definitely one of the reasons I have a stack of tops and was an impetus for me to take the required longarm machine class at a local quilt shop in order to rent their longarm by the hour. No basting if you are using a longarm!

    Curved safety pins are definitely easier but either type of safety pin is tedious and I have arthritis in my hands. I discovered Leah Day’s method of using straight pins and Pinmoors to cap them and actually found it much easier than safety pins and have done 2 quilts this way. It was easier to baste and held the quilt layers together better than the safety pins and were much easier to remove while quilting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptqrhOTEgLE



  3. Happy Thanksgiving!
    I enjoy being able to listen while I sew. I enjoyed the the Birds in the Air book and am looking forward to more adventures. I like the baby quilt, what a great quilt when the gender is unknown.

  4. Thanks for keeping me company on my walk – it is the day after Thanksgiving, and threatening, but not raining yet today in Portland, Oregon. My first comment is to highly recommend you buy those new walking shoes today! Your feet and entire body will thank you. I get a new pair every year whether they look old or not – I learned this the hard way!

    My second comment is about your hike. I wanted to share that my husband and I did a lot of hiking before kids, but life with kids pushed hiking aside somewhat. Now that we are semi-empty nesters, we hike one day every weekend, and plan our vacations around hiking. It is one of the things that we both love and do together now that we don’t have carpools, games and performances crowding our calendar.

    I look forward to seeing what happens with the house and chair blocks. I love to hear about you acting on your inspiration just to see where it will take you. Thanks for podcasting!

  5. I love that you follow-back on Instagram! IG is becoming my fave form of social media – no drama! And, thank you for not discussing politics on your podcast – I really appreciate it! Since you specifically asked, my name is pronounced “And” (like the word) “ra” instead of “Ondra”. No worries, though. Believe me, I’m used to it being mispronounced. Heehee!

  6. Hey Frances, I just finished listening to your latest podcast. Thank you so much for your kind words! It was so nice to meet you at the guild meeting. I enjoyed it and do plan to attend in December. I hope to see you there and we can swap quilt stories.

  7. I loved your comment about the husband corner. I have never had a husband (and don’t plan to) and yet I was not offended in the least. I agree the notion of a husband or significant other sitting patiently while their quilter shops is rather iconic and nothing to get all upset about. I think if I were dragging someone to a quilt show it would be my 6 year old little man (four quilts under his belt, btw) or my dog. I sort of think a good name for this spot would be the Sherpa Sanctuary or something like that. I’ll have to take a photo of my Anzhel playing Sherpa with my bags. It’s part of his duties whenever I get the itch to be lazy. Great podcast as always! My little man says to tell you “Hi!”

  8. Hello Frances,
    I’ve been listening to your podcast for years with great enjoyment. I have been going through a tough holiday season this year due to some sad family events and decided to treat myself to a copy of Birds in the Air. I now have a daily Tea With Birds session in the afternoon as a de-distress time out. I look forward to this each day and listening to the story of this book’s creation has really added to the reading experience. Thank you!

  9. I wanted to wish you a good good holiday season this year. We were treated by our lovely daughter to a week in DC between Christmas and New Year’s shortly and I will think of you Frances. I have only been on your coast twice – once at age 14 for a few days and once in Maine for a few days. My husband is a first grade teacher of many many years and he will love this trip. I love traveling with him ’cause he is just so much fun.

    I am quite proud of you and your quilts going to Quilt Con Frances. My goodness Missy!

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