Episode 195: The Learning Curve Episode

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Finished top: Meeting of the Geese!



Almost finished top (it’s pretty much finished, but I need to make some corrections and square it up)–Bauhaus Birds in the Air. Many thanks to Adelle for designing the pattern!



Leave a comment and you’ll be entered into a drawing for this wonderful new book, SEW ILLUSTRATED, by Minki Kim and Kirsten Esser!


sew illustrated


My Twilter friend Holly Anne has a new blog, String and Story http://www.stringandstory.com/

GenQ blog post about the changing quilting industry http://generationqmagazine.com/notions-what-the-heck-is-happening-in-our-q-niverse/

How to paper-piece angles:

38 Replies to “Episode 195: The Learning Curve Episode”

  1. Those quilts are SO COOL!

    Also, I’m just going to be shameless and say, I WANT THE BOOK SO BADLY! ????

    Regarding the Generation Q article: As someone hoping to blaze a path for myself into the quilting industry, this makes me nervous. But, as a 24 year old quilter, it suggests to me that my presence and voice may be all the more important. Quilting as we have known it is changing for sure. I’m seeing to use my background with visual art to open more communication between those fields and that of quilting, especially with all the possibilities of Modern Quilting. Furthermore, there is a HUGE interest in my generation of going “back to basics,” so while this “bubble” may be bursting in some ways, I expect to see a rise in handquilting and quilting with naturally dyed fabrics that runs parallel to the more “fashion forward” feel of the MQG. I’m gong to stay positive and try to make quilting as attractive as possible to my generation!

  2. Oh my. Word this turned out beautifully! Amazing paper pieced geese!!! The book is an inspiration for gifting ( and to one’s self). Thank you for sharing so much via your podcast/blogs.

  3. I am super impressed with your Bauhaus Birds in the Air paper piecing. Just listened to your podcast. My brain doesn’t work that way either. I can try to figure a design. If I have trouble I call my son ( engineering guy) and he gets it figured in a moment. Funny how we all process differently.

  4. I really like both of your new BITA quilts! And I’m not even much of a modern quilter. Adelle did a great job on her paper piecing pattern. I am an experienced paper piecer, but I tend to use big pieces of fabric and have a lot of waste (which I use up in scrap quilts, so not really ‘waste’, but you know what I mean). I’ll check out that video this afternoon and see if I can improve my technique. Thanks for the link!

    I almost commented last week, but it was too hot, and I didn’t want to come over to your blog and complain about the weather. Is complaining about the weeds allowed? We have a bumper crop of crab grass thanks to the 100 degree weather. Oops! That sort of sounds like a weather complaint.

  5. Wow, I love all your ‘birds’ quilts and I’m so excited for your book. I would love to win Sew Ilustrated and try some of the projects. I’ve listened to your podcast from the beginning.

  6. Hi, Frances! Long time listener and head-commenter here (I know you understand).

    Just stopped by to check out the links you mentioned in the podcast and had to say that both Meeting of the Geese and Baushaus Birds in the Air are gorgeous! They are both so visually striking — it’s just wonderful.

    Take care

  7. Both of these ‘birds’ quilts are beautiful! I have enjoyed the progress of your Birds in the Air series, and I look forward to reading the book!

  8. I’m so impressed with the creativity that exists in the quilting world and both of these quilts show that beautifully. I love both so much, can’t decide which i like better! Great work!

  9. I haven’t listened yet, but have a long drive tomorrow, so you’ll keep me company.

    I read the article on GenQ. I agree that older quilters are slowing down in their purchases. Not just of quilting items, but of everything. We are at the point where we are losing or have lost parents, and see how their valuable “stuff” just isn’t valuable to the generations behind them. We look at our “stuff” and realize that we have more than enough. Time to stop buying and just enjoy what we have.

    Innovation is the key. I notice that when I go to quilt shows, the vendors seem to do really well. Maybe store owners need to consider being more mobile. Maybe they need to combine quilt supplies with something else. Baby items? Cooking supplies? Woodworking supplies (get the man in there too)?

    One complaint about quilt magazines. I don’t know if it’s everywhere, but in every store I go to, the quilt magazines are on the bottom rack. The workout magazines are at eye level. Shouldn’t the people with the bad knees and larger tummies have their magazines at eye level, and those in great shape be the ones that need to squat down to find theirs?

  10. The Bauhaus birds is absolutely brilliant! It was difficult to get an impression of it from your words, but wow! Love the meeting of the geese as well. What a fun project this Birds in the Air thing is turning out to be.

  11. And to comment about the article, I don’t necessarily think this is some sort of signalling of the end of the quilting industry, I rather think it’s a signal that things have to change. I don’t think people are consuming less in monetary terms, I think they are consuming differently, and the traditional producers can try to align with that rather than sticking to what they know until they can no longer sustain themselves. I don’t think a magazine or a quilt shop has to shut down, it rather needs to consider its model and its audience and to reinvent itself to meet the reality of how people consume in the 21st century.

  12. I love your Bauhaus Birds in the Air. It is such an original design and I love the bright background color. Thank you so much for your podcasts.

  13. Thanks for joining me on my C2-5K “run” this morning. The episode was just right for timing on my workout. I was so excited to see the Bauhaus quilt that I paused my workout to go to your site to see it. And of course when I got home, the first thing I did after hydrating was jump on the computer to share my thoughts. I love it! I could not even come up with an adjective that felt appropriate. Cool, awesome, fabulous, striking, powerful. It is all that and a bag of chips! That is something special for sure. Kudos to Adelle as well for knocking the pattern out of the park.
    I will be getting your newest book for my 2nd grader who is a voracious reader. (Takes after her mama.)
    I read that Gen Q article when it was posted on FB Twilters and it is an interesting, if somewhat sad phenomenon. I remember thinking not too long ago that it seemed like there were so many books and magazines that I could not see how they could all be reasonable successful, even with the industry seemingly booming. The market felt over-saturated to me. But then I don’t buy a ton of books or magazines. I buy the ones that meet a need I have, or to support a friend or a designer who I would like to see keep producing. I certainly fall into the category mentioned in the article of hobby quilter, and as a “newer quilter” I invest my resources very carefully as they are limited.
    I am interested in the new quilting book you talked about. I love to make useful and beautiful things and you can only use so many tote bags. A friend of mine just published something similar, to sew projects for your home. I will shamelessly plug it, mainly since you expressed interest in making things to freshen up your home. http://amzn.to/2b82zeo
    Thanks for a great podcast episode!

  14. Lordy, lordy, lordy girl! Your Bauhaus Birds in the Air look fabulous! I’m working on Judy Niemeyer’s Paradise In Blooms paper pieced quilt…I’m having trouble with the “flip” too. It’s going to be a beautiful quilt, but honestly, it’s KICKING MY PATOOTY! Thanks for posting the video as well. Your podcast is keeping me company this morning as I finish quilting a jellyroll quilt…yay!

  15. Great podcast, beautiful quilts. And I just KNEW you’d find your perfect salmon at Carey (sp) shop – whew what a relief. Ironic that you sound as if you are taping from inside the Tiki Room as you discuss “Birds in the Air”. I live in arid, drought-stricken California. I would love to win the book because I’m a TEACHER who needs to come up with great PARENT volunteer appreciation gifts each year. (You mentioned pencil cases, makeup bags, a drawstring bag. All perfect!)
    I also have a comment about the popularity swings of the quilting world. I think the economy will influence the industry in a negative way, but there will always be quilters of all ages because we were created to create. I’ve watched my local quilt shops close. What businesses are growing in these lean times? Where I live, yoga, tattoo, and massage parlors are springing up like dandelions everywhere. There’s probably some money laundering schemes behind them, but I’m guessing the yoga places are legit. People pay good money to just focus on stretching and breathing. That’s what quilting does for me. Heather Ordover names it “cognitive anchoring”. Etsy shops and magazines will come and go, but “quilters gotta quilt”.

  16. 2 great quilts. Well done! I have not gotten into paper piecing yet. Love your podcasts. Looking forward to your books.

  17. Love the quilt and I’m anxious to read the book when it comes out. I’ve been listening to your podcast for at least 2 years now and really enjoy it. I don’t really quilt much but I have sewed for many years. Quilting more is on my bucket list, lol. As much as I listen to podcasts and watch you tube videos I should be good at it when I can give time to it like I would like to. At least I hope I can be somewhat good at it, lol. I wish you much success with the new book.

  18. Your favorite #podcastdeliquent is back. ???? I am pretty far behind, but skipping to this one to get back in the saddle. I blame iTunes, which does not seem to be downloading whenever it feels like not doing it. I might actually try and find an Android app that works. I know Weezy recommended one called Podcast Revolution, I think.

    Remember I have a tutorial on paper piecing which starts at: http://www.artquiltmaker.com/blog/2013/03/foundation-piecing-part-1/ and is in multiple parts. You did super skinny pieces in the New York Beauty. If something is missing in my tutorial, let me know and I will add it. I think the skinny pieces just waste fabric and we have to get over it. Of course, it could be just that my brain doesn’t work that way.

    I hate to tell you that I finally got warm after I put on socks and used the blow dryer on my hands. I am wearing a fleece jacket.

    Did you know that Sandra Boyton’s son was in the Olympics? He didn’t get a metal. He competed in some whitewater event. Canoeing, I think.

    Love the quilt hanger you have. Did you buy it? If you said in another recent episode, then ignore me and know I’ll be catching up.

    The two Birds in the Air quilts are fantastic! I hope you will enter them into QuiltCon. They are definitely QuiltCon worthy.

    I am sorry to hear about your MIL and am sending healing thoughts her way. I am sorry I missed that.

    I am feeling sad about QNM as well, for many of the reasons you state. I would love to see a nonprofit take it over and get the magazine back to its roots with information rather than patterns. F&W (the owner, I think) is not a friend to quiltmakers. They only care about profits and too many patterns permeate the industry now to make a pattern mag successful. The history part of QNM was always very interesting. The recent-ish changes have not done the magazine justice.

    More later.

  19. Here is pt.2.
    I always thought there was something weird about the styling of AQS books. I don’t think that their content was bad, but I didn’t really buy a lot of their books, so I don’t know. I prefer David & Charles; C&T is ok.

    I really don’t think that the venture capitalist influx into the quiltmaking industry is good for it. I do think that the quiltmaking industry is right-sizing, which was long overdue. There is just too much of everything, especially fabric and also too much of the same type of patterns. Things look the same and there needs to be some shaking up.

    Congrats on the good reviews for your Sam book.

    I didn’t realize you were almost done with the podcast, but I had to go anyway. I agree that the exploration of different Birds in the Air ideas is phenomenal. I hope you will continue to do that with different ideas, or invite other artists to explore themes/quilt patterns in upcoming books.

    See you soon.

  20. Hi Frances, still in the beginning of the podcast, but hopped over to see the photos. Bauhaus looks amazing! What inspired you to give that name? I find this video a bit confusing. To me, Amy Gibson’s Craftsy Block of the Month 2012 instructions were the best I’ve ever seen, and makes the most sense. Since then I’m never short of fabric, and my pieces are always covered. Might be back with more later! 🙂

  21. Love the quilt top.
    I always sew the first few sharp angles the wrong way on foundation piecing. EVERY Time. Then I find the flow. Then I put the project down, and when I pick it up? Yup, wrong again.

  22. Back! When I heard about the QNM shutting down (or rather read about it in Jaye’s blog) you were the first person that came to my mind. You are the only one that kept talking about the magazine, and I knew it will make you really sad to see it go. I don’t think the industry will collapse, but I think the internet is partly to blame. There are so many nice blogs out there, it’s overwhelming and even impissible to keep up with. Sorry if anyone said thia before me, I didn’t read any comments so I can just tell you what I think.
    Also, if you feel like reading some non-fiction, I’m reading Home Comforts which is about how to keep a house. Very interesting stuff, kind of inspiring to start organizing and cleaning your house! 🙂
    And although I didn’t comment for that reason, buy I’d love to win that book! *wink*
    Looking forward to your next episode which is due soon! Haha 🙂

  23. Thanks for the giveaway. I thoroughly enjoy your podcasts but as you know, we introverts are prone to lurk and listen rather than speak up with comments. You drove me to it with your book giveaway. I’m not a modern quilt enthusiast but your Meeting of the Geese is very pretty.

  24. I have been quietly listening for a couple of years now. I enjoy the podcasts very much. The birds quilts are both stunning. I am going to make one. Which? To be decided.

  25. Love your quilts. Bauhaus Birds is amazing. Very impressive! I have been listening to your podcast for awhile but this is my first comment. The Sew Illustrated book looks like lots of fun with some cute ideas. Thanks for all the hours of listening pleasure.

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