Episode 194: It’s Called a Color Card. Color Card. Got it?

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The Twilters’ Blocks!

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Row one of Meeting of the Geese:


Which gray is the right gray?

different grays



Other stuff:

I found an interesting interview with quiltmaker Joe Cunningham the other day, which included this bit of Q & A:

What is it like to be a male in a female-predominant art form?

Cunningham: Well, I understand that when a woman goes into a realm traditionally considered male, men will often do anything they can to keep the woman down, to shut her out, to marginalize her. In my case it has been the opposite of that. When I went into quilts I was a 26 year old tall white boy who felt comfortable around older women. Those older women responded by treating me like a most honored guest, and very quickly began treating me like an authority, an expert…instead of marginalized I got centralized. This continues more than  30 years later.  But there are psychic aspects of quilt making I will never apprehend, whether it is from being a man or from being wired a certain way. For me, quilts have always represented an art project. For many quilters it is the community of women that is most important, and the actual quilts less so. The quilts are gifts to be given either to loved ones and friends or to charitable organizations to be dispersed. So I am a foreigner in this quilt world, psychically and physically. After a while, the subject of my gender becomes uninteresting in the quilt world. But it is a daily freakout to every single person  who learns that I am a quilter. It is like my wife, to whom people used to exclaim, “But, you don’t LOOK Jewish.” But, I don’t LOOK like a quilter. That just goes with the territory, and if I didn’t enjoy the attention and the very freakiness of it, I would tell people I was a janitor, or a bookkeeper.



And here’s another interesting interview with another interesting guy, Michael James:

Michael James: A visceral connection with textiles

The marvelous book I just finished: Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offil.

6 Replies to “Episode 194: It’s Called a Color Card. Color Card. Got it?”

  1. I’m so happy for you that you found the coral finally you must be thrilled. Quilt on design wall is beautiful.

  2. I just love hearing about all your Birds in the Air Quilts! I think it’s so exciting that you’re taking one idea and exploring it in multiple quilting styles.

    1. I so agree. I am not sure I have seen this done before. I have seen different colorways and materials, but I don’t think I have seen different styles of a pattern by the same artist. Nicely done Frances.

  3. It’s so strange. I had the complete opposite reaction to those two books. I could not get into Dept. Of Speculation, and I thought All the Light We Cannot See was one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.

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