Episode 193: The Flock Block Episode

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“Modern Birds in the Air v.1” top!

Want your own quilt stand for photos? Go here–http://www.craftgard.com/

Next quilt: https://community.themodernquiltguild.com/sites/default/files/Meeting%20of%20the%20Geese.pdf

Check out the Quilt Alliance! http://quiltalliance.org/

Interesting piece on things that can be a hindrance to creativity: http://fabricmutt.blogspot.com/2016/06/when-creativity-hurts.html

Great machine quilting tips from our girl, Christa W:


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13 Replies to “Episode 193: The Flock Block Episode”

  1. Charming, as always. Thanks for the company tonight!

    The longer I look at your Modern BitA, the more I like it! The colors are just wonderful and all that negative space is ripe for excitement in your quilting. Your list of BitA quilts yet to come sounds both exhausting and thrilling!

    I also enjoyed the article on hindrances to creativity. I saw a quote recently that said something to the effect of, “Making art is easy when you don’t know how.” Basically saying that passion can be hindered as knowledge grows. I’m so new to quilting that I still don’t have a clue what I’m doing, and I’m enjoying this time of creativity trumping knowledge rather than knowledge hindering.

    Praying for your Mom in Law and the Man– keep us posted!

  2. Not yet listened, but looking forward to it. i have a longer drive ahead of me today and am glad that I have you to keep me company.

  3. I’ve been commenting in my head for months now, but haven’t gotten around to sending one in a long time. I’m also very relaxed about when my kids go to bed and get up during the summer. Teenagers ought to have a lot of sleep, and what difference does it really make if they go to bed at 11 or 1? My son has a job now that forces him to get up at 4:30 a.m., and he figured out that he needs to go to bed early without my having to micromanage his sleeping patterns.

    One thought about your trying to identify fabrics: 2 of my LQS print out info on the receipt that identifies the fabric. Sometimes it is just a number, but if you bring your receipt back into the shop, they can identify the fabric for you by that number. It would be easy for you to just collect all your receipts in one place if your LQS can do that too. Much less effort than keeping a notebook,which sounds great for documentation, but it also sounds like a lot of work and time which I’d rather spend quilting.

  4. I very much like this quilt top – your quilt to be. I have always been drawn to negative space. I don’t know why; perhaps, the lefty brain. I especially like the geometric lines the seam lines make and while some quilters would blend them in with the quilting, I would probably emphasize them.

    One of my favorite times while my kids were teens was no summer bedtimes. They stayed up late with dad and slept in the next am. The bliss of those quiet mornings!

    ALA – that is where I heard L.A. Someday we will get you out to this coast. Maybe the next time Quilt Con is in the west.

  5. Have not listened yet, but had to comment on the gorgeous quilt top! Love, love, love it! Based on the links, it looks like it will be a fabulous episode! I’ll try to not only comment in my head when I listen, but pop back over here too 🙂

  6. I really love this quilt. It is such an interesting, dynamic piece. The contract of color really grabs me too.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Love that I can see the lines that are so clear in this picture! It lets me take this in as a quilter, and see your process.

  7. The birds looks great! Well done. Enjoy the sweetness of summer while the boys are home, the last two years of my kids being home flew by, no joke. So sorry to hear of your mil stroke and will pray for her recovery

  8. I hope your mother in law is making quick progress towards recovery. I don’t like change, and when health crises hit, it is so hard to embrace the new normal.
    I can’t wait to hear the results of your search for the coral fabric in the Kerry (sp?) quilt shop. Seriously, I was sure that I had found your perfect coral/salmon. So many times I’ve been scrapping together quilts, inventing as I go, and just when I needed stash for the next step, there would be the perfect fabric, in the right amount, in my thrift shop. Serendipity. This mode of operation is very exciting, compared to the prospect of doing mathematical calculations beforehand. If I planned my quilts all out at the start, there would be no start. Imagine how thrilled I am to hear that you’re using it in the next quilt. I took a look (your links are all fabulous!) and WOW – it’s going to be amazing! I have more of that fabric if you need it, just say the word.

  9. Great colour choices. My fairly “traditional” brain really likes your asymmetrical border and the little pops of coral here and there. Well done. And I like being able to see your de-construction. It’s like a puzzle for me, trying to figure out your process.

    It was funny hearing you talk about fabric prices. When you mentioned $7-$8 for Kona solids I thought “wow that’s so cheap” and I was immediately jealous. But when I looked up prices at my Canadian LQS they are around $9-10 which fits with the exchange rate. Quilt shop quality print and batik fabrics are more in the $14-18 Canadian range. I have the idea somehow that prices overseas are way higher. If so, I will be content with the prices here!

  10. Hi Frances
    I am a little behind and just listened to this episode. I really do love your podcast, rambling and all. It is great to hear about your family. Brings me back to those days. I have a couple of grand kids now so I am in a different wonderful.
    I love the birds in the air and can totally see why you love that coral. It is perfect.
    I did want to mention something that you may not have thought of. I hear you that you love Fat Quarter Shop. But………..if the Kerry store has American Brand solids it would be good if you would buy as much as you can there. I used to own a quilt store and most people don’t know what a hard job it is. A lot of stores across the country are going out of business because of the internet. Here is my thinking. The store in Kerry and the one in Chapel Hill (I think that’s where you said it was) only have a limited market. Fat Quarter Shop has a huge market. If the drive and the time are turning you off going to Kerry, and I get that I am really busy also, you might be surprised to find out that they will also mail you the fabric. We all need to support our local shops to keep them going. Certainly there are things that we can’t find locally and then the internet is the perfect solution. Hope you don’t think I am ranting. Just another point of view.

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