Episode 192: The Rambler

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It’s been a few weeks since I last posted, weeks I was away on vacation and at a big librarian convention, weeks which I’ve done some quilting, but not a lot. But the engines are revving, the needle is moving, and the Birds in the Air blocks are lining up on the wall.

bita 6-29

We took our annual vacation on Ocracoke Island the week of the 12th.

ocracoke sunset


This past weekend I went to Orlando for the ALA summer convention. Met some famous writers, had some lovely conversations. As always, the librarians were my favorites. They’re so cool! (I’m second to last on the right):

See you in ten days!

6 Replies to “Episode 192: The Rambler”

  1. I am not going to be able to go to QUILT CON as every time I plan a quilt event someone in the family gets married. It happened to me for August AQS show but I am skipping that wedding since it is for a third cousin but I am standing up for the wedding in February …. so no QUILT CON.

    I love your BIRDS in the AIR quilt top … I love the diagonal setting of the red and blues … poke a dots fabric is adorable.

    Back to comment after I actually listen to the rest of the podcast


  2. Thanks for the fun podcast!! If you’d like to send me your book in Sept. (after my deadlines when I can breathe again), I’ll be glad to read it and share it on my blog 🙂 Happy launch day!!

  3. I am very much looking forward to reading Birds in the Air. I have rarely been disappointed when a children’s author writes an adult book. A good writer, to me, is a good writer. I was listening to your podcast as I was falling asleep – often a great way for me to beat insomnia – and I thought you said “getting ready to go to L.A.” That woke me up! You didn’t say that correct? Wishful thinking…

  4. Your husband didn’t happen to charter the Wilma Lee, did he? Cap’n Rob Temple owns her. He’s a relative by marriage and a heck of a.storyteller.
    I’ve always wanted to visit Ocracoke!

  5. France’s…. I have been listening to your podcasts, and want you to know that I am enjoying them very much…. There is so much I want to comment on….

    Hand pie job…. I was introduced to this fine art by a very experienced hand piercer…. My first completed, hand pieced quilt was a Grandmother’s Fan…. Then, I made my son -in -law a Broken ?Dishes quilt, using Civil War fabrics… I learned so much from JB’s wonderful book…

    Quilting…. I understand that you are an organic quilter…. You slow the evolving quilt to speak to you… And you listen…. I have always resisted kits, because I never want to be restricted to certain fabrics, co,ours, or designs… I know that at some point, I am going to change my mind about one thing or another… I think that’s why I dislike making lots if identical blocks… In fact, I find myself being more shape driven than block driven these days….and I seldom use birders anymore…

    Words,,,, words are important to you…..as they are to me… In fact, I was once….very briefly…an English teacher… I was thinking if your comments on the phrase “committed suicide….and how important it is to get the words right…. I once heard someone explain that a person dies OF suicide…. I still need to think about that one.

    Your podcasts are interesting, fun, and very informative…. And I agree with you that Annie Smith is an awesome podcaster… Her interview with Christa was so good….as were her comments on My .Brother’s Jeans…

    Keep up the very good work… I’ll keep listening.,,

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