Episode 191: Birds in the Air Cover Reveal!

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No new quilts to show you this episode, but I do have a book cover! What do you think?

Remember, you have until June 20th to leave a comment and wish me a happy 6th Podcastiversary! When you do so, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop. So what’s stopping you?

The end of the school year has gobsmacked me per usual, and I haven’t gotten much quilting done. I’m not worrying about it, though. Once things settle down for the summer I’ll be back at my machine on a daily basis, have no fear.

Hope this finds you filled with lots of fun summer plans!

Interesting blog post on making: https://hollywrenspaulding.com/2016/05/24/why-do-you-make

48 Replies to “Episode 191: Birds in the Air Cover Reveal!”

  1. Hello Frances…Happy 6th Podcastiversary !! I’ve been listening for several years and look forward to each edition !!

    Love and best wishes,

    Gayle Grier
    aquiltersplayhouse at gmail dot com

  2. Took a nap and there were no new podcast … wake up and Frances has posted one…. YEAH. Looking forward to BIRDS IN THE AIR …. Is it going to be paperback or hardcover … not sure from the picture.

    This is your 6th podicastiversary … CONGRATULATIONS it has been a fun listen.
    I should look at when I started but have never done so … I can not even keep the numbers of episodes straight.

    I will probably be back after I have a listen.

  3. Love it! I’m excited that we just finished my sewing room and my next project is going to be a modified birds in the air, inspiration from your description on the last podcast.

  4. Only 6 yrs? Great start! ???? Once I discovered your podcast I went to the beginning. Thx for the enjoyable times ‘we’ve shared’!
    Love the bk cover – looking forward to its’ release.

  5. Frances congrats on the anniversary. I love the podcast and look forward to it each week.

    Congrats on the book I admire the discipline to write a book. Cover will attract a quilter’s eye. I can’t wait to read it.

  6. Happy 6th Podcastaversary, Frances! I’ve been listening since the beginning, and I met you in person several years ago in Hampton, VA. Can’t wait til your book comes out!


  7. This is my first time commenting and I chose a very auspicious occasion! Your sixth year anniversary and the unveiling of your book cover. Congratulations Frances!

  8. Happy anniversary! I have been listening for about a year. Love the book cover and cannot wait to read it.

  9. Happy podcastiversary. Love the book cover it will definitely catch the eye of quilters. Wishing you great success with the novel.

  10. Fabulous cover! Red is very eye catching and should show well. Can’t wait for the pre order.

    So maybe you just need a “palate cleanser” project to take you from quilt to quilt. It might be time for some new placemats – even cloth napkins, or a nice tote to use for taking all those new books to the pool this summer. They can be fast and satisfying. I do the same with my knitting.

    Happy Summer!

  11. Happy Podcast-aversary!
    I have been listing since the very beginning.
    Thank you, Frances, for all of the podcasts.

  12. I love the cover. I just downloaded your podcast and it will keep me company on my may home from work tonight.

    Happy podcastiversary wishes!

  13. I’m been listening since your very first podcast and I am so excited for your book! The cover is perfect too. I’m sorry that I very rarely post a comment. But I know you hear all the ones in my head:) LOL

  14. Love the book cover and look forward to reading your book. Happy 6th Podcasiversary! I have heard and enjoyed all your episodes, except this latest one. Your voice will lull me to sleep, so I will listen again tomorrow too – in case I missed anything.

  15. Hi!
    Just started listening to your podcast recently and am enjoying it very much. Happy 6th podcastiversery!
    I was listening today as you talked about being an introvert. Being one myself, I can certainly relate. But I was reminded of a Facebook post a relative once made; she stated that she does not believe that people are introverted, she just thinks they are being unfriendly. My (mental) response was “spoken like an extrovert”. What are your thoughts?

  16. wow! six years of podcasting! that’s pretty darn impressive!! you have been an inspiration and good company as i work on my own quilty projects!

  17. Frances! Congrats on your SIX years of podcasting! I so remember when you began. I was visiting my daughter in Goldsboro for the birth of her first baby. I would take walks around the beautiful little town and listen to podcasts. I was THRILLED when I found you! A lovely North Carolina voice, an author and a QUILTER! You are a gem, and have brought me hours of enjoyment. Thank you, and I’m really looking forward to your book. The cover is very enticing.
    Lynn Luker

  18. Love love love the cover!

    Wanted to say that I, too, am a person who would like to be a person who keeps detailed moleskin journals with snippets of fabric and notations about every quilt. Sadly I am not that person. My blog is the closest thing I have to that.

    Also, that I do remember reading the James Herriot books and now may have to go back and read them. I think my daughter would love them as well and I will have to introduce her to them. I think they would make some excellent summer reading.

    I hope things have settled down now that school is out, and that you’ve been enjoying the gorgeous weather we’ve been having this past week. Not that you’d complain if it were otherwise! 😉

  19. Congratulations on six years. Long time listener. I love the new book cover – and I love when the birds can be heard in the background on your podcast!

  20. Congrats on six years, here’s to a seam-full seventh. (As opposed to “seamless”.) As a first grade teacher, I’m also gob smacked, but somehow I’m finding time to write a comment. I love your podcast. You are so down to earth and “real” even though I consider you to be quite famous. Your books are in our school library!

    1. Confession: I commented before I listened. Now I’m halfway through the episode. Happy podcastiversary! I don’t remember how long ago I found you, but I have finished many potential UFOs because I had your voice in my ear. I found podbean, so I’m not in danger of running out of episodes. I had to laugh when you said “I’m the sort of person who WANTS to do that, and not do it”. This is true of me and podcasting. I’ve recorded episodes in my head. I know they’d be listenable; yet I lack the confidence to do them. Plus there’s that pesky full time job sucking up my time. (I’m still teaching next week, which is like finals week for educators.) so, thank you for passing up moleskin journals and producing the podcasts instead! Can’t wait to read your new book!

  21. I have listened since the beginning and find you absolutely delightful! I don’t think I’ve ever missed an episode. Happy Podcastiversary!

  22. Happy Pocastiversary! I’m new to listening to podcast and have tremendously enjoyed yours! You have given me the spark to start quilting again. Thank you! I had forgotten how much I love it. Wishing you many more podcastiversaries and I look forward to reading your new book.

  23. I’m new! This is my first episode as I’m working my way through some of the Twilter podcasts. I’m a new quilter, too, and enjoying learning and feeling part of a community as I stitch. Thanks, and Happy Podcastiversary!

    1. Also, you mentioned somewhere recently that you’ll be in Atlanta in September at Quiltin’ Jemny’s guild? Can you remind me which guild that is and when you’ll be here? I live in northeast ATL and would love to show up!

  24. Hi Frances! I am a new listener and I am lovin’ The Off-Kilter Quilt podcast! Also, I’m a fellow North Carolinian. My man and I, along with our almost 19 yo daughter, live in Charlotte. I’ve been listening to your salmon color dilemma. I just got this KONA cotton solids color card from Fat Quarter Shop. I will email you pics of all the pinks. Hope they help!

  25. I love the cover! Colors are perfect and I like that you’ve taken a not expected approach. Can’t wait to read the book!

    1. Oh and I forgot to say happy podcastiversary. I’ve been with you from nearly the start and have listened to all episodes. Well except for the most recent. I’m a bit behind….

  26. I’m not sure why but up until lately, I’ve not read aka listened to any of your books. I’m sure it has something to to do with the impending release of your adult novel. Regardless, I am thrilled I decided to do so. I am currently listening to Where I’d Like To Be and it is set in the very location in which I live – Lone Mountain. Such fun! My granddaughters are visiting this week and I can’t wait to see if they have ever read any of your books. Thank you – I don’t know if its normal for me to enjoy this book or not but normal has never been a standard by which I measured myself!

  27. Frances, thumbs up on your book cover. I absolutely love that you and your husband have taken over control of your book publishing and process. Power to the writers!

    My daughter has been in your neck of the woods the past week for STEAM training. The pictures she has sent show creeks and green and more green. It made my eyes so happy. Your state is beautiful.

    I believe you may have had your summer vacay by now? If so, I hope it was just the best.

  28. Hi Frances, beautiful book cover I can’t wait to get one myself. I’ve been listening for about a month now was skipping around the podcasts but I’m going to start with the first one and start from the beginning. Awesome job thank you.

  29. I am working to catch up. Here is my #podcastdeliquent comment. 😉

    I have a feeling I may have already suggested this. If so, please ignore. I am finding color cards for solids very helpful. I have the American Made Brands, Kona and Pure Elements by Art Gallery. I don’t have the one for Northcott or the Michael Miller Color Couture color cards, but I am eyeing them. These are really helpful to match fabric. I also **try** to write the brand and name of the solid on the selvedge in a thin Sharpie. If I buy a number of similar colors, I don’t always succeed, but I am happy when I see the name on the selvedge.

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