Episode 190: Podicastiversary #6!

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The crib quilt is done and gone!


Above: Before washing. Below: After washing.



The quilting up close:


More quilting:


The back!


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Great new quilting book: The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting by Christa Watson and Angela Walters. Highly recommended!

65 Replies to “Episode 190: Podicastiversary #6!”

  1. I love the crib quilt! It turned out wonderfully….the back is perfect, too! Maybe more comments later, but I have to listen first πŸ™‚

  2. Love the shots of gray in the baby quilt. It adds a little bit of calm in the midst of all the color. And I have tried straight line quilting and it isn’t easy! Great job!

  3. Love the way the crib quilt turned out. It is so very cheerful. I am looking forward to listening to your new episode this weekend.

  4. Happy Podcastiversary! I have enjoyed listening for 6 years, and have learned much from you and our other twilty podcasters. I look forward to seeing how your Birds in the Air quilts come out, and to hearing the weather updates from your part of the world. Seems like it is always rain here in Oregon, but I never complain either. Thanks for podcasting!

  5. Lovely quilting … the quilts looks soft and cuddly … perfect for a baby. I love the back … makes a two sided quilt. The parents will love it. Love the colors as they are so bright.

    I think you are thinking of Mimi Dietrich as she is know for her finishes… great teacher. I love the look of her bindings but by the time I get there I am so done with the quilt. I just do a standard double fold binding.

    Never tried the rayon thread … you are adventuresome. Never tried Sulky. In the past I used the heavy 40wt threads but now pretty much stick with 50 wt cotton… using more Aurifil because it is now available at more of the quilt shops. Color is what dictates what thread I use for FMQing. LOVE your FMQing on the back that was where I could see it best.

    How is your hand pieced quilt coming ? ? ? Did you ever get that quilt group started ? ? ? I think the hand piecing is becoming a thing as I recently ran into a group doing it here in MI. They had an 80 year old leading the group and she had the loveliest quilts. I was mostly interested in her QUILT AS YOU GO TECHNIQUE as she hand quilted. I have never seen anything like it but according to her that is the way a lot of quilters use to do their quilting. I am going back to that group in the future as I liked talking to the leader. I have been into local history lately. I am trying to get her to agree to an interview for my podcast but so far it is a no go for recording but she willing to be interviewed.

    AS for taking out the quilting … I do for gift quilts but never for myself. I look at every FMQing as a learning experiment as I usually take out my quilts to my favorite long armer.

    Looking forward more podcast in the future and the release of the book.

  6. READING BOOKS … I just re read the entire 42 book series of IN DEATH by JD Robb. Took 6 months but it got me thru the rehab for my knee. I have also been reading quilt history blogs that I have been finding… the ones I am finding have been published on line for 10 or more years. Not finding a lot of new ones.

    I am getting back to normal…. even gardening with my neighbor as we share the same plot of land half on her property and half on mine. In retirement I have the time to do things I had stopped doing. So we spent the day getting seeds in the ground… I hope I remember what they look like when they poke their heads up out of the ground. What are your new gardening adventures for this year.

    NONNIE – – –

  7. Frances, I love your podcast. It’s always been one of my favorites!!! Thanks for six years of podcasting!

  8. Congratulations on your pod anniversary. I’ve probably been listening for about 3 or 4 years and always look forward to the next one. I see that Nonnie commented on Mim Dietrich. I had wanted to comment on that when you couldn’t quite recall her name..maybe 2 podcasts ago, but since I’ve never posted a comment, that didn’t happen! So this is a first for me. Mimi is our local quilt celebrity and has often visited our guild and offered classes. Last year she received an esteemed award and became a Quilters Hall of Fame member.
    I just love your baby quilt and would like to make one for my a future great grandchild. We have 8 grandchildren and the oldest is 28 and I’m not sure when a great grandchild will ever happen. Since all my children and grands have mucho quilts, I have started making quilts for future GGC. So far I have about 10 done. Since I am almost 80 yo I may not be around when they are born or maybe not capable, so I am giving them to my daughters and they can dole them out when the time comes. They are even labeled: For my Great Grandchild.
    So back to your lovely quilt, I admire your patience in ripping out all that machine quilting and redoing the border. Your quilting is beautiful and I really like your choice of rayon thread. What size did you make the string blocks?
    Wow, it feels good to finally post a comment. You do certainly deserve one for all the entertainment you provide.! I wish you continued success. Kitty

  9. Lovely baby quilt, the back is as beautiful as the front ….that was whay my grandma said was the hallmark of any crafter-artist. I started listening last winter when another podcast started and has since ended. I discovered lots of podcasts thru an app on my phone. Happy podiversary!

  10. I’ve been listening since the beginning and I’ve enjoyed every episode. I’m so glad you intend to carry on.
    Yours crib quilt is lovely. The yellow adds a nice pop!

  11. Thank you for 6 years of faithful podcasting. I have been listening from the beginning and remember your angst at finding one of your early quilts being displayed at a local quilt show. How dare they hang it in such an out of the way spot!!!

  12. Wow, six years and I’ve been listening this whole time. Keep on with the GREAT conversational podcast. Love it.

    Jacquie Gering is coming to Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild in July. I’m signed up for the all day workshop and soooo excited.

    Absolutely love the baby quilt.

  13. I also prefer the “hard” binding join method and always have to refer to my Complete Guide to Quilting or I’d never get it right. Happy anniversary! I think I’ve listened from the beginning.

  14. I love this quilt. But I must confess, I think I really like the back better than the front. So apparently you have created a truly reversible quilt, which is a good thing in a baby quilt!

  15. Also, I haven’t listened yet (and I’m not sure when I will get to do so as we have a busy week or so ahead of us), but Happy Podcastaversary! I have enjoyed each and every episode from the beginning.

  16. This turned out fantastic! I love love love the quilting…and even the yellow πŸ™‚

    I have been listening since pretty much right at the beginning. I can’t believe it’s been that long, but I do remember one email conversation about…what band was it that Jack and the Man went to see? That you said was for nerds?…now I’m channeling you…but my younger son was in middle school and now he’s a sophomore in college so I guess it really has been a long time!

    Anyway, happy podcastaversary!

  17. Hi Frances–I have been listening since the beginning! Love the quilt and the quilting. I am going to take that Craftsy class!


  18. Happy 6th anniversary! I have been listening since the beginning when you started up with your mother’s old Bernina and a book by Pam and Nicky Lintott. It has been fun following your journey as you grow as a quilter. Thanks for all the good times and for sharing your quilting and your family with me. Wishing us many, many more years of sharing quilting together.

  19. Oh beautiful quilt and the back may be my favorite! Congratulations for staying in there for us. Your podcast is like sitting on my porch swing talking to a friend.

  20. Happy Podicastiversary France!!! I enjoy your podcast so much. I listen while I sew, drive, grocery shop and sometimes at work. In fact during the episode with that very loud bird, I was grocery shopping and I thought the bird was in the store. LOL!! They have flown in before and you hear them singing in the rafters. Quilt On Twilter Friend!!

  21. Great modern baby quilt! Love the colours!

    I’m looking forward to checking out that machine quilting book too. It’s a great concept!

    And congratulations on the podcastiversary! I’ve listened to every episode and comment in my head often …

  22. Haven’t listened yet (I think that’s become typical of me) but I wanted to say Happy Poscastaversary. I’ve listened from almost the beginning and am looking forward to many more virtual visits with you.

    I love the quilting on your baby quilt. I like that the diagonal quilting runs opposite to the strings, and how you carried them into the border and let them overlap. The colours are great. Love the pop of yellow. I also really like the look of the white sashing – like peeking through a window. Looking forward to listening to the episode.

  23. Happy podiversay!! I’ve already told you how much I like this quilt, but now I can’t decide which side I like more!! I am notorious for making a scrappy back.

  24. Love this quilt and the straight line quilting :-). I highly recommend Jacquie’s classes. I also said I wouldn’t buy anymore classes until I watched the one’s I had but really at 1/2 price and the walking foot quilting is so useful!

    Congratulations on your podcastiversary! I am a new listener having discovered you as a member of Twilters.

  25. Your quilt crib is beautiful. I like that you used two different approaches to the quilting. I need to practice my straight-line quilting. I am real good at swirly stippling but find that it’s not well-suited for all my quilts. Plus it gets a little boring!

  26. I really admire your quilting. I always get bogged down into complicated quilting, and yet straight lines are so clean and wonderful, especially for a baby quilt. I have really enjoyed the podcast too.

  27. Congratulations on a job well done – both the quilt and your podcast! I have been a long time listener (you might remember me as the person to whom you sent that fabulous Caldecott poster to a few years back) but alas, I needed to step away from many of my beloved broadcasts when I re-entered the workforce in Corporate America (or as I refer to it: Feeding the Dragon.) Coming back seemed impossible, so I declared “Podcast Bankruptcy” and just plugged myself in by picking a date and catching up. So far I’ve been lurking, but I know how much you enjoy the comments, so decided this special occasion would be a great time to show my face.
    I have to share that I had the great pleasure of meeting Susan Branch two weeks ago as she is on book tour and stopped in my city. She is every bit as real and gracious and wonderful as you would want her to be. And her husband Joe worked the line the whole time we were standing and was an absolute doll. She (Sue) talked openly and at length with everyone and joyfully signed any and all books with any and all sentiments. It was a big day for me as I’ve followed her for over 40 years. Isle of Dreams does not disappoint and is a lot more than I was expecting as she digs deeper than tea cups and paints.
    Here’s to a future of bigger and better things.

  28. Hi Frances. Love the crib quilt.
    I can’t believe that it has been 6 years. I still remember “Simply Amy, Simply Francis” and your quilt that was hung in a back corner. Hope that they are not still treating folk that way.
    The second series of “Home Fires” just finished here in Scotland. It’s only 6 episodes but there are twists in it that you won’t see coming. I don’t imagine that you’ll be able to access it for a wee while but you can at least look out for it.

  29. Very pretty. Thank you for publishing the before and after washing pictures. I liked seeing the difference.

  30. I thought I would try out leaving a comment before listening to the podcast. I don’t usually do that, but I saw this post in looking for the post for episode #189. Love the way the quilt turned out and the colors are perfect!

  31. WUT?! 41 comments already?! πŸ™‚
    Happy podcastaversary Frances! Your crib quilt turned out amazing! I love the colors, and I think it looks great with the different pattern quilting in the sashing.

  32. I just found your podcast and am really enjoying! The crib quilt is beautiful. A string quilt is on my “to try soon” list and I love the look with the sashing.

  33. I have been listening to your podcast from the beginning. I love it and look forward to each episode. Can’t wait for the Birds in the Air book. Sherry

  34. I love your podcast! I have been listening for several months. The baby quilt is fabulous. I love the colors. Thanks for all your quilty inspiration!

  35. Hi Frances! Happy Podcastiversary! I’ve been listening to your podcasts for quite some time and enjoy listening to them while I quilt and also when I drive home from work. You are a true inspiration. Thank you for the podcasts and I wish you much success in the future.

  36. I was listening to Sandy at Quilting for the rest of Us and she mentioned listening to you. I am so glad I found you. I love the crib quilt! It is gorgeous, including the back. I can’t wait to go back and listen to past podcasts. I really have enjoyed the two I have caught so far. Your work is amazing. Keep it up!

  37. Frances – The baby quilt is beautiful, great color choices, and I love the quilting that you chose to do. And happy podcastiversary! 6 wonderful years of listening enjoyment for me!

  38. Beautiful quilt. The colors are really, really great! I’d love to see something else done in those colors. How do you feel about Sawtooth Stars?

    I am also a fan of straight line quilting and am contemplating quilting my fabric of the year quilt myself with straight lines. Stay tuned to see how insane I really am.

    Use good thread for quilting!!! You will be much happier. I know you quilted the quilt already and I am writing this mid-quilt diary #2, so you may have already been happy with the Joann thread or expressed frustration, but remember: USE GOOD THREAD, if for no other reason than to limit potential frustration.

    Christa is a fantastic person. I love it that she participates with us in the Twilter group. I also like that she has some years of quilting under her belt.

    I have been listening since the beginning or very nearly.

    I think you should just order a bolt of each AMB solid. Or just continue to order from the FQS and be happy about it.

    Have a great weekend!

  39. I love the new quilt and your quilting is getting really good. I am also proud of you that you took a day off to finish it. I have been working from home for a very long time and breaking the rhythm can be scary if you are a creature of habit like I am. One morning off can turn into two easily. I have been listening to you from the beginning or almost I think. I found you through my daughter and then did catch up on back podcasts. I have only commented one time as Linda at the beach (sure you don’t remember) but I have moved and now live about 4 miles from the beach so the title doesn’t seem true anymore. I promise to try to comment more often. I listen to you mostly when I am sewing or cleaning or driving and don’t want to stop or can’t. I wonder if you hear me talking to you though. Like when you were struggling so to explain a setting triangle. I was trying so hard to telepathically send it to you. Dumb since you had already posted the episode. Anyway keep up the good work. I love it when you get off track and am amazed that usually you come around full circle. I wish I could do that. Happy Podcastiversary. Congrats!!

  40. I picked the right time to catch up on podcasts!!! SIX years? Is that for real? I really enjoy them m’dear. Keep on quilting and talking and writing and being YOU! πŸ™‚

    AND thanks for the chance to get a little treat from The Fat Quarter Shop. They are such good people.

  41. Happy podcastaversary! I have been listening on and off for awhile but usually need to catch a few episodes at a time. Anyhoo, love how the baby quilt turned out! The colors play well together! I also love a scrappy binding! It’s perfect!

  42. Hi Frances,
    Although I’ve commented to you ‘in my head’ plenty of times over the last few years listening to your podcast, this is my first time commenting for real. I just got done reading “Where I’d Like to Be” and it was lovely hearing your voice in my head as I read the words. You did such a great job of creating a protagonist that sticks with a reader well after completion of the story.
    So what has made me actually go to the computer, find your show notes, and actually (finally!) write to you? There was such an insightful passage that I marked: “[People] can take the things you love and twist them around with a few words so you can’t bear to ever look at them again.”
    I have had this happen to me but had never put it into words before. Now I understand the dynamic of it and can be aware of what is happening if it should come up again. So thank you!
    I am very much looking forward to reading your Birds in the Air book when it comes out. Thank you for the wonderful podcast you make the effort to produce.

  43. Happy podcastiversary! I think I’ve been listening since the first or second episode, but it’s hard to remember. As you know, I mostly comment in my head, but I love your podcast!

  44. happy podcastiversary! i can’t remember when i started or how i got started but at whenever time i did start listening, i know i went back and listened from the beginning! so when as an aside, you talked about your problem matching the red’s–i went ah-ha, i remember that πŸ™‚

    love All Creatures Great & Small; i’ve re-read all 4 of them recently (i have the paperback editions from back when) ‘cos was looking for a “cozy” read. am now re-reading my Agatha Christies–yes, there’s murder, but in such a cozy way! i’ve re-read the Miss Read’s & Barbara Pym’s and Maeve Binchy’s so many times that i need to take a break from them–in a year or so i’ll probably re-visit. oh, have you ever read Angela Thirkell? she’s written a Barsetshire series, early to mid 20th century novels of the British countryside (Barsetshire is the location of the Anthony Trollope novels but i haven’t read those yet). and also, am about to finish the latest Susan Branch book. you’ve said she’s almost too cheerful to be believed–i met her at a book-signing and she really was cheerful and lovely & gracious to the LONG line of women gushing over her πŸ™‚ also, this book shows the heartache she went through to become the person she is now. much respect to her!

    lastly,do you know the Tipsy Baker blog? she’s a great writer–adventurous recipe try-er with her reluctant family–you might like her recommendations.

    as always–love your podcast and always excited to see a new one pop up in itunes!!

  45. Happy podaversary and a belated Happy Birthday!
    I have read all of the James Herriot books and loved them. I grew up on a farm in MN. So could relate to these books in so many ways. I

  46. I recently started listening to you podcast after hearing about it on Modern Sewciety’s blog. Love listening to you and other podcasters on many drive to work after kids are dropped off! I love the colors on this quilt.

  47. Hi! Piping in for the second time. You are talking about the expense of backing fabric. I thought I’d let you know what has developed as “my style” to give you some food for thought.

    I buy “plush” bankets at Costco for under $20 in king size. This serves at a righteous backing and batting so you get that “puff” and a “fuzzy back all in one, and you end up working with two layers instead of three.

    Here’s a pic: Oops, pic not popping up.

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