Episode 189: Selling and Sharing

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The finished crib quilt that’s no longer a crib quilt.



Solids! Please note that there are two yellows here, a very light buttercream yellow

and a nice mild regular yellow. I’m expanding my horizons!



Birds in the Air as of May 3, 2015. Long way to go!


Setting Triangles tutorial: http://www.generations-quilt-patterns.com/setting-triangles.html

Jaye’s quilt variations: http://www.artquiltmaker.com/blog/quilts-2/series-quilts/


Books I’ve read recently:

The Excellent Lombards by Jane Hamilton

The Lost Child by Julie Myerson

The Stopped Heart by Julie Myerson

Mothering Sunday by Graham Swift

Miller’s Valley by Anna Quindlen


Currently reading:

My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante


On hold:

Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld

15 Replies to “Episode 189: Selling and Sharing”

  1. Read the entire IN DEATH SERIES ( 41 books) by J.D. Robb while recuperating from surgery. Laying down with my legs elevated and on ice after surgery was one of the few activities I could do….. Playing on the internet and causing havoc was the other. No sewing cause my leg would swell up when I tried.


  2. LOVE the birds in the air … great layout ….
    No longer a crib quilt …. String quilts have been made in many alternate methods … paper piecing , foundation piecing on fabric / muslin or making stradas / strips / made fabric …. then cut into blocks … Go with what you like …

    Love the colors you have picked out….. especially the yellow.

  3. I think you’ve nailed it with your commentary on the Quilt Your Heart Out podcast. 1. Fix the sound problems for goodness sake. 2. They need some editing. I figured out what bothers me most about the show. It’s the empty filler words and phrases that bug me, and I think it comes from a combination of Mary’s improv background and their tv experience. They tend to blah blah a lot while thinking of what they want to say. “That’s a great question!” That phrase is a pet peeve of mine, so perhaps I’m just overly sensitive to it. Now, we all do ramble, but as any author knows, they could use a good editor.

  4. I forgot to say, I love the solids mix pictured above. Reds are so nice with buttercream. Great, now I’m thinking about red velvet cake.

  5. Hey look! Three comments in one day! I wanted to second that recommendation for John Q. Adams’ book Beyond Neutral. It’s a great book and I’ve made several of the designs from it. They look great with coloured backgrounds, as he suggests, and neutral ones alike. I did some stunt sewing for Mr. Adams.. That red quilt on the back cover was pieced by me 🙂
    I did it again for a quilt from his second book, but the book deal fell through. I think he is planning to release them at some point as individual patterns. I love his designs!

  6. Aww thanks for the kind shoutout on this episode 😉 I love my quilty podcast peeps!! Your crib quilt turned out great and I’m loving the stark contrast of the birds in the air blocks. You go – girl!!

  7. Great episode as always! Fun fact: I was listening to this walking back home from work, and I was close to an area covered in trees. I started hearing this loud bird and I started power-walking trying to get away from it as it was interfering with my focus on what you were saying… useless to say that after 5 minutes of high intensity walk I realized that the bird was in my ears in the recording 🙂 well…. thanks for the extra exercise too! 🙂

  8. I really like your string quilt. It reminds me of summer. Thank you for the link to the setting triangles tutorial. That will come in handy.

  9. Frances, both of these quilts are just beautiful. The colors grab me as I don’t often use red fabrics much in my quilts. Birds in the Air is such an old pattern with a wonderful history. Your thoughts on social media were interesting. The young in my family have an intersection of experiences I completely miss out on as I don’t follow anyone on anything – not out of being an old fogey, more out of knowing I spend enough time on the internet as it is. Still though – I find that I the internet and other tech will soon be out of my reach if I don’t start to pay more attention.

    It has been May Gray/June Gloom days lately. We haven’t had this much the last few years but it is back. This weather show me how lucky we are in So Cal and how much mood is supported by sunlight…

  10. Hi Frances. Haven’t heard the podcast yet – still back in March actually ! But I’m ok with that and I know you are too. I wish you could be here to hear the conversations you and I have while listening to your podcasts. Sometimes we crack me up – other times we are quite serious and thoughtful. But we always have a great time. If you ever get up to BC we could do it in person…. Love the way you are doing the diagonal colours in the birds in the air quilt.

  11. I restarted listening to the episode because, after a few days, I had no idea what you were talking about when I restarted it. You get a little more of my time 😉 thanks to Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Instead of listening to 100 Years of Solitude, I am defaulting to podcasts. I suspect I will finish that book, but am not really feeling the love of it at the moment. A lot of stuff happens and I don’t really care about it. I wonder if it is the translation and how I would feel about it if I read it in its native language?


    Fuchsia, coral, grey and light yellow is a really interesting nursery color combination. I guess she knows the baby will be a girl?

    When I make a quilt for someone it is really a quilt that I enjoyed making that I happened to give to them later. It sounds rude, but I don’t care what they think. I want them to like it, but I know that if they don’t, they will never tell me and they usually appreciate the gift. Mostly, when I give quilts away, it is to family or really good friends. You are much nicer than I am in making all these baby quilts for random people.

    I do usually remember where I read something, especially if I read a book again. I will get a flash in my mind of something I was doing if I read/listen to a book again.

    I am on the fence about the book you mentioned about a son’s drug addiction (Myerson??). Addiction runs rampant in my family and people are very judgey about it. For years, I never and I mean NEVER mentioned my sister’s struggles. I had very good friends for years who didn’t know I had a sister. These are people who didn’t judge when they finally found out, but I didn’t know whether that was because they didn’t judge as a rule or because they had known me for so long that they didn’t think they would catch it from me. She has made a lot of her life (no more drugs, alcohol), but those choices she made as an 11YO haunt her now. They affected the development of her brain and the personality traits she exhibits are the result. No matter how enlightened, people always judge addiction, no matter how much education, no matter how enlightened they are. It is something that can happen to anyone and people simply can’t help it. Myerson’s (??) son will have the effects forever in some way and I, personally, don’t want to read about it.

    My way of dealing the family trait is to be very upfront with my YM. I never hid the issues with the family and was clear about what would happen to him, if a little gruesome. He is fortunate to have half a set of DNA that doesn’t not include serious addiction genes, but I didn’t think I could risk the chance by being silent.

    If making the string quilt without a foundation worked for you (there is always more fabric and you can stuff the schnibbles into a cat bed, so don’t worry about waste), then great! Continue on and be happy with your innovation. You aren’t doing it wrong if it worked for you. You have much less paper to rip off, thus less mess in your living room.

    Re: Fons and Porter Binding Tool – that is the one that I have and it works well. However, it isn’t easy to use. I have to turn off my audio (book or podcast), get the directions, do one tiny step at a time with the directions right there and pin the ends together to test before I sew. EVERY TIME!! This tool works, but I don’t think people can learn to use it. I think you have to have the directions and follow them each time. Also, the directions are not terribly well written, so don’t be frustrated.

    I think that there can be a right way to do things, but I also don’t think there are many wrong ways to do things in quiltmaking. If the quilt stays together and looks good, what’s to complain about. Sandy made a good point about the tone. I bought one of the Quilt Academy books, read it, wrote a review and intended to read and review the others. I felt so bad after reading the first one, mostly because of how much I do differently from Miss Harriet that I wasn’t inspired to go on and feel more wrong. Sandy is right. Her tone is very judgmental and I am not a fan of that. I admire Miss Harriet’s work, but don’t feel the need to read her books…at the moment.

    Take care!

  12. PS You have made me want to read Anna Quindlen. I think I read her in the past and she didn’t make an impression. Perhaps I will try again. Yay for AMB solids! Love the color choices. JL

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