Episode 180: Re-Entry

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The earth, if anyone is wondering, is 4.5 billion years old. This comes up.


Some fun stuff to check out, thanks to A Quilter’s Table‘s great newsletter, The Scrap Basket:

For all you pattern designers (or would-be pattern designers):


A Craft World quiz via While She Naps:



As you may have heard, the New York Public Library has digitized its photography collections. One search for quilts leads you to this page (where I grabbed the picture above):



A list of my favorite books that I read in 2015:

Dear Committee Members by Julie Schumacher (very funny, especially if you’ve ever worked in academia)

The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez

Ghettoside: a True Story of Murder in America by Jill Leovy

Love, Nina by Nina Stebbe (nonfiction; letters; hilarious)

Bettyville by George Hodgmon (nonfiction; memoir; sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking)

Hold Still by Sally Mann (one of my favorite photographers)

My Struggle, Book 2 by Karl Ove Knarsgaard

Euphoria by Lily King

M Train by Patti Smith

The Tenth of December by George Saunders


A brilliant graphic novel everyone should read: Here by Richard McGuire

Have a great week!

6 Replies to “Episode 180: Re-Entry”

  1. When I was first quilting, and on my “I’m gonna the show the world nothing but SQUARES!” kick, I joined a church quilting group about 40 minutes away. A friend I met on twitter worked at the church and hooked me up with the group, and I worked with them to do various donation quilts for the local children’s hospital and DFACS. It was a good way to get more experience quilting, and challenge myself to work with more fabric that wasn’t necessarily my aesthetic (lots of donated fabric!).

    My guild now donates DFACS and the local county fire department, who both distribute directly to kids. We also donate placemats to Meals on Wheels, since fun placemats really liven up the delivery particularly during the holidays. That might be an easier contact to get AND smaller projects to tackle (and a great way to use orphan blocks!)

  2. Hey Francis-
    I’m going to comment before I listen since I keep forgetting to do it afterwards. I’ve been thinking a lot about the discussion both you and Sandy (Quilting…for the Rest of Us) have had about using patterns for quilting. A lot of people talk about never making quilts from patterns and I will admit that a part of me has wasted energy judging myself for my tendency to use patterns for most every quilt that I’ve made. As I have grown older (wiser) I have learned more about myself and no longer feel that way. I use patterns because I am okay with paying someone else to do my math. I use patterns because I like to know that I will like my project after spending all of the time and money to complete it. I use patterns because I spend so much of my time and brain power making decisions and sometimes I just want to sew without constantly evaluating and making more choices. I have given myself the grace to be okay with using patterns and once I even used a kit!

    Thank you for you podcast. You are so easy to listen to and I love your pondering. Please don’t ever stop when you think you are rambling. All my best! Brenda F (runswithtutu)

  3. Haven’t listened yet but will comment anyway. I’ve been very pod delinquent and am just now trying to catch up. Thought of tons of stuff to comment on while I was listening to prior two episodes, but now can’t think of what they were. Thanks for all you do.

  4. This is part 2 of my comment, though I don’t see the first part of my comment. Perhaps I said something stupid and you didn’t want me to be embarrassed so you deleted it. That would be nice of you.

    I am #podcastdeliquent, but only 1.5 episodes behind for you. I did about 4 Pams yesterday and there is something nice about listening to a bunch of podcasts in a row. Continuity, I guess.

    Don’t worry about the Sampler quilt block. I haven’t done anything so I have to apologize as well.

    What is it with boys and folding laundry? The Young Man has been doing laundry for a long time, but he doesn’t fold. Also, he will leave his laundry int he basket until I demand the basket for the next load the following week. I have no idea what he is doing at college. Folding? Cramming wadded up but clean clothes in the drawer? What is the big deal? I use laundry folding as a time to “legitimately” watch TV.

    DH: “Honey, can you XXX?”
    Me: “No, sorry, I am folding laundry.” -smiles sweetly-
    DH: “Oh right.OK, I’ll do XXX.”

    I just don’t get it with the boys. What will my future daughter-in-law say?

    I have probably told you that I love those quilt documentation projects (and the books!) as well. I was always a bit disappointed in the books, because they never had enough quilts, so I always wanted a database of ALL of the quilts. The Quilt Index has sort of taken on this role. One thing I have thought about the quilt documentation projects and the Quilt Index is that I want to enter MY quilts into one of these databases. I can’t enter my quilts into a book, but I want to keep up the documentation idea by adding my quilts in somewhere. I also want everyone else to be able to do that as well. It would be interesting to see trends in patterns and fabric, etc if contemporary quilts could be entered somewhere.

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