Episode 118: Back from Cincy

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My mom and I had a great time at the Cincinnati International Quilt Festival last week. Hear all about it in this week’s episode!

Here’s me and my mom:


And here’s me and the marvelous Chris Kaufman, a friend I’ve made through this podcast. She and her husband, Barry, were in town for their son’s wedding reception and came by the show.


And here’s my favorite quilt in the show, “Prairie Fire” by Ruth Powers (thanks to Chris for taking and then sending the picture!):


The book I just ordered on quilting is Listen to Your Quilt: Select the Perfect Quilting Every Time by Barbara Persing.

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  1. You are so nice to meet with us listeners. I love the quilt that you and Chris as standing in front of, as well. It appears to have a traditional middle and a modern border.

    I know what you mean about the art/traditional split. I am finding that if I want to see excellent craftmanship in traditional quilts, then I need to go to local shows, as opposed to national ones. The national shows have more in the way of vendors, so I can look for obscure tools and usual get good deals on backing fabric.

    I enjoy the art quilts, but know that they are far beyond me, at this time.

    See you soon!

  2. Listening to your podcast and hearing you and your Mom inspired me to get going and sign up for a class at IQF – Long Beach this summer. It has been awhile since I took a class and I am excited.

    What a lovely podcast. I felt like I was in NC hearing the sounds of your family and your backyard.

  3. 1. Did you have an opportunity to experience the city of Cincinnati itself? I was born and lived in Cincinnati until I was 13, and again from the age of 1982 to 1997. It was during the latter period that I made the mistake of going to med school and embarking on a career to which I was ill-suited—the only good thing about that was meeting my husband during residency. All my family, excepting me, still live in the metropolitan area. I love my family, but I do not enjoy returning to the Porkopolis. My childhood memories are good, but those from my time there as an adult are very upsetting.

    2. Re blue fabric: still want some? If so, email instructions.

  4. Random musing: I have never been to a quilt show, but I have been to several knitting expos and I know a good number of quilters. I think a greater percentage of knitters than quilters are overweight and obese. If that’s true, I think it might be because you move around more when you sew than when you knit. Sitting for a long time too often is the culprit, I believe.

  5. I’m not sure I’m up to date on your podcasts, but the one I just listened to had the story about the Ask Amy column. I’ve been thinking about it. There is no doubt that the young couple were terribly rude in their response (I’d guess it came from the daughter-in-law) and there is no excuse for it—although there may be reasons for it. Maybe the quilt was ugly and smelled of smoke and they were afraid she would make them one every year if they didn’t discourage her.
    However, in the face of rudeness from these children, the gracious thing for Grandmother to do is to say she will keep the quilt at her house and use it for naps when the child visits; this will relieve them of providing storage space for it. Who knows? The kid might end up loving it, and it will be a major coup for Grandmother when s/he insists on taking it home for good, over the mother’s objections. POINT GRANDMA!

  6. I am finally listening to this podcast after dealing with some iTunes issues. Thanks for the nice comment about my teaching. You HAVE come a long way. The learning never stops either, as you found with quilting the green quilt. At first we worry about the basics and just getting the quilt quilted, but then the concerns ramp up to the appropriate type of quilting. Remember: the Muggles won’t know! 😉

  7. PS Katie from Katie’s Quilting Corner mentioned a book called Quilt As Desired. I bought a used copy and…haven’t done more than glance at it. I will try and let you know if you need it. 😉 JL

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