Episode 179: Let’s Play!

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made fabric

Made fabric! It ain’t pretty, but I’ve been playing and not worrying about results. Here’s the block I just finished using the made fabric:

made fabric star

Fabric scrapbook:

fabric scrapbook 1

flannel patch

flannel patch2

The refurbished law book:

nancy page

Pins from a different era:

pins 1

Other stuff:

Kona color of the year: http://www.swatchandstitch.com/thequiltingblog/2015/12/28/announcing-the-2016-kona-color-of-the-year-highlight

Great post on the great machine quilters: http://thesaltyquilter.com/2015/11/23/feather-quilting-gurus/

If you’re a Mark Lipinsky fan (as I am), you might want to help him after his many medical travails this fall. Go here to access the Mark Lipinsky fund: https://www.gofundme.com/5yfr99vz

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  1. I donate quilts through a quilt ministry at one of our local churches. We meet twice a month for about 2 hrs (I’m an introvert too and this for some reason is very enjoyable for me, perhaps because it’s focused) We make several different types of things such as small quilts for the neonatal unit (36X42), what we call snugglies which are small (about 18X18) and are wrapped around a small stuffed animal and are provided to the local fire and police department for children they encounter who are experiencing a traumatic situation. We also provide wheelies which are lap sized quilts (about 36X42) for wheel chair patients in nursing homes, along with walker totes which fasten on to walkers so people can put things in them and not have to hold them when they are using a walker. A couple of the local guilds do similar things, we try not to overlap with them but fill needs as we become aware of them. I like participating in this much better than a guild.

  2. I too, love Kate Morton, but had a bit of a hard time settling into The Lake House. I’ve settled in now, and am enjoying it very much. The way she likes to switch around time periods and characters really requires that you pay attention.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas and what fun books you got! I love the economy of the Depression era book–the ultimate recycling–using a book as a scrap book!

    I’ve thought about the magnetic pin bowl before–sounds like it would be kind of fun, hurling pins at it! 🙂

  3. I had a hard time settling into the Lake House, but once I got into it, I loved it. I think she has a style where she confuses the reader for quilte awhile and then starts giving more of the puzzle pieces to the reader.

    Hope you had a great Christmas.

    Made fabric is really good for journal covers. Find a pattern here: http://www.artquiltmaker.com/blog/aq-projects-tutorials/aq-tutorials/journal-cover-tutorial/ and some examples here: http://www.artquiltmaker.com/blog/tag/journal-cover/

    More later!

  4. How can I be SEVEN episodes behind???
    #175: you are not a cheapskate, you are frugal. So am I. I use patterns to learn technique. Then I often repeat a technique to make donation quilts, for example.
    #176: I’ve been accused of copying a pattern that someone else designed. I didn’t, but I could actually see how someone could have mistaken it as there are many variations of the pattern I used. I don’t like the copyright laws either. Do I have to keep track of every fabric I now own, for the rest of my life, to be sure I don’t use it in a way that is against the law? I can’t make things to sell at a flea market, using ‘their’ fabrics? I like how the comment was made about clothing not having tags with the same information that a quilt is required to have. It is a huge can of worms though, when you start talking copyrights in the quilting world. Both camps are adamant with how they feel it should or should not be handled.
    Me personally, I will give credit to the applique pattern maker in my applique quilts but I am not going to list every fabric in that quilt, just to be within the law. I am such a rebel.

    Now the Mister is watching football so I will have to comment more, on another day! Happy New year!!!

    1. SHERRI … if you read the blog post on the link….. the manufacture can not restrict your use in anyway when you buy fabric…. I personally do not buy fabric that has restrictions on the fabric…

      1. Thanks Nonnie, but I was being a bit grandiose. I have a nice stash that spans over 18 years I do believe. SOME of that fabric might have restrictions on it. I am not going to worry if it does or does not. When buying new, if I see that it is restricted use, then I won’t buy it! And I will continue to give credit to the designer of the applique, not to the fabric makers. 🙂

  5. I, too, am so behind on my podcasts. I think it is because I haven’t been sewing. I have been really trying to deep clean our little bungalow and realize it is a never ending task. Old houses are just a wee bit dusty deep in the treads I guess. I was fascinated by the fabric scrapbook. I have never heard of them. Oh and p.s., So Cal got hard rain last week. It was weird and wonderful. My sister and I kept calling each other – amazed, just amazed – to see it rain like that after nearly 5 years. Fabulous.

  6. Absolutely the best gift! It will be even more special when one or both of them have left home. Some of my most favorite moments are when all my kids are home and I hear them talking and laughing together without us holding the conversation together. Of course, I also love when all five of us sit down to dinner and they relax a bit and tell us things about their day to day life that I normally wouldn’t hear.

    Those scrapbooks are fascinating. What a treasure! They are the predecessor of our quilt blogs I think.

    Our guild donates quilts to CASA for a similar purpose. I’ll bet your guild has some information on what they are looking for and how to get the quilts to them. It’s a wonderful cause.

    True confession: I love the Pantone colors of the year.

  7. Comment Part two:
    Aida cloth is what is used for cross stitch and, perhaps crewel or other kinds of stitchery. It is a looser weave, but feels softer than burlap.

    A lot of guilds make quilts to give to law enforcement, social services, etc. Our guild gave a few to police, but they were overwhelmed with blankets, covers of all sorts, so we are directing our efforts to local domestic violence shelters.

    You can check your guild’s website to see if they have a donation project or you can send the quilt to me and I will give it to our charity girls for distribution OR you can find the local Project Linus/Quilts of Valor coordinator in your area and give the quilts to them.

    My boy is very thin, too. Everyone, even on of his boy cousins!, commented on how much weight he lost his first semester and he seriously did not have any weight to lose. No Freshman 25 for him. Not sure what to do about that except send him fattening snacks. It is hard, because he is not a sweets guy.

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