Episode 178: The Unprofessional Episode

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Was supposed to have this posted yesterday, but Christmas is wearing me thin.

Some pix–

Finished table runner:

table runner done




The finished pillow top (will I have a finished pillow by Christmas? Doubtful).


jack randolph party 2015





























Jack at the family Christmas party.

Happy holidays! Merry Christmas!




10 Replies to “Episode 178: The Unprofessional Episode”

  1. DOWN LOADED and listening ….. Christmas decorations are not to be found in my home this year … first off I do not like tp decorate and have not done so til the grandson moved into the home then I did it for him ( rather my DD did it) They now have their own home so I did not decorate this year…. My main interest was to get my house clean for the holidays. I have not cleaned really good prior to my surgery because I could not…. so I just have been doing as much cleaning as I can tolerate now that I have the energy.

    We are usually not home for Christmas as my MIL is 83 years old, in good health and we love seeing her during the holidays…. so why decorate when I have to turn around and take it down

    I will be back later….

  2. https://www.youtube.com/user/SharonSchamberNet/videos

    SHARON SCHAMBERS uses glue to bind her quilts…. She has also shown using glue in various videos but I can not find the specific video on YOU tube…. her videos are very good and you can learn a lot and take the lesson you need …. leaving the rest for another day.

    I myself use dots of washable glue to keep my seams from flipping with I am ironing the quilt before sandwiching it for FMQ. MY seams always flip the wrong way making FMQ harder. So I clue it down using Elmers or a glue stick.


  3. The tablerunner came out so cute! I love the red and white. I’m loving that pillow too. I chickened out of embroidering the saying on it (it was before she released the pattern and I kept trying to hand letter it and was never happy)–but I wish I had, it really adds a cute touch.

    Such a handsome young man you have there! Enjoy your holiday! I haven’t listened yet, but I you will keep me company while I finish wrapping this afternoon.

  4. Regarding Basting with Elmer’s school glue:I baste all of my quilts with Elmer’s school glue, you just squiggle it all over it does not have to be really close together. I recommend applying it to the batting, not the fabric, that seems to work better. And the main trick is to only use a little, you do not want to get globs of it because it could cause skipped stitches.

  5. Listening AND commenting before Christmas. And I’m not the only one. Love the table runner.
    Im a slacker too. As long as it’s not too noticeable, is not easy to fix and the quilt will still hold together, I leave it. We’re supposed to be having fun here.
    I have stuck my little toe back into quilting. Hopefully I will pick it up soon.
    Still listening-may have to comment again. Thx for all you do. Tami in Denver

  6. listened to the podcast and commenting before xmas. have a very merry Xmas and a great New Year. always look forward to your podcasts.

  7. I want to see the human hand in handmade objects. I can get perfection from a store. The flaws in the cherished quilts handed down from my mom are what connect me to her. Your finished quilted projects are fantastic! I picked up a bunch of holiday-themed precut squares at my thrift store and wondered what to do with them. Started trying to create tree-shaped potholders, but LOVE the pillow you shared instead. Perfect timing, thanks! Enjoy your new books and chex mix – 2 more days!

  8. Your table runner is beautiful, Frances! I think you’ll make it with the pillow. It’s really pretty too. I’ve given up trying to get projects done by Christmas. I was hoping to get two Droid quilts done. I have one nearly complete and one not started. I realized that birthdays are around the corner and I can try for those.

  9. I should have mentioned that I’m commenting before listening as usual. That seems to be my thing. Jack is so much taller and thinner than I imagined. You grow your boys big and your dogs small. In my head it’s all backwards!

  10. I thought Jack was a sturdier guy. He is very thin like my YM.

    Hope one of the books you read on Boxing Day was The Lake House. I am on pins and needles waiting to hear how you like it. I might have to listen again.

    A rice cooker saved my sanity. Put the rice in according to directions and forget about it. Yay!

    I was worried when you said Travis threw up. I hope he isn’t sick and it was just one of those dog things that passes quickly.

    Glad to hear about your work with the Quilt Alliance. You can interview me in multiple sessions, because I have so much interesting information to tell. šŸ˜‰

    I try and do the best work I can regardless of the intended recipient of the work (quilt, bag, accessory, etc) because I don’t want to feel like I wasted the precious sewing time I have doing crappy work. Of course, I don’t always do my best, but it isn’t really intentional. Sometimes I don’t do my best because I am unskilled or unpracticed. Despite what Yoda says, I always endeavor to do my best.

    I start out the month of December well organized and with a plan. Then, suddenly is the week of Christmas and I think &^%$#! Wait! I had enough time! What happened to that week that went missing??? Then I race around like a crazy person exhausting myself and feeling like I am doing a substandard job on everything. Very terrible.

    As soon as a person creates something (the act of creation) that result of creation is copyrighted. If you register it with the Copyright office, you get additional rights, mostly to do with damages in event a dispute. I would love to know what you think of this: http://so-sew-easy.com/sewing-pattern-copyright-law/ article.

    Don’t ‘should’ on yourself. Just do your best. Also, quiltmaking should be fun and if improving your technique isn’t fun, then just have fun.
    Take care!

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