Episode 174: Let Us Now Praise Famous Quilts


Welcome to Episode No. 174 of the Off-Kilter Quilt Podcast (Where a Straight Line’s a State of Mind). My name is Frances, and I’m your hostess.

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Carie’s (and to some extent Ben’s) Wedding Quilt is done!


ben and carie and me and quilt

Me and Carie and Ben with the quilt at Carie’s mom’s house.




pot holders
I finally made some pot holders!










The postcard I picked up at Duke’s Nasher Museum–don’t you think this would make a cool quilt?











I talk about famous quilts of the 21st century on this ep. What are some quilts that you’ll think we’ll remember? Certainly, for me, Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s double wedding ring quilt, “Double-Edged Love” fills the bill:


Jacquie Gering’s “Bang, Bang, You’re Dead” is another famous one:



What are some of the famous quilts you can think of?

Here’s a link to Color + Pattern by Khristian Howell:


Want to read about the difference between modern and contemporary quilts? Go here …


A little quilt history for you …


Houston pix from Quilter’s Newsletter:



Finally, an interesting post on improv quilting:


10 Replies to “Episode 174: Let Us Now Praise Famous Quilts”

  1. I haven’t listened to your podcast, but I have to tell you Carie’s quilt is beautiful. Great job on this one!

    I think ‘Bang’ belongs in an art museum. I really like it, land I think I’d like it just as well if it were a painting.

  2. Your wedding gift quilt is beautiful – both in piecing and in quilting. I am sure the cute couple will cherish it for years to come. I love to free motion quilt too, but just cannot make myself remove the “less than perfect” areas. They seem to disappear after washing anyway.

  3. The wedding quilt is really pretty and I bet they will use it and love it very much. I’m behind in commenting, but also wanted to say that I love the dress, and your snoring buddy Travis. I was expecting him to look more beagle-y, for some reason. I often forget exactly what I wanted to comment on, because I usually listen to the podcast while commuting and come back later to comment – sorry! Not 21st century, but I will put in a plug for my favorite quilt book, by Gladys-Marie Fry – Stitched from the Soul: Slave Quilts from the Antebellum South. I read this book for my thesis research long before I ever started quilting and it made a huge impression on me. Amazing quilts and stories behind them (or, in some cases, trying to reconstruct stories that have been lost through other things left behind). I think you would really like it.

  4. Love the quilt and a great podcast as always. So Jack is looking at Davidson College? If he chooses that school, perhaps we’ll meet. That’s where I live.

  5. Wonderful job on Carrie’s quilt! It’s funny what you say about quilter’s attractions to quilting: recently (either on an episode of The Quilt Show or Pat Sloan’s APQ podcast) someone said how the quilters of the 70’s/80’s were into being knowledgeable about the quilt blocks (by sight/name) and people considered “expert” in a specific quilt style (like Baltimore Album) or technique/skill (like hand applique or quilting). Those of the 80’s/90’s (and I’d add the early 2000’s when I started) were into specific quilt (and tool) designers/makers (the beginning of having quilt industry “stars”). Now (maybe since about 2010?) the big focus is on fabric lines and their designers and the “modern” movement and their notables. In the quilt world it’s not “who are you wearing?” but “who/what company did you quilt it with?”.

  6. Very nice job on Carie’s and Ben’s wedding quilt. It turned out beautifully!

    I think that postcard would make an awesome quilt. The colors are fantastic.

  7. That is a cool postcard. Are you going to attempt and inspiration quilt?
    What do you put in your potholders to make them usable? I can put a pot on mine, but not pull a pan out of the oven. That was with a layer of batting and a layer of Insulbrite. I had to tell my recipient of the most recent one, that it’s more of a trivet or wall decoration than a potholder. 🙂

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