Episode 173: Travis Snores, Part 2

Welcome to Episode No. 173 of the Off-Kilter Quilt Podcast (Where a Straight Line’s a State of Mind). My name is Frances, and I’m your hostess.

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shoes1Wedding shoes … the ones I didn’t take back.

Another view:


And me in my dress, from a distance:


Here’s the templates I’m using to mark Carie’s quilt:

templateAnd here’s Travis, the star of our show:

Travis porch

See you next time! Don’t forget to comment! Travis loves comments!

12 Replies to “Episode 173: Travis Snores, Part 2”

  1. Always enjoy the podcasts. Wonderful feeling to have a dress and shoes that you like, they fit and you have some place to wear them. PS the heel on the shoes are very interesting and love how they match the graphic vibe of the dress!

  2. You look so nice. Cute shoes! And why have I always pictured Travis as a black & brown, straighter hair, bigger… so odd how our ears and minds make up what we cannot see.

    Gloria M. In CA

  3. So, here is my “pre-listen” comment. We LOVE Travis. What’s not to love about Travis? He participates in your Podcast just enough and never too much. And I am of the belief that a Podcaster who shares her life with a dog already has 5 stars even before the podcast begins. My fur-kids say Woof! to Travis. And now to get the Podcast cued up for my Sunday Morning commute to work. HUGS!

  4. LOOKING good Ms Frances …. like the dress … classy … nice shoes but I personally have given up heels as the knees do not tolerate them.

    GAME OF THRONES …. turned out to be toooooo violent for me … I gave up after half of the first disc set…. My DD however has gotten into it. She even bought season two.

    Love the Great British Baking show when I can catch it.

    Hope you missed the awful storm… It got up here in Michigan for about 30 minutes worse rainstorm.

    Enjoyed the podcast will listen again later.


  5. Love the shoes and enjoyed the podcast as usual.

    Travis is a quieter snorer than my dog Bailey. You can hear him snoring from the next room. He howls in his sleep sometimes too although not as much as he used. He was a Rescue dog so we think it’s probably something that happened with his previous owner.

    Sorry that you weren’t happy with your quilting. I don’t plan my quilting either, just fly by the seat of my pants. I think a lot of us probably do.

    I’ve watched all the the Game of Thrones series but I must admit that the violence is sickening at times. Especially in the last series, I think some of it was quite gratuitous especially some specifically directed towards women. I know that throughout history, war and times of conflict women are all too often on the receiving end of violence but I don’t think that TV needs to trade in on that. I seriously thought of not watching anymore after one rape scene.

    Glad that you are enjoying the Great British Bake Off. We’ve just finished the latest series here. The demands on the contestants just get greater and greater. I’m part of a small quilt group and it’s always the cause of great deal of discussion (so it’s not just book groups that go off piste). We think that Paul Hollywood often forgets that the contestants are amateurs.

  6. I’m just getting caught up on your podcasts. I always comment in my head by the way! Frances you look hot! Seriously – great choice on the dress and shoes. You and I are both 1964 babies (I think?) and you know they say 50 or (51) is the new 30! 🙂 The wedding quilt is beautiful. Love your color choices. Travis is adorable – snoring or not. I honestly couldn’t hear him. I listen to the podcast in my car. It wouldn’t matter if I could or not. My fur baby snores too.

  7. Like the shoes! You are right, they are a classic style. I always do that, if I can’t wear something for at least 10 years it is history. My navy blue “mother of the bride” dress and shoes have done 2 weddings and one military formal and they are still going strong ; ) Thanks for another interesting podcast.

  8. Love the shoes and you look great in the dress. I will need to look for those quilting templates at Joanns and see the ideas on the back. I need some new ideas for sure. Can’t wait to read your books and short stories when they are published.

  9. I haven’t listened yet, but have to comment and say that I imagined Travis as a brown mixed breed bigger dog! So funny to see a little fluffy white Travis! Love your shoes and dress too.

  10. Thank you for podcasting Frances. I love listening to slices of life from NC. We have been getting ready for the rains, the Godzilla El Nino (oh the media) – tree trimming so we don’t crash into our neighbor’s yard and new trash cans. Very exciting stuff. I don’t know how well my little town will do though as we had one hard rain a few weeks ago for an entire half hour (people elsewhere must laugh and laugh at this coast or at least this part of it – I think I hear Jaye laughing right now) but it actually flooded homes at the end of my block. I guess trash cans sailed down the street and blocked the storm drains.

    Anyway – you have a lovely end of Oct. weekend. I did like your wedding outfit very much.

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