Episode 172: The Bathroom Tour Episode

Welcome to Episode No. 172 of the Off-Kilter Quilt Podcast (Where a Straight Line’s a State of Mind). My name is Frances, and I’m your hostess.

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Carie’s wedding quilt, pre-sandwich:



A corner:


The backing fabric, which I love and looks like cells:

backing fabric

Bathroom tour!


The hilarious noise you hear in the first quilt diary? Travis snoring.

See you soon!

15 Replies to “Episode 172: The Bathroom Tour Episode”

  1. The wedding quilt looks lovely. I really like the backing fabric, too! Lucky bride!

    The last time I had that ‘procedure’, I allowed myself a delicious chocolate eclair from a local french bakery during the low fiber days, as a pre-reward for the fast. And I weighed in at my lowest weight for the previous few years when I checked in. Good luck!

  2. Also forgot to add that your quilt is stunning! And I do especially love that backing fabric. I really need to get that book that you keep making quilts from. And lastly, the comment that you made about having good kids made me think of this quote:
    “Don’t let yourself become so concerned with raising a good kid that you forget that you already have one”.

  3. So much to say about this episode! I hope I can remember it all!

    Yes, I was the crazy woman in my car saying “variegated. Variegated! VARIEGATED!” and then laughing hysterically when you called me out. I’m sure the people in the cars next to me thought I was ’round the bend.

    I love this quilt! The back fabric is fantastic. Your quilt is beautiful – I’m sure the bride (and groom, as if that mattered) will love it whether you are crashing the wedding or not. On that note, please do not bring it to the wedding. I have heard too many horror stories about the heirloom whatnots or Grandma’s whatchamacallit being lost at the reception.

    I like the green tissue box. And your sink skirt fabric. But not the orange. Never put orange with blue. People might think you are a Florida fan. Or Auburn. (Roll Tide)

  4. I don’t think a podcast can get any more real than recording an adorable, doggie snore. Travis just warms my heart. Just beyond cute. I, too, love your wedding quilt. It is a generous gift of both your time and talent.

    My wedding was decades ago (1973) – the only etiquette books I knew of were the ones on my mother-in-law’s bookshelf and at that time nothing she said was going to change my mind. We were 19 and had no money. We only had a small wedding and should have invited everyone to my mom’s house afterwards instead of just the wedding party and family. If felt weird to accept presents from folks and then go off to have fun without them. I should have listened to my MIL! These archetypal life events sure do bring out the best, worst, and weird in all of us. May I say this wedding, though, brought out your best.

  5. Love the quilt and the backing fabric is truly fabulous. Excellent choice.
    I love the wall color in your bathroom. I am partial to orange and blue together. I can’t see the other tissue box well enough to form an opinion one way or the other, but I love your way of color testing accessories. Totally doable and when you get tired of it, it’s pretty easy and inexpensive to try something new.

  6. I was behind a few episodes and am just now catching up. You had talked about your frustration with working with the precuts because of the pinked edges. I agree totally. I’ve pretty much decided not to buy anymore precuts because of this. I recently attended a trunk show with Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilting and she mentioned that they are trying to get Moda to do away with the pinked edges of their precuts. Would be wonderful if it happens. Enjoyed the podcasts and the wedding quilt is lovely.

  7. Hi Frances – I do believe this my first real comment – although I promise I am always commenting in my head!!! You mentioned the “fast” diet and I wanted to let you know that a friend of mine has been doing that for a couple of years now. She’s had great success and loves it. I’ve been toying with doing it too. Good luck! The wedding quilt looks great and that backing fabric is fabulous! For what it’s worth, I’d drop it off at Mom’s house. Now, I’m not finished listening to the episode yet, and I’m sure the wedding is over by now (because I think you said it was 10/10 or something like that), but since I’m commenting anyway I thought I’d throw that in there – LOL!

  8. hi, frances! i’ve been ‘lurking’ for awhile and have so enjoyed your ramblings…you have been excellent company through the whole ‘opening of santa’s workshop’ thing this year! we seem to have a lot in common(both being quilty introverts, for one), but i wish you would stop saying that you’re old at 51…i’m pushing 64 and i’m not old! it’s just a number and i have found that being forgetful just means you’re constantly making exciting new discoveries!

  9. Hi Frances,
    I am on my #podcastdeliquent listening binge. Two Pams and now a Frances.

    You have a year to give a wedding gift. I know you probably already finished it, but don’t stress yourself out. Also, GREAT block! Love that quilt. It looks like a tile floor.

    You are NOT OLD. Stop that nonsense right now. You are learning new things, doing new things. When you start watching Jerry Springer and have to leave lunch at the Senior Center to do so, then you will be old. Until then stop that nonsense!

    Housecleaners are totally worth the money. For women who work they are a necessity. I don’t hate cleaning either, but I have many other things I would rather be doing. for the Young Man, he would not get his room vacuumed and dusted unless he picked up. If he didn’t pick up, I would stand over him while he vacuumed and dusted (and whined).

    Look for part 2 of my comment.

  10. I wrote a long part 2 and then when I went to post it I got a message from your blog saying “sorry, your comment could not be posted”. 🙁

    Some highlights: Gwen Marston’s classes were fantastic. Get her Liberated Quiltmaking books.

    yes, social media only shows the good.

    Love your podcast! Record again soon.

  11. i was so inspired by the pictures of your quilt that i started one too! it’ll be for a friend, using Maison de Garance by French General. i like that you used a lighter fabric for the border because i can’t think outside the box (the pattern uses a darker fabric) and i don’t have anymore of that fabric line but have something i could possibly use which is lighter (i don’t have much imagination 🙂

  12. Hi Frances,
    It’s been a long time! Been binge listening starting with the August episode a week before school started 🙂 Will try to go back to all episodes and read the comments so I can remember what I wanted to say. I agree with the others, LOVE Travis snoring next to you.
    And the quilt looks a lot more modern than I imagined. I love the pattern, and also adore the scale fabric 🙂 Colors and pattern both.

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