Episode 171: The Abstract Expressionists Episode

Welcome to Episode No. 171 of the Off-Kilter Quilt Podcast (Where a Straight Line’s a State of Mind). My name is Frances, and I’m your hostess.

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Early draft of Carie’s wedding quilt (this picture makes it look modern, but it will end up traditional, with cornerstones and everything):

wedding quilt1

A painting by Jean Helion, who has another (similar painting) hanging at the NC Art Museum:


I really loved this:


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10 Replies to “Episode 171: The Abstract Expressionists Episode”

  1. Been listening Francis just haven’t been able to comment. End of summer=slow down. Um hopefully! Keep up the good work. I’m over on IG more anyway now. Not into FB or Twitter either.

  2. Hey Francis! Just wanted to pop in and say hello. I’ve been meaning to come and tell you that several episodes back you where close to my home. We live in Winterville (outside of Greenville). One day we should meet, just for quilts fun!!! I would love if a quilt shop was back here in Greenville, my husband thinks I should make that happen????. I do love the block you are using in Carie’s wedding quilt. I enjoyed this episode!!!!

  3. I just wanted to say that you have been a role model for me of late.
    There are some things I wanted to say…and I did say out loud while I was listening….1) I love the art museum idea. Isn’t enjoying the beauty in the world a way of honoring God too? 2) I LOVE good paper too.

    I think it was a few episodes when you said that when you are older, you realize that there are times when you just shouldn’t say something. I have taken that…and pondered it a lot. It has been profound for me, at this point in my life.


  4. One of the silent listeners. I always enjoy your podcast. When you talked about your releatiinship with half square triangles I was working on my quilting nemesis: flying geese. I still hope that one of these days I will be a better quilter and be able to get them right.

  5. My husband also just finished the book about the Martian survivor. He said that the author couldn’t get anyone to publish so that is why he self-published and sold copies for like a penny apiece, just to get it out there. Supposedly it was one of the top sellers of all time. It must have worked to now have a movie deal!
    I have about 15 minutes more to listen to this podcast, but have run out of time!!! Enjoyed it as always and never mind the time you take. I am happiest when you go for an hour or more and not so happy with 30 minutes or less.

    Even when I might have to listen over the course of a few days to get it all listened to, I am always sad when your podcast is over and I have to face the (always too long) wait till your next one comes out. Yes, you are enjoyed THAT much by me. 🙂

  6. Hi Frances-
    I have been hold your podcast hostage while I’ve been refinishing my cupboards. I’ve been meaning to comment on the last two podcasts (even listening to one of them twice so I’d remember what I wanted to say), but I just haven’t made the time to sit at the computer and type something out.

    I am so sorry about the passing of your friend. I’m sure it meant a lot to the family to have the quilt. It is a meaningful way to offer comfort during such a challenging journey.

    Thank you for putting out podcasts on a regular basis. You’ve helped me out a lot as I’ve worked on this tedious project. I don’t think you need to change the podcast. If adding music will detract from the time you have to talk, I’d rather have the talking, even the rambling, which I love. I find I never get through thoughts in a straight line and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one.

    All my best-

  7. Most guilds allow people to come for a free or cheap meeting. My guild gives the first meeting for free unless there is a speaker. I would say that the guild experience has not been 100% successful for me. There is one guild I have tried several times and they continue to be uptight and clique-ish. There are people who are nice, but I don’t feel comfortable there. My current modern guild is wonderful because the people are really nice and I enjoy hanging out with them.

    Don’t worry about the length of your episodes. I really appreciate your take on people’s comments. I like the conversation. It makes me feel like it is worthwhile to leave a comment, because you pay attention. I know you read the comments, but there are other bloggers who never respond to comments and it just doesn’t seem worth my effort to leave a comment.

    I love pictures and images and drawings, etc. I love looking at things, but I do get overstimulated, especially in a curated environment such as a museum or even a quilt show. I try to go to the free days at museums so I can leave after an hour and I don’t feel like I am losing my money. I get a little stressed out at quilt shows, because of the ephemeral nature of the exhibit. I feel like I have to see it all now or else I will never be able to again.

    Yes, Moda has always had serrated (pinked??) edges. That is one thing that makes me crazy, too.

    I was going to say again my rant about encouraging people to remove 20% of the fabrics (strips, squares, whatever) of any line of fabric for your project. Then you said that I had already said that last episode, so I will only say that I am glad it was helpful for your French General quilt. The French General fabrics IMO are a certain blendy (low volume-ish???) look and I wonder if they were designed for blendy or for contrast? I think you made a good decision in adding in some other fabrics.

    Thanks for taking the time to podcast!

    1. Well Fall greetings Frances. I had to reply to Jaye ’cause her comments are so thoughtful. I am always overwhelmed at quilt shows and have to keep my eyes down for awhile. It is so hard to figure out where to look when I know I go into sensory overload pretty fast but don’t want to miss excellent art. So I think Frances’s idea of an hour or so at a museum is a good one. We have so many wonderful museums in L.A. but I rarely go. I must adjust my thinking.

  8. Hi Frances,
    My half square triangle tip: I always make the squares 1 inch larger than the finished size, and then trim it down at the end, using the 45 degree line on the ruler, placed on the diagonal seam. Hope it helps!
    And as always, I thoroughly enjoy your ramblings, in case you haven’t heard it enough already 🙂

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