Episode 167: Let’s Resume, Shall We?

Welcome to Episode No. 169 of the Off-Kilter Quilt Podcast (Where a Straight Line’s a State of Mind). My name is Frances, and I’m your hostess.

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Turns out this is *not* Episode 168, even though that’s what I say in the podcast. Nope, it’s 167. For the record.

In this ep, I talk a whole lot about the Quilt Alliance conference I just attended in DC–“Not Fade Away: Sharing Quilt Stories in the Digital Age”–which was just fantastic. Take a look at some of the Quilt Alliance’s amazing projects and consider becoming a member. I’m very excited about the work they’re doing, can you tell?


Want to know more about 100 Good Wishes Quilts? Here’s a good summary:


From the site:

To welcome and celebrate a new life, there is a tradition in the northern part of China to make a Bai Jia Bei, or 100 Good Wishes Quilt. It is a custom to invite friends and family to contribute a patch of cloth with a wish for the baby. Part of the patch of cloth goes into the quilt for the baby, and the other part of the cloth can go into a creative memory notebook with the wish for the child. The quilt contains the luck, energy, and good wishes from all the families and friends who contributed a piece of fabric. The quilt is then passed down from generation to generation.”

From the Quilt Alliance conference, a beautiful example of such a quilt–this is Luana Rubin, who made this quilt when she was in the process of adopting her daughter, Sophie:

100 good wishesIf you really want to geek out on this topic, you can read Marin Hanson’s 2012 paper here:


When Launa spoke about her 100 Good Wishes quilt, she was being videotaped for the Quilt Alliance’s Go Tell It at the Quilt Show project (“One quilt, one person, one video camera, three minutes=one more quilt story saved!”), where it will be archived shortly along with the other videos I mentioned from the Quilt Alliance conference. Go watch some of the ones already archived–they’re just incredible! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbRL8gNFw9DBEAuPT2fLHaehysLU9veeW

It turns out my pictures from the Sacred Threads exhibit aren’t good (surprise). But you can go here to look at entries in previous exhibits:


If you want to learn about the Barn Quilt Tour in Garrett County, MD, go here: www.barnquilts.org

The website for the “Pieced Together” documentary, also about barn quilts, is here: www.piecedtogetherdoc.com

Okay, I think that’s it for now. Have a great week!

8 Replies to “Episode 167: Let’s Resume, Shall We?”

  1. I have been listening for a few weeks and have gone back to episodes from last fall. I really, really enjoy your podcast and really love the history and research you are doing! I’ve only actually made one completed quilt (for my 12 year old son – who still gives snuggles and hugs too) but I made my first quilt top (for my grandmother) about 12 years ago and have gotten the batting and backing now to finish it this year and gift to my eldest in memory of my grandmother. After listening to so many episodes, there are so many comments I could write, but that would be overwhelming. I listen in the car and find myself nodding in agreement with your observations and opinions and commenting in my head. Thanks for a lovely listen and don’t edit the historical information on my account!

  2. Sorry to hear about your problems with the quilt publisher but I am anxiously awaiting for you to get them finished and available for reading. Really enjoy your episode especially the “Quilt Stories.” I’m definitely going to get them into my Youtube play list. Take care- Tina

  3. I am sorry to hear that AQS didn’t come through as a publisher for your stories. I am eager to read your work! Please publish!

    Your podcast came through right when I needed some good quilt talk! So happy that you are back!

    Take Care!

  4. I am really disappointed in the lack of professionalism that AQS is exhibiting. It almost seems like they are thinking that you are some quiltmaker housewife who is putting forth her first book rather than a professional writer. Also, not to contact you at all, then send that giant contract is unbelievably unprofessional. I am really glad you know enough about writing contracts to know the issues. I hope you will, if you have not already, write the letter immediately and make it clear there is no deal. I hope you will send it signature and return receipt requested. Do they know you have a podcast and you have been sharing the process with us?

    I don’t know of any barn quilt trails in our area. We do not have many barns here in the City. My dad sent me photos of a barn quilt trail near where he lives- around Tillamook, Oregon. Not all of the quilts are on barns. I remember one particularly that was on the garage door of a hot pink house!

    Please do spoil the surprise on Kira Hicks research! I want to know and it won’t prevent me from reading her book.

    I hope your writing workshop is going well and that you get back to us soon.

  5. I enjoyed getting caught up on the last two podcasts! So many thoughts while I’m listening and they all vanish when I sit down to leave a comment. The conference in DC sounds amazing! So many interesting, worthwhile activities you are involved in-very inspiring.

    I know we are all waiting anxiously to read your quilting novels, no matter how they are published. Just do it soon, please 🙂

  6. Wow Frances! You have had a busy summer. And interesting to hear about. The Quilt Alliance conference sounded just wonderful. I read eQuilter’s little updates on their adverts and am always amazed at the energy of Luana Rubin. Unending amounts of energy that I wish I had.

    I hope your teaching this week (last week?) went very well. I also enjoyed the sounds of your backyard. Cicadas? It sure sounded like them. I think I heard a few on the Arizona side of the River a few weeks ago. As soon as we boated back to the California side, though, the sound was gone.

    My bestie just got back from a week in New Jersey. The coasts are just so different. Not bad different but different. I guess that is what makes listening to podcasts from around the country so great.

  7. Hi, Frances! I’ve been listening to your podcast for a little while, but I think this is the first time I’ve commented. I really enjoyed listening to your experiences with Quilt Alliance. The cicadas in the background were interesting. To me, that sound they make is the sound of Heat. I started listening to the podcast while I was walking on the treadmill in my sunroom, and I think the cicadas made it seem hotter. I finished listening while I was walking outside on another day, and there were cicadas in stereo, the ones in your yard and the ones in my neighborhood!

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