Episode 159: The Finished Mosaic (if you can believe it) episode

Welcome to this archive episode of the Off-Kilter Quilt Podcast (Where a Straight Line’s a State of Mind). My name is Frances, and I’m your hostess.

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At last, the Mosaic quilt, finished! Enjoy the views!

Updated: The Man made a Mosaic Quilt video–you can watch it here:







Other points of interest:

Barbara Brackman’s fabric line, The Morris Jewels, based on the designs of William Morris:



An interesting article about whether or not decluttering makes a difference in our lives:



The Craftsy class I took about bindings: Finishing School: Edges and Bindings with Mimi Dietrich

The book I read for my book group and highly recommend: The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez

August Wilson on American Masters:


16 Replies to “Episode 159: The Finished Mosaic (if you can believe it) episode”

  1. Ooh! It’s so pretty! I don’t think I remembered to go to the computer last podcast so my comments may have all been in my head. Commenting first this time since you said you are okay with that! Off to clean the bathroom while listening. Thanks for making that yucky task something I am looking forward to!

  2. LOVE the quilt and the borders are right on….. Your FMQ looks really good.

    EQ7 .. contact tech support if what I sent you did not work. I got it to work on my computer but that might be because that is where it started from in the first place.

    Donations to the homeless a lady in our guild makes plastic mats out of plastic grocery bags ….. she crochets some and weaves others. It helps keep them off the wet ground. We all donate bags to her, especially the larger bags.
    Snow days …. we have had 8 so far this year…. Looks like school year is being extended this year into later part of June.
    Will be back when I finish the podcast … have to cook dinner tonight… feel like meat loaf.


  3. Mary Schafer is a FLINT MI native and is well known in my guild and the quilters around here. I never met her as I did not started quilting till after she had past. I have the book you are talking about on my book shelf.

  4. Hi Frances. Yes, I’m back from QuiltCon and it was fantastic. The quilts, the lectures, the classes, everything was terrific. Just being around so many other quilters was amazing. (Walking around and looking at everyone’s handmade bags was especially fun. So many patterns I recognized.) My roommate and I hosted a dinner in our hotel room, (Embassy Suites) and invited friends and friends of friends. We had ladies from Newfoundland, London England, Chicago, Boston. It was so interesting to talk with everyone about their guilds and the things they do. I would recommend going to QuiltCon for anyone that is interested in modern quilting. Sure, I didn’t love all the quilts, but for the most part they were inspiring and where else can you see so many modern quilts in one place.

  5. Just finished catching up on your last two podcasts. The mosaic quilt turned out wonderfully. I especially like the youtube video that ‘the man’ did for you.

    Good job on the running. I ran my first marathon when I was 51, now I run pretty much every day. Currently I’m training for a Ragnar. You can google it if your interested but it’s basically teams of 12 people who run from San Francisco to Napa, which is a little over 200 miles. One person runs at a time and you just keep taking turns. My team is my three daughters, my two sisters, a niece and whoever else we can talk into joining.

  6. As I listen to your podcast, I am making my Flower Basket block and taking the photos for the tutorial. I blame Katie of Katie’s Quilting Corner for not having it done sooner. She set the bar TOO high for excellent looking tutorials. There is no way I can compete. I feel so terrible.

  7. Frances, I listened to this episode last week and have been meaning to finally comment. Congrats on your big finish, I love the design and fabrics used, I can’t believe they came from different people and yet they all go so well together. The quilting is amazing too, makes it look like an antique quilt. Can’t wait until your next podcast!!

  8. Hey Frances, I’ve been listening to your podcast since the beginning but this is my first time commenting (I think). I was really affected when you talked about african-american quilts and the a-a quilt study project. You see, I’m african-american and I have inherited a few quilts from my mother-in-law. She got them from her mother-in-law who got them from her grandmother(?). She had been using these quilts when our kids would come over until about 8 years ago when she noticed a name and a date embroidered on one of the quilts. It read “Elizabeth, 1879”. She immediately gave me all of the quilts and I’ve just kept them, thinking that one day I’d have them appraised. I hadn’t really thought about them until I listened to your podcast (while driving) and made sure I commented. I’m still not sure that I want to know if they’re worth a lot of money but I do like the idea of contributing to a study like this. I’m going to do a little research to find out if I can contribute. Thanks for mentioning this.

  9. Fabulous job on the mosaic quilt – a lot of love and learning has been sewn into it. As a long time listener and lurker., I wanted to thank you for sharing. I think a quilt novel series would be fantastic.

  10. Love your quilting! The Flowers are beautiful. You inspire me to try actually doing more than straight lines and ditch quilting.

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