Episode 155: The Very Long Episode

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mosaicquilting1I’ve finished quilting the mosaic blocks! Now only the white blocks remain.

mosaicquilting2Another view. And one of the back …

mosaicback1And another one, which for some reasons is a totally different color …

mosaicback2And now on to the negative space!

BTW, I think I say that Annie Smith thing about practicing for your next quilt three or four times over the course of the quilt diaries. Sorry. I mean, it’s true, but you don’t need to hear it three or four times.

Books I got for Christmas:

Some Luck by Jane Smiley

We Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas

Making History: Quilts and Fabrics from 1890-1970 by Barbara Brackman

Unconventional & Unexpected: American Quilts Below the Radar 1950-2000 by Roderick Kiracofe

(Kiracofe is also the author of The American Quilt: A History of Cloth and Comfort)

Thanks to Barbara A. for sending me this link about sewists (a word I’m not crazy about, but this post from Barbara Brackman makes a good point):


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  1. Hi Frances, Your mosaic quilt looks great! The free motion quilting is coming along nicely – I look forward to seeing what you do in the larger squares.
    I chuckled when you talked about Birkenstocks…I wore them constantly in the 70’s and 80’s, then reluctantly had to buy a pair last year, as the only sandals I could find that get along with my fitbit-induced plantar fasciitis. I can get away with them here in Oregon, though.
    I am suggesting that you consider the Craftsy class Designing Modern QUilts by Weeks RIngle. It is more of a talking class than a making class, but she discusses all of the elements of design, with a lot about color theory, and shows example in her quilts, and discusses why she made the choices she made about quilting designs and so on. I find myself thinking about things she said when I am working on my quilts, or looking at quilts made by others.

  2. I totally disliked QUILT THAT MATTER…. yes the narrator’s voice is irritating but I really disliked it because of the content. I thought it was totally self serving…. Yes by quilt / antique dealers. As usual you nailed my objections on the head… mentioning everything I disliked about the show.

    DRESDEN PLATE,,, there are several books but I liked Thoroughly-Modern-Dresden Plate by Anelie Belden >> http://www.pinterest.com/jean118/quilts-dresden-plate/ >>> http://www.pinterest.com/omanelie/anelie-belden-quiltworks/ >> Here are some PINTEREST LINKS I enjoy.

    Back later … kitchen is now WARM enough to clean in….

  3. Yay! A long episode! I just started listening and I wanted to comment right away although I’m not even as far as the quilt diaries yet. I use a quilting glove on my left hand and the shelf liner stuff with my right hand. I find it to be the best of both worlds-great grip with the glove and ease of use with my right hand when I need it. Not sure what I will do when my left glove wears out!

    Okay, now on to the quilt diaries!

  4. I also totally agree with your assessment of Why Quilts Matter. I didn’t even finish watching them, and I’ll watch anything quilty. It was like a poorly written essay. What is the point? Didn’t you say that already? And the voice. Ugh. Too bad.

  5. Hey France’s, Sorry I have not commented in a long time busy busy with the holidays. I really don’t like the “Gee’s Bend” quilts either. (Just my opinion) and by the way you can ramble on here if you want to its your podcast!

  6. The mosaic quilt is looking terrific. I can’t wait to see your decision on the white space quilting.

    And wow, you are really getting in steps! Will you catch up with Terje?

  7. Hi Frances, I’ve listened to your podcast from the start and have enjoyed them very much. I’m one of those that usually comments in my head. I am a fellow North Carolinian, living near Greenville. I work full time so have to find time to quilt in bits and pieces. I find a like small projects, like wall hangings or tablerunners the best as they are not so overwhelming for me. I am working on a tablerunner for my niece and am using the Downton Abbey fabric for it. Its beautiful but seems to fray more than I would like. Anyway, wanted to post a comment as a small thanks for your podcasts, I appreciate them!

  8. Hi France’s, I haven’t even listened yet. I’ve been sick and haven’t done much of anything. I’ve been saving your podcast but catching up on some others. I’ve always been the sort to save the best for last. It’s nice to have something fun to look forward to. I saw a previous comment regarding the Gee Bend quilts and I’ll have to agree, they’re ok but I never thought them really special.

  9. Hi Frances! Because of my quilting hiatus, I’m a little late to the party.. But, I wanted to weigh in on the Kona solids discussion. While at market, I did learn that the product that is sold to big box stores and also to quilt shops, is the exact same product. Zero difference! Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that in order to be cost efficient for them, it must a subpar quality. Instead of having a superior quality shipped out to large retailers for very low prices, they’ve dumbed it all down a bit to be cost effective.
    I made the decision a while back not to use kona solids any more for quilts.. Only for garments and other projects.

    We have started selling Northcott solids, and I’m liking this much better.

  10. Eau em gee!! Your assessment of Why Quilts Matter made me nod so many times! I abandoned that travesty of a documentary after the second part. I just couldn’t listen to that bunk nonsense any further.
    (Can you tell I’m commenting as I listen?)

  11. Okay, I must be the only person who has NOT tried “Why Quilts Matter”. After your review, I may just choose not to waste my time. Your points were quite astute. I was trying to think what my own quilts would say about me. Sometimes it says that I had some time on my hands and some fabric and I just made something to pass the time. Or sometimes it says I saw a pattern or some fabric and had to make “something” out of it. Not really deep as far as my personal life other than the fact that my automatic washing machine and the grocery store nearby afford me free time in which to quilt.

    I love the quilting on your Mosaic quilt. I especially love listening to you talk about your process of deciding how to quilt it. I think many of us find that part to stretch us as quilters and it’s reassuring to know we are in good company. Also, now that the quilt is being quilted, the variety in the background fabrics is becoming even more an asset. Great choice even if it was only subliminal (I refuse to believe it was a mistake).

  12. Forgot to mention in my comment (in the future) on the We’re famous episode (which I haven’t listened to yet) that your mosaic quilt looks fabulous! I love the quilting in the HST blocks and the larger blocks. Are you watching that Craftsy class with the woman with the cut off gloves? I love all the designs she shows. She make it look so easy too. Not so easy in reality! Now to finish listening to this episode….

  13. Just listening to the podcast and about to comment without listening to the whole episode, and all of a sudden you mentioned me twice! Made me laugh right out loud – I forgot about that comment about my Grandma’s lips. Too funny.

    Your Christmas tree quilt is adorable. I am so impressed about the amount of quilting you are doing on your mosaic quilt. It looks really good. I’ve decided I’m definitely more of a piecer. I can do the quilting, and I do because I’m basically too cheap to send it to a long arm-er where it would be done properly, but I’d rather get on with a new project so I do a fair bit of stippling and meandering. I am trying to get better but that’s the way I roll for now.

    As always, you are delightful company during my stitching time.

  14. Saturdays are my favorite day to quilt. I can’t tell you why, but I love setting that one day for just quilting. Then the rest of the week I try to add bits and pieces of sewing. As usual, when I am sewing I love to listen to your podcast. As I wrote before, I don’t care what you talk about. When I am sewing and cutting for 8 hours then I would be tickled pink to listen to you that whole time. You are probably rolling your eyes thinking I am crazy. So many of the things that you talk about I can relate. I gave a friend a table runner ( that was thee gift I gave to family and friends for Christmas. Last year it was potholders) I had done free motion quilting before but it was pretty simple straight lines. But on this table runner, I decided to free motion holly leaves with berries, ( okay now I am rolling my eyes thinking I am crazy) it turned out…okay. I didn’t have the energy to rip it all up so I stuck with it. She LOVED it! She told her friends, took pictures, posted it on facebook….muggles, they don’t know. I couldn’t stand it because to me it was horrible, to her it was excellent. I thought about what you said though, that “we are only as good as the last quilt we make”, I know someone else said it to you but that was the first time that I heard it and it came from you. In any case, I now say it to myself all of the time. So when you say it on the podcast, it is cool, because I am saying it right along with you.
    I love your idea on May 1st to hang out our quilts and I do believe I will write down that date on my Calender and do it. I will also pass it along to my friends on facebook. You are right, we should start a trend!
    Why Quilts Matter? Because quilts bring happiness. For the person who makes it and gets to be creative. For the person who receives the quilt and takes pleasure in it.

  15. Happy New Year! I hope 2015 is fabulous for you!!!

    I know I am terribly behind. I am kind of in shock at how much you are podcasting. It is awesome, but I got out of the habit and now need to rush to catch up.

    1. NO BIRKENSTOCKS. They are not flattering and there are other comfortable shoes in this world. JMO. End of lecture.
    2. Yes, you can use EQ7 to figure out patterns that you see. I find that I often veer off into another direction because I think “what if I….?” and then I have a whole new design and don’t get sued when I put it up on my blog.
    3. I am confused about why you do the pieced blocks first and then go back and do the alternate blocks. Is that a flow thing? I always start from the middle and end on the edges regardless of what is in between. I know we don’t adhere to Quilt Police rules, but I thought that kept the quilt flatter? Inquiring minds need to know, especially if you have a secret trick.
    4. My boy sits in front of the computer all the time. He reads there; he is on Skype with his friends there; he does homework there. I am with you. He needs to get a book.
    5. Check out this post: http://www.artquiltmaker.com/blog/2014/10/finished-kelly-bag/ about practicing quilting. I don’t like the 12″ squares, because what do I do with them after? Using a half yard (you could piece) that you can make into a bag, which I like.
    6. We are watching Downton Abbey. Meh.
    7. Why Quilts Matter: women made political quilts all through time, especially in the early 20th century and the late 19th. I am thinking of women’s suffrage quilts and Temperance Union quilts.

  16. Besides doing a LOT of hand sewing while sick, catching up on old podcasts happens too. I hate being limited on what I have energies to do, but at least I DO have projects to keep my hands busy when feeling too weak to even sit at a sewing machine!

    I agree on Kona being coarse and heavy. Moda might be more expensive but it doesn’t have that sandpaper roughness that Kona seems to have.

    It was nice listening to you again, especially since it was around the holidays. December goes by way too fast. This helped keep the holiday spirit alive a bit longer and brought smiles to my face. 🙂

    1. PS, I don’t have to hide fabric purchases from my husband. He is worse than I am, buys me gift certificates to quilt shops and forces me to buy more fabric! I am soooooooo lucky.

  17. Your mosaic quilt is absolutely gorgeous Frances!
    I tried out the solids by Riley Blake by the recommendation of Rhonda at Quilter in the Gap. It is a very nice feel to the touch, you might want to check that out also just to see and compare.
    I agree with you on the taking and editing pictures for the blog. It seems like such a wasted time for me…
    And I have to let you know I also wear indoor shoes. I will have to research about Birkenstock, as I have the same. Oops! :)))
    I am giving you full permission to publish my not-so-interesting quilt story :)))
    And I agree with Jenny, I also heard about the gifting knife story! WĂĽsthof is at least a very good brand. Do you listen to the ATK Radio podcast? They keep testing kitchen equipment, and their best knife was Victorinox 8″ chef knife, $40 on amazon, here is the link: http://www.amazon.com/Victorinox-88520-8-Inch-Chefs-Knife/dp/B0009NZ6G6/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1423449258&sr=8-9&keywords=victorinox+fibrox+chef+knife

  18. I’m late catching up with podcasts but wanted to say your comments/review of Why Quilts Matter was a much more scholarly and erudite explanation of why I didn’t like the series than I could formulate. Thanks. I’m a another one who didn’t slog through all the episodes.

    Always enjoy listening to your book comments

    From Texas

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